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Updated March 8, 2013 - 10:45 PM EST
Brennan Confirmed After Anti-Drone Filibuster
  Paul Fires Back: McCain, Graham Think 'Whole World Is a Battlefield'
  McCain Calls Paul, Cruz, Amash 'Wacko Birds'
  Judiciary Chair Patrick Leahy Votes No on Brennan Over Drones
China Warns North Korea Over 'Nuke Threat'
  White House Dismisses North Korea Nuclear Threat
Malaysia: 31 Killed in Filipino Clan Clashes
  Threats of a Wider War in Sabah
Afghan Soldiers Storm US Base, Kill Contractor
31 Killed in Iraq; Police Fire on Protesters
Lack of Israeli Govt Won't Stop Obama Trip
US Aid Spending Won't Change, Despite $8B Wasted in Iraq
Iran's Khamenei Downplays Progress in Nuclear Talks
UN Tries to Negotiate Freedom of Captured Troops in Syria
The Iraq Disaster  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
The Last Thing Syrians Need Is More Arms Going to Either Side  by Charles Glass
Sequester Delivers Some Sanity to Bloated Defense Budget  by Michael Williams
Rand Paul’s Message to Obama: Don’t Drone Me Bro  by Medea Benjamin
Petraeus' Torture Teams  by John Tirman
Does Eric Holder Know the Law?  by Marcy Wheeler

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Roll Call Vote on Brennan Confirmation
Lindsey Graham's Very Bad Day on Twitter
No Evidence 'Prisoner X' Was Part of Dubai Hamas Murder, Says Australia
Tunisia's Islamists Fail to Broaden Coalition Govt
Frozen Android Phones Give Up Data Secrets
bin Laden's Son-In-Law Nabbed, Turned Over to US
The War at Home
Democratic Senator Applauds Filibuster, Votes Against Brennan's Nomination
Evacuation Lifted at NORAD HQ After 'Suspicious Packages' Cleared
Calif. Veteran Faces Jail Time for Treating PTSD With Medical Marijuana
Ad Campaigns Fight It Out Over Meaning of 'Jihad'
Islamabad to Complete Iran-Pakistan Pipeline 'Despite US Pressure'
Orakzai Offensive Leaves 25 Militants Dead
TTP Video Shows Beheading of Soldiers
UN Security Council Approves New Sanctions Against North Korea
North Korea to Start State-Wide Military Drills: South
Malaysia Rejects Ceasefire Offer From Filipino Group
Fight for Future of Bangladesh Plays Out in Street
In Myanmar, Pro-Democracy Party Meets for First Time
Kabul Announces Last Afghan Prisoner Transfers
Egypt's Police Protest Against Muslim Brotherhood
Bedouin Release Two Britons Seized in Egypt's Sinai
US Postpones Award for Egyptian Woman Over Anti-Semitic Tweets
Tripoli TV Station Attacked, Officials Kidnapped

Libya Women Face Islamist Rise Since Gadhafi Fall

France Kills More Than 150 Mali Rebels in Past Month
France to Secure Mali Before Handing Over Mission
French Defense Minister on Surprise Visit to North Mali
Central Africa
DR Congo Close to a Peace Deal With M23 Rebel Faction: Sources
Nigeria President Says Little Chance of Islamist Amnesty
Syria Rebels Want Troop Pullback Before Freeing UN Men
Syria Clashes in Area Where UN Troops Were Seized
Germany Says EU Right Not to Arm Syria Rebels, Risks Too High
Civil War Gives Syrian Minorities No Clear Option
Syria Unrest Has Wrecked Health System, Says MSF
Thousands Flee Northern Syria After Latest Airstrikes
Syria's Assad Hails Turkey Anti-Erdogan Opposition
Philippines Demand Release of UN Peacekeepers in Syria
After Golan Kidnappings, Israel Wary UN Forces Might Bolt
'Obama to Visit Even Without New Israeli Government'
Attacks and Anti-Arab Bigotry Becoming 'More Acceptable' in Israeli Society
Israeli Schools to Attempt to Curb Anti-Arab Violence
Sweden Recognizes Palestinian Embassy, Not State
Scattered Iraq Attacks Claims 24 Lives
Iraq 10 Years On: From Death to Dollars – How Kurds Struck It Rich
Parliament Approves National Budget for Iraq
UK's Hague Warns Any Attempts to Alter Yemen Elections Will Incur UN Action
Yemeni President Raises Security Concerns Ahead of Crucial Dialogue
Tribal Gunmen Abduct 2 Soldiers in Southern Yemen
Yemen Arrests New Weapon-Loaded Vessel, Jihan 2
Middle East
Morocco Refuses Entry to EU Lawmakers
EU Not Ready for Sanctions Against Hezbollah: EU's Barroso
Kuwait Jails 2 for Offending Emir
Serbs Lied to That 'Kosovo Is Ours:' Serbian PM
Britain to Remove Last Troops From Germany in 2019
Obama Chooses Lawmaker Accused of Corrupt Ties With Chavez to Attend Funeral
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