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Updated March 28, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Sends Nuclear Bombers to Intimidate N. Korea
Terrorized by Drones, Afghans Flee Homes
  NATO Night Raid Kills Four Afghan Children
  Pakistan Accuses Karzai of Backing Taliban Factions
  NATO Hypes Dubious 'Progress' in Afghan Military
  Afghanistan Says Ready to Work for Peace Without Pakistan Help
Al-Nusra Doubles as Syrians Join from Iraq
  Officials: Recent Arms Influx Preparing Rebels to Attack Damascus
  Former UN Monitor Urges 'No-Fly Zone' in Syria
US Denying Guantanamo Detainees Water
  Gitmo Prisoner: 'We All Died When Obama Indefinitely Detained Us'
Feds Can't Keep Up With Ills From Two Wars
  US 'Shock and Audit' Over Iraq Expenses
Israeli Military Frets Cuts to US Military Aid
US General Warns of al-Qaeda Threat in Tunisia
Brennan Promotes Agent Who Helped Run Torture Programs
Obama at the Edge of a Cliff in Middle East  by Adil E. Shamoo
Why Stay in the Middle East?  by Leon Hadar
Stay Out of Other Nations' Civil Wars  by Doug Bandow
Nixon Has Won Watergate  by Jonathan Turley
Why the Awlakis Were Killed  by Jacob G. Hornberger
76 Senate Warmongers  by Michael Rozeff

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Russia Raids Human Rights Watch Office
Pentagon Cuts Number of Furlough Days
In US Court, a Familiar Argument Over Intentions in Joining a Terrorist Group
Court Clears Former Czech Leader of Treason Charges
Cyberattack on Anti-Spam Group Has Ripple Effects
Congress Saves Busted $380 Million Missile Program the Pentagon Won't Buy
Kofi Annan Claims It Is Too Late for Outside Intervention in Syria
Security Council Calls on Syria and Rebels to Ensure Safety of Its Force in Golan Heights
Syrian Conflict's Impact Is Felt Across Border in Iraq
Russia Anger at Syrian Arab League Opposition Seat
Syrian Opposition Opens First Embassy, Says World Lets It Down
No Patriot Missiles in Syria: White House
Syria Kurds Help Shiite, Sunni Fighters Negotiate
Syria's Assad Appeals to African Summit for Help
Assad Seeks Help From BRICS Countries
Syria Rages at Qatar for Giving Opposition Its Arab League Seat
Tent-Dwelling Syrian Refugees Forced Into Debt by High Rents in Lebanon
Turkish Military Police Fire Teargas at Protesting Syrian Refugees, Many Hurt
Iraq Executes 18; Nine More Killed in Attacks
7 Wounded, Including Police Officer, in Car Bomb Explosion South of Tikrit
Iraqi Oil: Once Seen as US Boon, Now It's Mostly China's
Damalouji: Iraqiya Continues Boycotting the Cabinet's Sessions Until Demands of Protestors Met
Middle East
Video: Bahraini Activist Discusses Her Family's Hunger Strikes
Is End in Sight for One of World's Longest-Running Conflicts?
Naftali Bennett: Turkish PM Trying to Make Israel Regret Apology Over Gaza Flotilla Deaths
Islamist Leader Threatens to Oust Tunisian Prime Minister
UAE Sedition Trial: Six Secret Meetings Held Over Two Years
Bulgaria: EU Could Still Act Against Hezbollah Over Burgas
UK Court Loses Bid to Deport Jordanian Cleric
Bomb Explodes Near Acropolis in Athens
War Crimes Court Jails Two Bosnian Serbs
Toulouse Killings: French Soldier Held in Merah Case
Historic Berlin Wall Section Removed Amid Protests
Vigilantes Seize Town on Highway From Mexico City to Acapulco
Bachelet Returns to Chile, Says She Will Seek Presidency
The War at Home
DoD Restoring Tuition Assistance for All Services
SEAL Team 6 Member Disputes Interview With 'The Man Who Shot Osama bin Laden'
North Korea Shuts Last Military Hot Line to South
Guam Governor Says North Korea Attack Unlikely, Threat Shouldn't Distract From Daily Lives
Early Stumbles Distract South Korean President From Work on Economic, North Korea Worries
Did North Korea 'Photoshop' Its Sabre-Rattling Marine Landings Photograph?
Russia Seeks to Underpin Afghan Security After NATO Pullout
Five of 26 Afghan Security Brigades Able to Operate Independently, NATO Official Says
Court Refuses to Take Direct Action Against Musharraf
2000kg Explosive Seized in Balochistan
UN Envoy Condemns Murder of Pakistan School Teacher
China Jails 20 on Terror Charges in Xinjiang
The Astonishing Speed of Chinese Censorship
General: Myanmar Military Staying in Politics
Aung San Suu Kyi Attends Myanmar Armed Forces Day
Bangladesh Strike: Shoot on Sight Orders Issued
Japan's Military Chief Says F-35 Is 'Best Fighter'
Kyrgyzstan Convicts Ex-Leader's Son Maxim Bakiyev
Sri Lankan Hospital Mass Grave With 150 Skeletons Dates Back to Period of Marxist Rebellion
Postponement of Egypt's Elections May Deepen Turmoil
Egypt Could Hold Delayed Election in October: Morsi
Libya Mulls Aid for Egypt, No Decision Yet
Egypt Court Overturns Morsi Sacking of Top Prosecutor
Egyptian Students Injured in Clashes With Security Force
Divers Caught While Cutting Internet Cable
Mali Secular Rebels Who Oppose Malian Military Presence in Kidal Appoint Administrator
Govt: 63 Malian Soldiers, 600 Islamists Killed So Far
Sectarian Clashes in Central Nigeria Claim 27 Lives
Pockets of Resistance Still in Central African Republic
Displaced Somalis Abused and Raped: Human Rights Watch
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