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Updated February 25, 2013 - 11:22 PM EST
Obama To Tell Israelis of Plans for Iran War

Iran's Middle Class Feels Squeeze of Sanctions

Gibbs Told Not to Acknowledge Drone Program
US Drone Strikes Soaring in Afghanistan
  Karzai Ousts US Special Forces From Afghan Province Over Torture
  Coordinated Suicide Attacks Pound Afghanistan
US Tries to Stop Boycott of Syrian Rebel Meet
  Syrian Rebels: Hezbollah Occupying Parts of Syria
  Syria Rebels Get Boost From New Influx of Foreign Arms
Israel Demands PA Stop Public Protests

Major Protests, Hunger Strikes After Palestinian Detainee Dies of Torture

  Israeli DM Offered to Take Blame for Mavi Marmara Flotilla Deaths
Judge: French Invasion of Mali Ups Domestic Terror Threat
The Hidden History of Water Torture  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
How Close Is Iran to Nuclear Weapons?  by Yousaf Butt
Barack Obama and His Enabling Opposition  by Charles Davis
Listening In  by Laura Pitter
The Riddle of the Israel Lobby  by Uri Avnery
An Oracle of Tyranny  by Bruce Fein

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Our Man
in Iran

by Leon Hadar
Tribal Fighting in Darfur Leaves 60 Dead
Zero Dark Thirty Attacked by 9/11 Family
Killer Robots Must Be Stopped, Say Campaigners
Afghan Exit Must Pass Daunting Hurdles
Dems Urge Reid to Revisit Filibuster Deal if GOP Continues to Block Hagel
Palestinian Prisoner's Autopsy Reveals 'Extensive Signs of Beatings'
Israel on Heightened Alert After Death of Palestinian Prisoner
Palestinians Call for Probe of Israeli Prisons
Netanyahu Backs Down, Invites Lapid to Join Govt
Israeli Parliamentarian: Peace Talks or Violence
Street Cleaner Attacked in Tel Aviv: 'They Called Me 'Stinking Arab'
Two Lashkar-E-Jhangvi Groups Operating: Malik
Six Laborers Gunned Down in Balochistan
US Radar to Boost Missile Defence in Japan: Reports
South Korea's First Female President Faces Economic, North Korea Nuke Worries
Nearly 100 Rebels Reported Killed in Mali Battle
Ten Chadian Soldiers Killed Fighting Islamists in Mali
Mali Islamists Have 'Power of an Army'
Mali's Islamic Radicals Recruiting Child Soldiers at Schools
6 Killed in Attack in Northern Nigeria
Congo Neighbors Agree Not to Support Armed Groups
Zimbabwe Says It Has Found Funds for a Referendum
Syria Rebels Fight for Police Academy Near Aleppo
Syrian Opposition Says Captures Former Nuclear Site
Top Democrat on Foreign Affairs Panel Calls for Arming Syrian Opposition
Activists Detail Abuse Inside Assad's Prisons
Prominent Syrian Comedian Killed in Damascus
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Denies Drone Capture
Iran Reports Death of Revolutionary Guards Officer in Kurdish Northwest
Five Killed in Iraq
Governor of Diyala Province Escapes Assassination Bid
Middle East
Southern Yemen Separatists Clash With Police Leaving Three Dead
Egypt's 'True and Pure' Sheikh Leads Salafis Against Brotherhood
A Land of Militias, Libya Struggles to Build a Military
Cyprus Election: Nicos Anastasiades Elected President
45 Arrested in Madrid After Mass Demonstration
Raul Castro Says This Will Be His Last 5-Year Term as President
Fidel Castro Surprises With Parliament Appearance Amid Leadership Speculation
Peruvian Photojournalist Slain Outside Home
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