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Updated April 2, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
US Sends Destroyer to Korea as Rhetoric Worsens
  South Korea President Threatens Military Action Against North
  China Mum on Latest US Deployments in Korea
Afghan Teenager Fatally Stabs US Soldier
  Russia Going Back to Afghanistan? Kremlin Confirms It Could Happen
UN Plans Massive Post-Assad Syria Deployment
  Syrian Synagogue Looted in Rebel-Held Damascus Suburb
  Croatian Arms and the Syrian Conflict
  Tit-for-Tat Kidnappings Bring Syria's War Into Lebanese Backyards
New Details of the US-Run Torture Prison in Iraq
  Iraq Tanker Bomb Leaves Dozens Dead
Gitmo Hunger Strike Growing: Detainees Say 130 Taking Part
Boeing Helps Kill Proposed Law to Regulate Drones
Israeli Navy Seeks $700 Million to Protect New Gas Fields
Obama Is Channeling Bush Fever in Iran  by Falguni A. Sheth
How Obama Chose War Over Peace in Syria  by Shamus Cooke
How to Write About Muslims  by Belen Fernandez
Reaching Out to North Korea  by Donald Gregg
Why the No-Fly List Doesn't Fly  by Steve Chapman
The Real Reason for the Iraq War  by Greg Palast

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Kosovo, Serbia Near Accord to End Ethnic Partition
UN to Vote Tuesday on First UN Treaty to Regulate the Global Arms Trade
Sudan Set to Free All Political Prisoners
Caroline Kennedy to Be US Ambassador to Japan
Mexican Cartels Dispatch Agents Deep Inside US
Israeli Crackdown on Palestinian Mobility Began Well Before Suicide Bombings
Moshe Dayan Opposed Pre-Yom Kippur War Call-Up Due to Fears of US Response
Hamas Re-Elects Mashaal as Its Leader
Palestinian PM Hospitalized With Abdominal Pain
Hamas Law Promotes Gender Segregation in Gaza Schools
Adapting to Shortage, Gazans Turn Wood Into Charcoal
March Was Deadliest Month of Syrian War, as Rebel Deaths Surged
As Casualties Mount in Syria, Children Tend to the Wounded
Syrian Newspapers Emerge to Fill Out War Reporting
Tikrit Tanker Bomb Leaves Dozens Killed; Iraq Executes Four on Terrorism Charges
Gunmen Attack Iraq's Akkas Gasfield, Three Workers Killed
Iraq Christian Leaders Trying to Restore Hope
Double-Digit Inflation Worsens in Iran
Iranians Start Facebook-Driven Boycott of Pistachio
Middle East
Recently Resigned Lebanese PM Likely to Be Renominated
Turkey Scraps Flights to Armenia After Azeri Resistance
Kosovo Serbs Anxious Over Brussels Talks
Gorbachev Attacks Putin and His Restrictions
Muslims Concerned About Broader France Headscarf Ban
Chinese Editor Suspended for Article on North Korea
North Korea Taps Reformist Premier Amid Nuclear Tension
Ex-President Carter Says China Pressuring Nepal on Tibetans
China Accepts Invite to Join RIMPAC Drills in 2014
China Curbs Military's Luxury Cars
China Says 2 Pilots Killed in Su-27 Fighter Crash
Five NATO Trucks Set Ablaze in Pakistan
Eleven Pakistani Taliban Militants Arrested in Karachi
Donor Pays Afghan Family's Debt, but Questions Remain
Afghan Military Equipment Is Airlifted Back to Britain
Doctors Voice Alarm at 'Non-Lethal' Weapons in Kashmir
Japan Shifting Further Away From Pacifism
Egypt Lifts Cooking Gas Price Before IMF Visit
US: Arrest Warrant Against Egypt Satirist Part of a Disturbing Trend
Iranian Tourists in Egypt Showcase Warming Ties Between 2 Nations With Islamists in Power
Libyan PM's Chief of Staff Feared Abducted
Libya's Sub-Saharan Refugees Face Post-Conflict Uncertainty
Bracing for Chaos in Northern Mali
Mali Troops Hunt for Rebels After Timbuktu Clash
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Claims Responsibility for Timbuktu Attack
Nigerian Military Raids Suspected Islamist Hide-Out
Central African Republic Leader Takes Defense Ministry
Peace Restored in Stronghold of Kenya's Election Loser Odinga
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