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Updated February 24, 2013 - 11:14 PM EST
Gibbs Told Not to Acknowledge Drone Program
Karzai Expels US Special Forces From Province
  Suicide Bombers Target Afghan Security Forces
  Afghan Forces 'Are Just Like Criminals'
Feds Used Aaron Swartz's Manifesto Against Him
  13,753 Govt Requests for Google E-Mails in 2012, Most Without Warrant
  Protests Mark Bradley Manning's 1,000th Day in Jail
There's Plenty to Cut at the Pentagon
Obama Deploys GIs to Niger for Drone Base
US Blocks UN Vote to Condemn Syria Bombing
US Strips 'Country of Origin' Labels to Sell Tear Gas to Egypt
Despite Opposition, Hagel Looks Set for Confirmation
When Can Your Government Kill You?  by Marcy Wheeler
Can a President Use Drones Against Journalists?  by Amy Davidson
Brennan's Loose Talk on Iran Nukes  by Ray McGovern
16 Ways to Cut Defense Spending
by Jon Basil Utley
Senate Tested, Iran Approved?  by Matthew Duss
The United States of Aftermath  by William Rivers Pitt

More Viewpoints

Pistachio Perplexity
by Paul R. Pillar
Muslim Air Force Vet Again Barred From Okla. Flight
Radioactive Waste From Bomb Production Leaking in WA
Netanyahu Coalition Gambit Appears to Backfire
Rwandan Woman Stripped of US Citizenship After Lying About Genocide
Chile's Pinochet Wanted Anti-Vote Violence
Haitians Rage as UN Rejects Payout for Cholera Victims
Iran Announces Uranium Discovery Days Before Nuclear Talks
Iran Selects 16 Sites Suitable for Nuclear Plants
Iran Says It Has Captured a Foreign 'Enemy Drone'
Ahmadinejad Admits to Economic Pain
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Begins 3-Day Military Exercises in South
Iran Tests Suicide Drones in Ongoing Military Drill
Spanish Police Nab 3 Suspected of Spying for Iran
Two Killed in Yemeni Separatist Clashes
Human Rights Watch Urges Yemeni Government to Crack Down on Rights Violations
Cleric Among Seven People Killed in Karachi Violence
Gunmen Open Fire on Rally in Quetta, Injuring Seven
One Policeman, Three Attackers Killed on Peshawar-Islamabad Highway
Talk of Peace With Pakistan Taliban Angers Victims
Hazaras Demand Joint Parliamentary Session Over Quetta Killings
Benazir Murder Case: Two Witnesses Questioned, Four Others Summoned
Deadly Bangladesh Violence Over War Crimes
Students in Bangladesh Rally to Back War Crimes Trials, Demand Death for Defendants
Protest Demanding Death Penalty for 1971 War Criminals Divides Bangladesh
North Korea Warns US Forces of 'Destruction' Ahead of War Drills
Japanese Holiday 'Celebrating' Disputed Islands Sparks Backlash in South Korea
Obama, Japanese PM Discuss North Korea, Maritime Tensions
US Troops Testing Jungle Skills During Cobra Gold Exercise in Thailand
Former Maldives President Leaves Indian Embassy After Taking Refuge There for 10 Days
India's Secret Executions Raise Fears on Use of Ultimate Punishment
US Military
Drone Pilots Found to Get Stress Disorders Much as Those in Combat Do
Old Military Ammunition Found Encased in a Virginia Bridge's 1938 Concrete
7 Obscure, Remote and Super-Geeky Military Bases
Flawed F-35 Fighter Too Big to Kill as Lockheed Hooks 45 States
Secret Space Plane, US Air Force's Robotic X-37b, Continues Mysterious Mission
Syria Opposition Spurns US, Russia in Protest
New Influx of Weapons to Rebels Tilts the Battle Against Assad
Germany: Patriot Missiles in Turkey Send Clear Warning to Syria
Battle for Syria's Aleppo Airport Intensifies as Regime Tries to Reverse Rebel Gains in North
Syrian Refugees Push Jordanian Refugee Camp Past Capacity
Syrian Flood Into Lebanon Stirs Fear of Looming Disaster
US Senator Rubio Discusses Syria During Israel Visit
Syria Border Gunfire Kills Nephew of Lebanon Ex-MP
Abbas, Mashaal Agree on Peaceful Intifada in Cairo Meeting
Palestinians Demand Inquiry Into Death in an Israeli Jail
Nine Palestinians Wounded in West Bank Clashes With Jewish Settlers, Reports Say
Medic Says Man Shot in Stomach as Jewish Settlers Clash With Palestinians in West Bank Village
Rockets Raise Risk of Miscarriage by 59%, Study Shows
Turkish DM Says 965 Suicides Among Soldiers in 10 Years
Turkey in Key Stage to Address Kurdish Issue
Middle East
Provincial Governor Among Wounded in Iraq Violence; 16 Killed Across Country
Austrian Hostage in Yemen in Desperate Video Plea
Morsi Moves Parliamentary Elections Date Forward
Egyptian Opposition Leader ElBaradei Calls for Boycott of 'Sham' Parliamentary Election
Egyptian Brotherhood Hits Back at Opposition Leader
Northern Africa
Algeria Army Kills 12 Gunmen, Arms Seized
Thousands Protest 'Slow' Probe Into Tunisia Assassination
Arab Militia Kills 50 in Sudan's Darfur
At Least 11 Dead in Somalia Clashes
Mali Radicals Recruited Child Soldiers at Schools
Nigerian Forces on 'Massive Manhunt' for French Hostages
France Warns of Kidnappings, Attack Risk in Benin
Mexican Facebook Page Threatened Over Crime Posts
Little Impact in Violent Mexican Border City After Police Chief Disappears, Brothers Slain
Weekend Reviews
Most Domestic Terrorist Plots Are Manufactured by the FBI
War's Lingering Phantoms
Walking Wounded: The Moving Tale of Afghan Amputees
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