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Updated March 23, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
The Iraq War: Ten Years in Ten Numbers
  As Iraq Anniversary Fades, 'Strategic Narcissism' Stands Out
Obama: Syria Could Become Extremist Haven
  France and Britain Fail: EU Won't Lift Syria Arms Ban
  Syria Fires on Lebanon: Lebanese Seethe, Govt Mum
  Lebanese PM Resigns Amid Political Dispute With Hezbollah
Israel Apologizes to Turkey for Aid Flotilla Deaths
  Hamas: Israel Violates Ceasefire Terms by Restricting Fishing
Afghan Policeman Kills 5 Colleagues
Global View of Obama Drops Over Foreign Policy
Kurdish Fighters Heed Call for Ceasefire With Turkey
South Korea Cyberattack Was Domestic, Not From China
Rethinking Israel-Palestine: Beyond Bantustans, Beyond Reservations  by Noura Erakat
Let the Voices of Drone Strike Victims Be Heard on Capitol Hill  by Robert Naiman
North Korea Is Not America's Problem  by Doug Bandow
Eric Holder: If the President Does It, It’s Legal  by John W. Whitehead
How Do You Say 'Quagmire' in French?  by Leon Hadar
'Assad Must Go' Is the Wrong Solution  by Susanne Koelbl

More Viewpoints

'NATO 3' Oral Argument Unfolds on Illinois Terrorism Statute's Constitutionality
Marine Opens Fire, Kills 2, Self at Quantico Base
With US-Russia Relationship Toxic, Moscow Looks to Strengthen Ties With China
Report: China's Economy Will Overtake US by 2016
Pew Poll Numbers: Global Opinion of Obama Slips
The War at Home
Iraq War at 10: For Families of Wounded, a Mounting Cost
Female US Sailor Dies of Gunshot Wound Onboard Ship
Army Releases February 2013 Suicide Information
Young Tourist Injured by Live Munition on Puerto Rico Island
Frenchman 'Posing as Pilot' Found in US Jet Cockpit
Japan Warms to Taiwan, Isolates China, in Territorial Sea Dispute
Japan's Leader Tries to Restart Plan to Move Okinawan Base
China to Attend Major US-Hosted Naval Exercises, but Role Limited
Chinese President Xi Jinping in Russia for First Foreign Tour
Pervez Musharraf Yearns to Return From Self-Exile
Court Approves Musharraff's Pre-Arrest Bail in 3 Cases
Pakistan Electoral Commission Poised to Name Caretaker PM
Myanmar Declares State of Emergency as Town Reels From Anti-Muslim Riots
Malaysia: Porous Borders Leave Sabah Open to Invaders
Muslim Militants in Philippines Free Australian Hostage After 15 Months in Captivity
Refugee Camp Fire Kills 30 in Thailand
As Cyprus Crisis Deepens, Wealthy Russians Are Ensnared
Twitter Sued in France for $50 Million for Not Naming Authors of Anti-Semitic Tweets
A Phantom Car, a Spanish Politician, and a Dead Dissident: A Cuban Mystery in Spain
Weekend Reviews
Nick Turse's Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam
How Do You Say 'Quagmire' in French?
The Disinherited
The Unheard Voices of Palestinians
Portrait of a Pacifist: Jo Metson Scott's Images of Dissenting Soldiers in Iraq
Syria's Assad Vows to Cleanse Nation of Extremists
Obama, Jordan's Abdullah Offer United Front on Syria
Obama Offers Jordan $200 Million More to Help Syrian Refugees
Syria's Refugee Brides:'My Daughter Is Willing to Sacrifice Herself for Her Family'
Scattered Attacks Leave 14 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan Welcomes Ocalan's Call for Truce With Turkey
Iraqis Call for Reform, Condemn al-Qaeda
Iraq to Compensate Farmers for Terror Attacks
Some Iraqis Profit From Economic Progress; Most Suffer
Anbar Candidates File Lawsuit to Challenge Elections Postponement
Iraqiya and Sadr Coalitions Demand to Question Maliki
Middle East
Lieberman Says Israel's Apology to Turkey Over Gaza Flotilla a 'Serious Mistake'
Oman's Sultan Pardons All Jailed Activists: State News Agency
Kerry Calls for 'Immediate' Release of American in Iran After Letter Detailing Abuse
Kurdish Youth Ponder the Prospect of Peace
Brotherhood Supporters, Opponents Clash in Egypt, 40 Hurt
Egypt Protesters Storm Muslim Brotherhood Office
Gunmen Seize Israeli, Norwegian Tourists in Egypt's Sinai
Fear of Army Reprisals Sparks Mali Refugee Flight
Rwandan-Born Warlord Flown to the Hague to Face Charges
Congo Says Foils Plot to Assassinate President
Rebels Advance Toward Central African Republic Capital
Argentine Ambassador Dismisses Referendum as a 'Publicity Stunt'
Thatcher Papers Reveal Tory Party Split Over Falklands
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