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Updated February 27, 2013 - 11:24 PM EST
Hagel: US 'Can’t Dictate to the World'
US-Backed Afghan Police Poison 17 Comrades
  US Admits Claims of Taliban Decline Were False
  US Troops Attacked Afghan Hospital Before Provincial Banning
  Convenient 'Clerical Error' Gives Rosy Picture of Afghan Progress
Kerry: Syrian Rebels 'Deserve' US Support
  US to Provide Rebels With Direct Military Aid, Armored Vehicles
  Islamist Rebels Withdrawing En Masse from Northern Syria
Israel Condemns Newly-Started Iran Talks
  Former Hostages Call for Broadened Dialogue with Iran
  Researchers Say Stuxnet Was Deployed Against Iran in 2005
  Kazakhstan, a Human Rights Disaster, Hosts Iran Talks
Court Won't Allow Challenge to Surveillance Law
Israel Blasts Call for Probe Into Detainee's Death
Foreign Fighters Flock to Sinai for Libyan Arms Auctions
Judge: Years of Delay in Manning Case 'Reasonable'
Is the US Maintaining Death Squads and Torture Militias in Afghanistan?  by Glenn Greenwald
George Bush, Tony Blairm, and the Century's Greatest Crime  by Linda S. Heard
The Power to Assassinate a Compliant and Submissive People  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Delusions of Indispensability  by Ted Galen Carpenter
The Drone War Doctrine We Still Know Nothing About  by Cora Currier & Justin Elliott
Pentagon Frets Cuts as it Wastes $1.5 Trillion  by Nick Gillespie

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Germany Plans to Deploy Armed Drones in Combat
Senate Intel Committee Drops bin Laden Film Probe
US Officials Propose Sharing Drone Surveillance Data With Algerian Forces
Mexico Says 26,121 Missing During Drug War
ACLU, Media Groups Press for Greater Transparency at Guantanamo Court
Video of Dennis Rodman in North Korea
UN Urges Independent Probe of Palestinian Death
Is a Third Palestinian Intifada Coming?
Rocket From Gaza Hits Israel, Breaking Ceasefire
Lapid Would Benefit From New Elections, Survey Shows
Hamas Warns Obama Against Temple Mount Visit
Lieberman on 'Prisoner X': No One Disappears in Israel
Pakistan Doctors Delegation Arrives in Gaza
Israelis Plan to Press Obama to Free Convicted Spy
Palestinians Urge Boycott of Jerusalem Marathon
Spiral of Karachi Killings Widens Pakistan's Sectarian Divide
Gunmen Kill Pakistani Officer Escorting Polio Team
US Congressman Wants Pakistan Tried for 'War Crimes'
President Zardari to Leave for Iran Wednesday
China Petition Demands Legislature Ratify UN Rights Treaty
Tibet Exile Leader Blames Self-Immolations on China Policy
35 Militants Killed in Afghan Army Operation in West Provinces
Sri Lankan Forces 'Raped' Tamils in Custody, Study Says
Sailors Plead Guilty in Rape Case That Sparked Japan Curfew
Litvinenko Lawyer Accuses UK of Coverup to Help Russia Ties
Judge Warns of Delays in Agent Poisoning Inquest
Kosovo's President Says Serbia to Disband Clandestine Security Forces
Dutch Court Rejects Terror Suspect's Injunction
Spread of Mexico Vigilante 'Self-Defense' Groups Sparks Debate
Chavez's Return Spurs Doubts, New Speculation
The War at Home
No Obama or Netanyahu, but AIPAC Conference Still Looking to Make Noise
VA Backlog Continues to Mount; No Clear Solutions in Sight
Why Rand Paul Voted to Confirm Hagel as Defense Secretary

Jury Gets Fla. Taliban Terror Support Case

Fierce Clashes Near Landmark Mosque in Syria
Syria Civil War Threatens to Pull Lebanon Into Conflict, UN Says
Nine Shells Fired From Syria Land in Several Lebanese Towns
Hezbollah Says Syrian Refugees Not Receiving Needed Aid
Syrians Hide Underground to Escape Struggle for Control
As Atrocities Pile Up, Syrians Collect Evidence
15 Killed, 26 Wounded in Iraq
Entrances to Baghdad Sealed Amid Budget Protests
Iraq Kurdish Leaders Deny Secret Armament Deal With Moscow
Shiite Militant Threatens Iranian Exiles in Iraq
Tony Blair Says Iraq Would Be Far Worse Today Under Saddam Hussein
Iraqi Doctor Denies Treating Saddam Prisoners He Knew Were Injured as a Result of Torture
Middle East
Kurdish Rebel Leader Issues Dire Warning for Turkey
Morsi's Opponents Say Will Boycott Egypt Elections
Bystander Killed in South Yemen Clashes Between Military and Protesters Demanding Independence
Bahrain Court Clears 2 Police in Protester Death
Deepening Divides Stop Libyan Families Returning Home
US Sets Sanctions on Rebel Leader in Northern Mali
Seven Killed by Islamist Car Bomb in North Mali
Traumatized Malians Desperately in Need of Aid, Says UN
Nigeria Kills Boko Haram Commander
Six Kidnapped Foreign Sailors Freed in Nigeria
Sudan MP: Tribal Fighting Has Killed 510 in Darfur
As Israel Quietly Returns Migrants to Sudan, Rights Groups Worry for Their Safety
Somalia: AU Captures Two More Towns
Despite Peace Accord, Eastern Congo Still on Edge
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