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Updated March 4, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
48 Syrian Troops, 9 Iraqis Killed in Iraq Ambush
  Iraq Shuts Border Post as Syria Rebels Take Frontier
  Syrian Rebels Claim 'Most' of Police Academy, 200 Killed
At AIPAC Meeting, Focus Is on Attacking Iran
  AIPAC Head: We Need More US Political Influence
Afghans Urge US to Stop Demolishing Bases
  Australia Investigating Deaths of Children in Afghanistan
Hamas Restricts Gazans From Leaving Strip
  Settler Complaints Spawn Israel's New 'Arab-Only' Bus Lines
  Israeli Security Forces Stand by While Settlers Harass Palestinians
Blast Kills 48, Wounds Dozens in Pakistan
Kerry Pledges Egypt $250M in Additional Aid
Air Force Increases Drone Presence in Niger
50 Mali Rebels Killed as Fighting Intensifies Around Gao
The CIA Is Training Syria's Rebels  by Robert Dreyfuss
We Must Not Fail WikiLeaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning  by Kevin B. Zeese
Obama and Neocons Aligned on Syria Intervention?  by Matthew Feeney
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies  by Ran HaCohen
Neo-Imperialism and the Arrogance of Ignorance  by Franklin Spinney
All Eyes on Iran for AIPAC 2013 Conference  by Mitchell Plitnick

More Viewpoints

Understanding the Taliban
by Rustam Shah Mohmand
Rodman: N. Korea's Kim Just Wants a Call From Obama
UK Inquiry Opens Into Iraq Abuse Allegations
Biden May Take Expanded Role in Foreign Policy
Former Adviser Criticizes Obama on Afghan War
Nigeria Army 'Kills 20 Boko Haram Members'
Robot Warriors: Lethal Machines Coming of Age
Netanyahu Says Iran Using Nuclear Talks to Buy Time for Bomb
Israel Supporters Expect Biden to Deliver Reassurances on Iran Policy at AIPAC
Hamas PM Urges 'Prisoners' Intifada'
Shas Headed to Opposition; 'It's a Done Deal'
Jewish Home's Far Right-Religious Flank Backs Bennett-Lapid Pact
Lapid: Not Calamitous if Haredim Sit in Opposition
Police Question Israeli About Attack on Arab Woman
Exiled Opposition Leader Visits Syria Amid Assad Offensive
Shi'ite Fighters Rally to Defend Damascus Shrine
Ten Killed in Iraq as Violence Touches Holy City
Aide: Maliki Has No Intention of Visiting Kurdistan
Allawi: We Will Consult Our Allies on the Feasibility of Keeping Our Ministers in the Government
Middle East
Assad Foes Advance in North Syria
Algerian Army Didn't Consult With Foreign Governments Before Raid That Ended Hostage Standoff
Human Rights Watch Fears 'Mockery of Justice' in UAE Islamists Trial
UK Conservatives 'Could Plan to Change Human Rights Law'
Mortar Bombs Found in Van in Londonderry
Developer Pledges to Continue Berlin Wall Removal
Brazil Troops Move Into Rio Airport Shanty Towns
Egypt's Army Intervenes in Port Said Clashes
Retrial of Egypt's Mubarak and Sons Set for April 13
Policeman Killed in Egypt
Gunmen Attack Church in Libya's Benghazi
Police 'Hurt' by Protesters Occupying Libya Parliament
In the New Libya, Former Prisoners Guard Their Captors
Libya Stops Gas Exports to Italy After Militia Fight
General Says Killing of Militant in Mali Is Not Confirmed
Third French Soldier Killed in Mali Fighting
Congo Troops Give Key Towns Back to M23 Rebels
Nigerian Islamist Leader Denies Peace Talks in Video
Ethnic Clashes Flare in Guinea, President Asks for Calm
Benin Says It Has Thwarted Attempted Coup
Tensions Escalating on Borneo as Malaysia Doubles Military Forces
Malaysia Police Die in Fresh Sabah Gun Battle
South Korea's New President Calls for End of Political Deadlock Amid North Korea Nuke Tension
Bangladesh Deaths Rise as Jamaat Protest Strike Begins
China's Xi Jinping Burnishing His Military Support
Long Repressed, Myanmar's Largest Opposition Party Has First-Ever Congress This Week
US Navy Moving Ships Back to the Philippines to Counter China – but We're Close to Blowing It
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