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Updated April 5, 2013 - 11:10 PM EDT
N. Korea Moves Missile to Coast Amid Tensions
  US Deploys 'Chemical Battalion' to South Korea as Jitters Grow
  Senator Inhofe: Attack North Korea 'Right Now'
  Bill Richardson: 'Suicidal' for North Korea to Attack
NATO Air Strike Kills 2 Civilians, 4 Afghan Police
  Afghanistan Sees Relationship With Pakistan at 'New Low'
Syria Warns Jordan Over Training Rebels
  Is US Opening Another Front in the Drone War on Iraq-Syria Border?
Iran: Clear Proposals Ready for P5+1 Talks
  Report Calls to Engage Iran’s People While Preventing Nuke
Abbas Delays Statehood Bids to Restart Talks
  Thousands Rally for Funerals of Slain Palestinian Teens
Google Fights National Security Probe Demand for User Data
Justice Dept: Teens Who Read News Online May Be Criminals
Symbols of Bush-Era Lawlessness Flourish Under Obama  by John Knefel
Why the Iran Sanctions Don't Work  by Bijan Khajehpour, Reza Marashi, Trita Parsi
The Dangerous Logic of the Bradley Manning Case  by Yochai Benkler
Is War With North Korea Inevitable?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Anti-Imperial Presidency  by Daniel Larison
Cold War Dinosaurs in Korea  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Top Swedish Prosecutor Leaves Assange Case
Top Swedish Judge Defends WikiLeaks' Assange
Texas Refinery Is Saudi Foothold in the US
Domestic Drones Gain Ground
US Army's Last Tanks Depart From Germany
Traumatized Soldier's Vietnam War Photo Diary Goes on Show
Map: This Is How Far North Korean Missiles Can Reach
As N. Korean Threats Intensify, First Signs of Jitters in the South
Anonymous 'Hacks' North Korea Social Network Accounts
Deadly Grenade Attack in Pakistan's Karachi
British MPs: Stop Extra Aid to Pakistan Unless Taxes Increase
Officials: Insurgents Killed Everybody in Their Path in Attack
Afghans Seek Their Own Exit Strategy
New Zealand Withdraws Troops From Afghanistan, Grants Afghan Interpreters Residency
NATO: F-16 Crashes in Afghanistan, Killing Pilot
Japan, US to Present Plans on Okinawa Base Land Handover
Indonesian Special Forces Admit Prisoner Killings
China's Manhunt Shows Sway in Southeast Asia
Ethnic Rifts Strain Myanmar as It Moves Toward Democracy
Hamas Leader Dismisses Reports of Meddling in Egyptian Affairs
Egypt Seizes Ship From Israel Carrying Arms to Africa
Egyptians Reject Self-Appointed Vice Squads
Kidnappers Target Christians in Egyptian Province
Diplomatic Fail Whale? US Embassy, Muslim Brotherhood Clash Over @thedailyshow
Egypt's President in Sudan, Hopes for Better Ties
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Leader OKs Faster Elections
South Africa to Withdraw Troops From Central African Republic
Carter Center Dings Kenyan Vote on Tech Failures
Mozambican Ex-Rebels Renamo in Police Clash
Ivory Coast Begins Exhuming Mass Graves
Mexico Breaks Up Plot by Armed Gang to Kill 2 Federal Legislators
Brazil's Human Rights Commission Closes Its Doors to Outsiders to Keep Protesters Out
Trial of Guatemala Ex-Strongman Hears Litany of Horrors
Venezuela Opposition: Military Can't Take Sides
Shin Bet Documents Show Illegal Interrogation Methods Used Against Palestinian Prisoner
Hebron Clashes Follow Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh Funeral
Israel: UNIFIL Failing Mandate to Track Hezbollah Arms
New Israeli Southern Command Chief Warns of 'New Threats'
Israel Investigates Deaths of Two Palestinians by Army Fire
West Bank Funerals Become Displays of Defiance
Anonymous Threatens Cyber Attack on Israeli Sites
Four Million Displaced Inside Syria: UN
Syria Lashes Out at Jordan and Turkey
Syria Says Will Support Currency After Plunge in Value
Suicide Bomber at Army Base Among Five Killed in Iraq
Iraq 10 Years Later, Creeping Authoritarianism
Gunmen Assassinate a Civilian North of Baghdad
Middle East
Senator McCain: No Troops on the Ground in Libya
Kurd Leader Says Chances for Peace in Turkey 'Greatly Increased'
Yemen Offers 20 New Oil Sectors for Investment
Police Question Suspected French Islamists Sent From Pakistan
Air France Fined for Kicking Pro-Palestinian Activist Off Israel-Bound Flight
Russia's 2012 Arms Exports Up 12 Percent Despite Libya Losses
Defense Will Be Cut After 2015, David Cameron Admits
Turkish Paper Eyes Legal Fight Over German Neo-Nazi Trial Access
The War at Home
NSA to Close Yakima Training Center Facility
Hawaii Is a Spot for Sun, Surf – and Spies
US Navy Reassigns Sailors Over Philippine Reef Crash
Fate of Marines Left Behind in Cambodia in 1975 Haunts Comrades
Military Porn Case Shrinks Barracks Privacy
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