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Updated March 6, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
Rand Paul Filibusters Senate Over Drone War
  Attorney General Holder: We Can Kill Americans on US Soil
  White House Trades Targeted-Killing Memos for a New CIA Director
Centcom Chief: Iran Must Be 'Brought to Its Knees'
  Kerry: Iran Moving Closer to Nuclear Weapons
$60B Iraq Reconstruction Accomplished Little
  Allegations of UK Murder, Torture of Iraqis
Hagel to Barak: US Aid to Israel Exempt From Cuts
  Bus Segregation: The Tip of the Israeli Apartheid Iceberg
North Korea Threatens to Abandon Ceasefire
  Congress Vows New Sanctions on North Korea
  North Korea and the US: Will the Real Aggressor Please Stand Down?
Hugo Chavez, Fiery Venezuelan Leader, Dies
Confirmation, Drone Strikes, and Single Candidate Elections
US General Warns Against Sending Weapons to Syria
France: Mali War Now in 'Bloodiest Phase' Yet
US General Wants More Troops in Afghanistan Post-2014
War on Terror, Women, and Children  by Victoria Brittain & Tom Engelhardt
How the World Forgot About Iraq  by Patrick Cockburn
Drones Are Coming Home to Skies Near You: Feel Safer?  by Kade Crockford
Come Home, America  by Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman
What Has US Militarism Wrought?  by Robert Parry
Dennis Ross: Netanyahu's Attorney in Washington  by Noam Sheizaf

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Soviet War Vet Found in Afghanistan After 33 Years
UN Torture Sleuth Says US Not Allowing Gitmo Access
Despite Budget Uncertainty, Pentagon Continues Pacific Pivot
Biden Exaggerates Aid to Israel
US, China Agree UN Sanctions Draft on North Korea
Pentagon Cyberdefenses Weak, Report Warns
General Says Syria Too Complex to Give Lethal Aid
Weapons Sent to Syrian Opposition in Safe Hands, Says Kerry
Assad Says Syria 'Victorious' Over Rebels
Qatar Lectures Kerry on Arming Syrian Rebels
Syria Warplanes 'Bomb Raqqa After Rebel Gains'
Bennett Eyes Finance Post, Lapid Goes for FM
UTJ Presents New Knesset With First Dissolution Bill
Israel's Palestinian-Only Buses 'Torched'
Israel Police Probe Alleged Lawmaker Voter Fraud
West Bank Students Attack British Diplomat
We Have Prepared a Military Operation for Iran, Top US General Says
Will the US Block an Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline?
Attacks Leave 21 Iraqis Killed, 42 Wounded
Chilcot Inquiry to Challenge Official Line on Iraq
Local Anti-al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Iraq Shooting, 7 Others Dead in Separate Incidents
Peshmerga: No New Date Has Been Set for the Talks Between Baghdad and Erbil
Middle East
Turkish Conditions Bother German Patriot Troops
UAE Trial: Ninety-Four in Court Over 'Coup Plot'
Gas Resumes Flowing From ENI's Libya Plant
Venezuelans to Vote in 30 Days, Maduro Assumes Power for Now
Venezuela Expels US Military Official for Espionage
Venezuelans Pour Into Streets to Mourn Hugo Chavez
Maduro Promises to Investigate Chavez 'Assassination'
US: We Didn't Make Chavez Sick
Death of Chavez May Stir Concern About US Oil Supply
Key Dates in Hugo Chavez's Political Life
The War at Home
Pilot Reports 'Drone' Sighting at JFK
Former Fort Bragg Soldier Gets 5-Year Sentence for Smuggling $1 Million Out of Afghanistan
TSA to Let Pocketknives Aboard Passenger Planes
Napolitano to Testify on Cybersecurity
Family of Fallen Marine Blasts NCIS' Secrecy
US Aid to Egypt Not a 'Blank Check,' Senator Says
Morsi Considers Martial Law as Port Said Chaos Enters Third Day
Anger Courses Through Nile Delta and Suez Canal, Spelling Trouble for Egypt's Morsi
Independents Named as Tunisia Foreign, Defense Ministers
'Harlem Shake' Videos Provoke Tunisian Battles
8 Killed in Northeast Nigeria Extremist Attack
Muslim Leader Calls for Extremist Amnesty
UN Hopes to Approve Congo Force by End of March: Russian Envoy
Madagascar: Deadly Riot Erupts After Nun Killed
Malaysian Army Attacks Filipino Militants
Malaysia Searches for Armed Filipinos Who Apparently Escaped Fierce Military Attack in Borneo
Malaysian Soldiers Search Door to Door in Sabah
Afghan Court Jails 20 Men in Landmark Bank Fraud Case
Tajikistan Regions Still at War
Indonesia Probes Anti-Terror Police Over 'Torture' Video
A War of Many Interests in Myanmar
UK Army Bases to Shut Ahead of Germany Troop Withdrawal
Moldovan Pro-Europe Government Falls
Czech President: Treason Charges Are Political
7 Found Dead in Horrific Crime Scene in Sinaloa, Mexico – 4 Cops Amongst Dead
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