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Updated March 12, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
Afghan War Falling Apart at the Seams
  Afghan Villagers Threaten Uprising if US Special Forces Don't Leave
  2 US Troops, 3 Afghans Killed in Insider Attack
  US Troops Attack Truck, Kill Two Afghan Civilians
  Despite Pledges of 'Handover,' US Troops Still in Afghan Province
  SOF Troops Still in Wardak as Joint US-Afghan Probe Continues
  Afghan Commander Blames Air Strike Ban for High Troop Casualties
Audio of Bradley Manning Statement Leaked
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Says They Killed Syria Troops
  State Dept Calls Rebel Attack on Syrian Army Troops 'Terrorism'
Iraq Horror: 27 Killed, 166 Wounded
  How US Public Was Defrauded by the Hidden Cost of the Iraq War
State Dept Threatens Pakistan Over Iran Pipeline
  What About Civilian Drone Casualties in Pakistan?
US Secrecy, Classification Increase Under Obama
  Air Force Erases Drone Strike Data
  Permanent War and Obama’s Worst Abuses
North Korea Declares 1953 Armistice Invalid
Mass Hunger Strike in Gitmo Over Quran Confiscations
Ten Years After the Invasion, Did We Win the Iraq War?  by Andrew J. Bacevich
John Brennan’s Heavy Baggage  by Ray McGovern
Obama Must Reveal Legal Memos on Drone Killing Program  by Kade Crockford
Who Speaks Now for the GOP?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Gulf States Buy Egyptian Riots  by Philip Giraldi
Rand Paul's Misplaced Celebration  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Abu Ghraib

by Robert C. Koehler
Moving Okinawa Marines Could Take 13 More Years, Top Commander Says
NYPD Surveillance Had 'Devastating' Impact on Muslim Communities: Report
In First Overseas Trip, Hagel Offers a Terse Review: 'It's Complicated'
Female Senator Tweets About 'Very Uncomfortable' Screening by TSA
Al-Qaeda Claims Killing of Syrian Soldiers in Iraq
Deadly Abuses Intensify in Syria as War Worsens
Syrian Rebel Fighters Break Through Homs Siege: Opposition
Syria Jets Bomb Baba Amr After Rebel Advance
Syrian Government 'Uses Militias' for Mass Killings: UN
Syria's Opposition Postpones Meeting to Form Government
Turkey Detains 5 Syria Border Car Bomb Suspects
Syria, Pressed by War, Deploys All-Female Unit
Ukrainian Journalist Kidnapped by Syrian Rebels 5 Months Ago Is Now Free
Jordan Says Fire at Refugee Camp Killed Syrian Man
UN: Jordan Should Allow in Palestinians From Syria
Lebanon Says World Must Shoulder Syrian Refugee Burden
US Arabs Urge Obama to Bear Message of Hope to Palestinians
Jerusalem Arab Residents Fight Road Cutting Through Their Area to Link Up Jewish Settlements
On Tape: Settler Attacks Palestinian Shepherd
Israel Prepares for Obama With No-Fly Zones and Snipers at Junctions
Netanyahu's Coalition Talks Enter Final Stage
Likud-Beiteinu: Yesh Atid Reneged on 'Equal Share' Deal
Iraq Horror: 27 Killed, 166 Wounded
Displaced Persons Finding Little Refuge in Iraq
Marwa's Story: 10 Years Since the Bomb Fell
Middle East
Iran Says It Will Help Learn Fate of Ex-FBI Agent
Bahrain Crown Prince Widens Role Amid Crisis Talks
Libyan Mufti Issues Edict Against UN Document on Women's Rights, Says It Counters Islamic Law
Algeria's Security Forces to Protect Energy Plants
Yemen Militants Try, Execute Man Suspected of Carrying Out Deadly al-Qaeda Attack in South
Rights Group: UAE Must Investigate Torture Claims
US Military
General Emails Airmen, Lamenting Furloughs Due to Sequester
Combat Stress Felt Far From the Front Lines
3 Dead in Prowler Training Flight Crash Near Spokane
Five Coalition Troops Killed in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
As Afghan Trip Goes Badly Off Script, Hagel Opts for Caution
Afghanistan a Minefield for the Innocent
2 Afghan Sisters, Swept Up in a Suicide Wave
US Green Beret Among Those Killed in Afghan Attack
As US Troops Prepare to Leave, They Rush to Teach Afghans to Hunt for Roadside Bombs
Philippine Government, Muslim Royal Clan Discuss Possible Ways to End Deadly Sabah Crisis
US Demands China Crack Down on Cyberattacks
Pakistan: Blast Leaves Two Dead in Landhi
Myanmar Police Used Phosphorus During Crackdown at Mine Protest That Burned 108 People
Mubarak Says Egyptians Should Support Morsi
Egyptians Urged to Make Citizen's Arrests, Stoking Vigilante Group Fears
Diesel Fuel Crisis Adds to Egypt's Cocktail of Political, Economic Woes
Egyptians Protest Death of Christian in Libya, Burn Flag, Demand Freedom for Others Held
Cover-Up of Kenyan Vote Rigging, Odinga Team Says
Expert Says Court Case Aided Kenya President-Elect
Nigeria: Video Appears to Show Dead Hostages
Three Kidnapped Seamen Freed by Nigeria Pirates: Company
Congolese Govt Says It Likely Won't Sign an Agreement With M23 Rebels as Deadline Looms
South Sudan Army Says to Pull Out of Border Buffer Zone
Arrested Islamists Suspected of Planning Attack in France
Abu Qatada Deportation Ban Can Be Lifted, UK Judges Told
US Expels 2 Venezuelan Diplomats
Rivals Trade Barbs as Election to Succeed Chavez Starts
Final Remaining Anti-Chavez TV Station to Be Sold in Venezuela
Falkland Islanders Referendum Shows 99.8 Percent Want to Remain British
Truth Commission Seeks to Uncover Brutal Trujillo Era in Dominican Republic
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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