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Updated March 15, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Appeals Court Rejects CIA Secrecy on Drones
  UN Official: US Drone War in Pakistan Is Illegal
  Obama: I'm Not as Bad as Dick Cheney on Drones
Obama on Israeli TV: Iran 'Over a Year' From Nukes
  Why Israel Is Calling for Jonathan Pollard's Release Now
Iraq War Could End Up Costing $6 Trillion
  Iraq Bloodshed: 33 Killed, 72 Wounded
Syrian Rebels Regularly Execute Captives
  UN Cuts Patrols in Golan After Rebel Kidnappings
  Obama’s Pro-Assad Policy?
  France Pushes EU to Arm Syrian Rebels
  Israeli General Claims Massive '50,000 Strong' Iran Force in Syria
British DM Admits: Afghan War 'Unwinnable'
  Karzai: Criticism Aimed to 'Correct' US Ties
Pak-Iran Pipeline Carries Energy and Defiance
Expert: Al-Qaeda 'Too Stupid' to Launch Cyber Attacks
Drones Are Price of the Perpetual Warfare State  by Malou Innocent
Praising the Troops for Defending Our 'Rights' and 'Freedoms'  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Camel's Nose: Let's Outlaw Drone Strikes in the United States  by Robert Naiman
Secrets No President Should Keep  by David Keene & David Cole
The Threat of an Imperial Presidency  by Tom Hayden
China Might Negotiate Cybersecurity  by Amitai Etzioni

More Viewpoints

Iron Dome, 'Iron Dumb'?
by Marsha B. Cohen
Reuters Editor Charged With Helping Hackers
Koreas' Rhetoric No Match for Surreal Calm at DMZ
Texas Congressman Tells CPAC Vietnam Was Winnable
Netanyahu Reaches Agreement to Form Govt
Australia Gets First Aboriginal Provincial Govt Leader
Hopes Pope Francis Will Seek Peace With Islam
Police to Restrict Muslims' Entrance to Temple Mount
Settlers Steal Military Tent Set Up to Deter Palestinians
Hamas Urges Collaborators With Israel to Surrender
Anonymous Plots to 'Erase Israel From the Internet'
Report Blames Hamas for Egypt Soldier Killings
Israeli Army Says Its Troops Killed Palestinian After Their Vehicle Was Attacked
Stone-Throwing 'Terror Attack' Causes Crash, Toddler Critically Hurt
Lapid, Bennett's Vice Premier Titles Stall Coalition
Netanyahu: Likud-Beiteinu Kept Important Portfolios
Jewish Home, Likud Resume Talks After Hours of Radio Silence
US Fighters Verbally Warn Iranian Jet Trailing Predator
US Imposes Sanctions on Covert Iran Oil-Shipping Network
Arabs Accuse Iran of Aiding 'Terror' in Bahrain, Yemen
Report: Iran Test-Fires Short-Range Missiles
Military Intel Chief: Iran Greatest Threat to Israel's Security
Iraq Bloodshed: 33 Killed, 72 Wounded
US Pledge to Help Iraqis Who Aided Occupation Largely Unfulfilled
Car Bomb Explodes in Talafar
Iraqi Entrepreneurs Thrive, Despite Obstacles
West Tiptoes Into Syrian War Hoping to Boost More Secular Rebels
In Battle for Highway in North, Syria's Civil War Writ Small
Middle East
Turkey's Kurds See Best Hope Yet of End to Three-Decade War
Dozens Injured as Violence Flares in Bahrain
Study Finds British Soldiers, Vets Who Had Combat Duty More Likely to Commit Violent Crimes
Protests in Bulgaria Culminate in Spate of Self-Immolations
Putin: Russia Must Pay Tribute to Red Army Soldiers Who Died in 1939-40 War With Finland
The War at Home
Commanders' Ability to Overturn Court-Martial Results Under Scrutiny
US Seizes Cleric's Hook Hand, Will Give Him a 'Spork' Instead
TSA Chief Jabs Back at Knife Critics
Camp Lejeune Toxic Water May Date Back to 1948
Questions About the Seattle Police Department's High Tech Surveillance Program
Moving Mountains of War Gear Home From Afghanistan
Australian Artist Frames Afghan War
Karachi: Blast Outside Cable Operators Office Kills Three
Pakistan Unveils Names for Caretaker PM
Deteriorating Law and Order in Rawalpindi
Pakistanis Linked to Osama Plot Reinstated
TTP Karachi Chief Among Five Terrorists Arrested
India Orders Italy Ambassador Mancini Not to Leave
Indian Kashmir Under Curfew
Beijing Cautions New Pope on Meddling in China
China Charges Ethnic Uighur Man With Knife Murders of 5 in Restive Xinjiang Region
US Airman in Okinawa Charged With Beating Teenage Girl
Worries That Khmer Rouge Leaders Will Die Before Being Punished Are Being Realized in Cambodia
Sources: Benghazi Suspect Detained in Libya
Tunisian PM Says There Is No Evidence Linking Tunisian to Attack on US Mission in Libya
Witnesses: Church Used by Egyptian Christians Torched in Eastern Libya
Sudan: 750 Families Fled South Darfur Tribal Clashes
Malawi: 'Coup Plotters' Get Bail
Botswana Apologizes to Kenya Over Kenyatta ICC Warning
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