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Updated March 14, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Iraq War Could End Up Costing $6 Trillion
  Attackers Kill 24 in Coordinated Baghdad Assault
US Troops 'On Alert' Over Karzai's Comments
13 US 'Cyberattack' Teams To Target the World
Syria Losing Control of Iraq Border to al-Qaeda
  Heavy Fighting Near Golan Heights as Rebels Swarm Area
  Wave of British Jihadists Flock to Syria War
EU Mission to Mali Seen as a Threat to Europe
  Islamist Inroads in Mali May Undo French War on al-Qaeda
US Interventionism Stokes North Korea Flames
Netanyahu Finally Strikes Coalition Govt Deal
Obama to Let Spy Agencies Scour Americans' Finances
Obama Chastises China for Alleged Cyber Attacks
Argentina 'Dirty War' Questions for the New Pope
The NYT and Obama Officials Collaborate to Prosecute Awlaki After He's Executed  by Glenn Greenwald
Remembering Those Responsible for the Iraq War  by Stephen Zunes
Don't Fall for Pentagon Spin  by Ben Freeman
Rand Paul vs. the 'Forever War'  by Gene Healy
The Coming Collapse of the Middle East?  by Fred Kaplan
Welcome to Kabul, Secretary Hagel  by Amy Davidson

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by Steve Chapman
Obama Officials Offer OAS Panel No New Date for Closing Guantanamo
Active-Duty Troops to Deploy to Kosovo for First Time in a Decade
Yemen's Southern Intifada
Researchers Map Reach of German-Made Govt Spy Software
Govt Doesn't Appeal Lindh Prison Prayer Ruling
Ukrainian Killer Dolphins Deserted to Seek Mates
Ambassador: US Providing $114 Million More in Aid to Syrian Rebels
Russia Says Arming Syrian Opposition Would Be Illegal
DM: Ireland Would Consider Sending More Soldiers to Syrian Border
Croatia Orders Withdrawal of Its Troops From Golan
Children Being Recruited in Syria: Charity
Member of EU Syria Delegation Killed in Damascus Suburb
A Battle for Syria, One Court at a Time
Syria's Children: Even Their First Words Are Now Shaped by War
Syria's Children Shot At, Tortured, Raped: Charity Report
Israelis, Palestinians Planning Controversial Stunts for Obama and Visiting Press Corps
Obama's Israel Itinerary Includes Some Standard Stops, but Not Others
Funeral Held for Palestinian Shot by Israeli Soldiers
Teen Who Attacked Arab: I Hit Him as Much as I Could
US Extends Waivers on Iran Sanctions to 11 Countries
Iran Seeks US Wheat Despite Nuclear Tension
EU Ban on Iran Press TV Directors Unreasonable: Press TV CEO
10-Year-Old Boy Killed in Iraq Election Center Shooting
Iraqi Sunnis Await a Baghdad Spring
Anbar Province Postpones Election Over Security Fears
International Bodies to Monitor Iraqi Elections
Bahrain Detains 6 for Allegedly Insulting Leader on Twitter
Bahrain Police Jailed Over Death of Activist in Custody
Middle East
Kurdish Rebels Release 8 Turkish Captives, Fueling Peace Talks
3 Pro-Secession Activists Killed in Fresh Clashes With Yemeni Police
Dutch Raise Terrorism Alert Level to 'Substantial'
Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Spectators at Afghan 'Goat Polo' Game
In Afghanistan, Catholic Priest Hopes for Pope Sympathetic to Islam
Pakistani President Touts Pipeline Deal as Term Winds Down
Ex-Spy Chief: Pakistan Sees Afghanistan as 'Sub-Nation'
Czech Women Tourists Kidnapped in Balochistan: Officials
Pakistan Soldier 'Stoned to Death for Affair' in Kurram
Khmer Rouge Co-Founder Ieng Sary Dies; Was in Middle of Trial Over Atrocities That Killed 1M
Nepali War Victims' Long Fight for Justice
Egypt Government Inquiry Finds Police Shot Most of Nearly 900 Dead in Uprising
Morsi's Government Appeals Vote Suspension
Food Price Rises Put Restive Egypt on Edge
Libya's Militarized Youth, Gadhafi-Era Economic Policies, Corruption Besiege Economy
Libyan Premier to Meet US Officials, Discuss Benghazi Probe
Obama to Nominate New Libya Ambassador
Malian President Plays Down UN Atrocities Accusations
Nigeria Pardons Goodluck Jonathan Ally, Alamieyeseigha
Venezuela Says US Far-Right Wants to Kill Opposition Leader
Guatemalan Court Strikes Down Amnesty Claim by Ex-Dictator in Genocide Case
The War at Home
Sequestration Results in Suspension of Military Tuition Assistance Program
Afghan Witnesses Visit Base to Prepare for Staff Sgt. Bales' Court-Martial
Pamela Geller's 'Jihad' Billboards Come to San Francisco
UFOs Described as Military-Style Aircraft Puzzle Florida Residents
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