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Updated March 22, 2013 - 11:03 PM EDT
Damascus Mosque Blast Kills 42 Including Imam
  US Officials: No Chemical Weapons Used in Syria
  Police: Syria's Islamist Rebels a 'Grave' Threat to UK Security
  Key Senators Push Obama to Attack Syria
Obama: Talk Peace Without Settlement Freeze
  1963: The year the Israel Lobby Transcended US Law
Car Bombing Kills 17 at Pakistan Refugee Camp
  US Drone Strike Kills Four in North Waziristan
Instead of Closing, Gitmo to Receive Big Upgrades
  Pentagon Still Downplays Growing Gitmo Hunger Strikes
Privacy Laws Not Ready for Domestic Drones
  Niger Drone Base Gives US Strategic Foothold in West Africa
Marine Opens Fire, Kills 2, Self at Quantico Base
Iran Open to Direct US Talks
Phil Donahue on 2003 MSNBC Firing Over Antiwar Views
The Dearth of Strategy on Syria  by Stephen M. Walt
How Not to Apologize for Supporting an Unnecessary War  by Jordan Bloom
The Disasters That US Intervention Created  by Sheldon Richman
Goading Gullible America Into War  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Waning of the War Whores  by James Wolcott
A Letter to Paul Wolfowitz  by Andrew J. Bacevich

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Serbia, Kosovo Talks Fail to Reach Deal
'Baghdad Bob' and His Ridiculous, True Predictions
US Reward for 2 Americans Linked to Al-Shabab
Feds Claim US Army Drills Did Not Cause Illnesses in Puerto Rico
Tomas Young’s ‘Last Letter’
Microsoft Releases Data on Govt Requests
The War at Home
DHS Questioned Over Decision to Let Saudi Passengers Skip Normal Passport Controls
Hillary Clinton's 'Hacked' Benghazi Emails
US Pockets of Antiwar Protest After Years of War Persist
Ex-Obama Aide Voices Concern on Drone Strikes
Pentagon Delays Furlough Notices
Researchers Tie Gulf War Illness to Brain Damage
TSA Tested, Scrapped Program That Tracked Bluetooth Devices
Roadside Bomb Kills Afghan District Official
Polish Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Italy Says Will Send Its Marines Back to India for Trial
Bollywood Actor Sent Back to Jail for 1993 Mumbai Blasts
North Korea Issues Fresh Threat to US
US Hopeful for Strong Action by China Over North Korea: Envoy
North Korea Suspected in Cyberattack Despite China Link
UN Votes to Probe North Korea Suspected Rights Abuses
Court Says South Korean Dictator, Father of Current President, Violated Constitution
2nd ID Bans All Alcohol for US Soldiers in South Korea
Buddhists and Muslims Clash in Central Myanmar Town
China Jails Three Tibetans on Charges of 'Splitting' China
Musharraf Files Interim Bail Plea Ahead of Pakistan Return
Libya Demands Handover of Ex-Regime Members
Muslim Brotherhood Says It Rejects Violence
US Designates Ansar Dine a Foreign Terrorist Organization
Mali Soldier Killed in Timbuktu Suicide Bomb Attack
Will $5m Bring Down Tweeting, Rapping US Jihadi?
Somalia, Where a UN Arms Embargo Failed
Central African Republic Seleka Rebels Seize Towns
Kenya Accuse Separatist Group Aide of Election Killings
Sudan Orders Oil Firms to Prepare to Receive South Sudan Crude
US Denounces 'Outlandish Allegations' From Venezuela After Suspension of Communication
Venezuelan Police Fire Teargas at Election Clash
Private Papers Reveal Margaret Thatcher's Falklands Isolation, Dismay at Reagan Stance
Obama in West Bank: Palestinians 'Deserve a State of Their Own'
Obama: Israeli Settlements Hinder Chance of Deal With Palestinians
Obama Urges Palestinians to Drop Settlement Precondition
Obama to Israel: Reverse 'Undertow of Isolation
Gaza Rockets Mar Obama's Israel Visit
Islamist Group Says It Fired Rockets at Israel From Gaza
In Ramallah, an Anti-Obama Demonstration Turns Anti-Abbas
Obama Urges Netanyahu to Mend Ties With Turkey
Russia Offers Syria Expert Help in Chemical Attack Probe
Obama Should Ask Jordan to Take More Syria Refugees: Rights Groups
Syria Hands Over Seized Lebanese Fighter to Beirut
Pro-Assad Hackers Attack BBC Twitter With Anti-Semitic Messages
Iran Vows to Level Tel Aviv if Israel Attacks
Secret Service Agent Took a Shot at Ahmadinejad in 2006
Eight Iraqis Killed in Fresh Attacks
Christians, Churches Dwindling in Iraq Since Start of War 10 Years Ago
Iraq War Responsible for Epidemic Birth Defects
UK Commons Debate on Iraq War Blocked by Dark Forces: Labor MP
Hakeem Calls for Calming Political Situation, All Political Sides Be Flexible
Turkey Kurds: PKK Chief Ocalan Calls for Ceasefire
Turkey Voices Caution Over Rebels' Truce Call
Hope for Peace Sweeps Over Diyarbakir
Middle East
Obama Demands Hezbollah Be Named a Terrorist Group
Five Killed in Yemen Clash Between al-Qaeda Fighters, Militia
Russia Tones Down Criticism of New US Missile Plans
Russia Searches Hundreds of Rights Groups, NGOs
Abu Qatada Arrested in Britain Over 'Online Extremist Material'
Citizens' Campaign to Arrest Blair Continues
Scottish Independence Vote to Be Held Sept. 2014
Cyprus Convicts Hezbollah Man Over Anti-Israel Plot
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