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Updated April 3, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Hagel Outlines Impending Defense Cuts
Brussels Talks Fail: No Serbian Deal on Kosovo
Afghanistan Courthouse Attack Leaves 53 Dead
  Commander: US Committed to Afghanistan Beyond 'Transition'
Kerry: US to Defend South Korea From North
  US Sends Another Warship, Radar Platform to Korean Coast
Syrian Rebels Revive Iraqi Insurgency
  Why the Death Count in Syria Actually Doesn’t ‘Count’
  Israeli Tanks Fire Into Syria After Cross-Border Mortar Strike
  Syrian Rebels Near Chemical Weapons Cache
  US Steps Up Syria Rebel Training in Jordan
P5+1 Coalition Fraying on Eve of Iran Talks
The Shift in the Drone Debate
Israeli Warplanes Attack Gaza for First Time Since November
Egypt Govt Slams US 'Meddling' in Internal Affairs
Stop US Support for Honduras' Death Squad Regime  by Mark Weisbrot
How the Pentagon Corrupted Afghanistan  by Dilip Hiro & Tom Engelhardt
Suddenly, NYPD Doesn't Love Surveillance Anymore  by David Sirota
The Long History of Lies about Iran  by Muhammad Sahimi
Laughable Excuse for Invading Iraq  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Counting the Vast Cost of Iraq War  by Neta C. Crawford & Catherine Lutz

More Viewpoints

UN Approves First-Ever Global Arms Trade Treaty
Hagel Docks His Own Pay to Match 14-Day Workers Furlough
US Wants to Support Fight Against al-Qaeda in Mali: Senator McCain
Jon Stewart Sparks Twitter Fight Between US Embassy and Egypt President's Office
Egypt Steps Up Campaign Against TV Satirist
DoD IG Finds $900m Stockpile of Stryker Parts
Kurdish Council in Syria Bans War Refugees From Fleeing to Iraqi Kurdistan
Syrian Opposition's Print Revolution
Displaced and Starving, Syrians Are Forced to Scrounge for Herbs to Survive
Palestinian Prisoners Declare Hunger Strike After Inmate Dies of Cancer in Israeli Hospital
Israel Arrests Settlers Over Palestinian Shootings
Bennett's Haredim Draft Plan: Just 1,800 Exemptions
Random Attacks Leave Seven Killed in Iraq
Armed Men Attack Baghdad Newspaper Offices Over Story on Cleric
Suspects Killed in Algerian Terror Attack Were Canadian
Canadians in Algeria Attack Went Overseas With 3rd Man
Middle East
Yemen: Ex-President Saleh Leaves for Saudi Arabia
Pistachios the New Casualty of Iran's Battered Economy
Putin Gives Russian Officials 3 Months to Close Their Foreign Bank Accounts
Nine Dismembered Bodies in SUV Found in Tamaulipas, Mexico
In Miami, Cuban Dissident Blogger Calls for Unity
The War at Home
New Generation of Explosives for the Army
DARPA to Play Major Role in Mapping Human Brain
US Deploys Warship as Tensions Over North Korea Rise
US Moves Missile-Tracking Radar Platform Closer to North Korea
Twitter Diplomacy or Veiled Threat? US Embassy Sends North Korea This Tweet
North Korea Refuses to Allow South Korean Workers to Enter Joint Border Factory Park
North Korea Vows to Restart Nuclear Reactor
Why North Korea's Bomb-Grade Plutonium Plant Might Be Good News
North Korea 'Crisis Gone Too Far' Says UN's Ban Ki-Moon
Taliban Chief Could Seek Election, Says Karzai
Kabul City to Witness Increased Attacks This Year: Officials
Afghans Failing Security Test in Badakhshan
As US Packs Up in Afghanistan, the Return of the Dreaded MRE
US Considers Sanctions Against Pakistan for Iran Pipeline
Pakistani Youth 'Favor Sharia Law Over Democracy'
Pakistan Border Post Strikes Up New Tensions With Afghanistan
Five Militants Killed in SWA Gunship Helicopters Attack
31 Afghans Held at Chaman Border
Radical Islamic Group in Mali Claims 9 Attacks in and Around Gao
Sudan Frees Abdul Aziz Khalid and Other Political Prisoners
Bomb Hits Somalia's Biggest Bank After Militant Threat
Next for Kenya, a President on Trial in the Hague
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