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Updated April 7, 2013 - 11:21 PM EDT
NATO Air Strike Kills 11 Afghan Children
  6 Americans, Doctor Killed in Afghan Attacks
Origins of CIA's Not-So-Secret Pakistan Drone War
Hamas Cuts Ties With Assad, Training Rebels
  Syria Says Jordan 'Playing With Fire' Over Assistance to Rebels
  Syrian Rebels Seize Jordan Border Garrison, Dozens Killed
Situation 'Normal' in North Korea: Tourists
  North Korea Aggression Could Strengthen US-China Bond
Iran, P5+1 Talks End Without a Deal
30 Killed in Iraq as Election Rally Targeted
US Army Training Material Lists Catholics as 'Extremists'
Gitmo Hunger Strike Grows as Military Locks Out Press
North Korea 'Rattles Sabres' as US Pretends to Nuke Them  by Peter Hart
No More Fuzzy Math: How Many Died in Iraq?  by Muhammad Ahmad
The Soft, Weak Chinese Cite Concerns for International Law and Due Process  by Glenn Greenwald
North Korea Is Someone Else's Problem  by Doug Bandow
The Criminal Iraq War  by Tim Kelly
Chuck Hagel's Speech: Nice, but No Cigar  by Robert Dreyfuss

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WikiLeaks Party Unveils Australian Election Plans
Serbian Church: Kosovo Too High a Price to Pay for EU
US to Deploy Spy Plane in Japan
Study Finds Haiti Aid Largely Went to US Groups
Militants in Lebanon Aim New Attacks at Syrian Fuel Supplies
Airstrike Kills 15 People in Northern Syria: Activists
Nine Children Killed in Aleppo Airstrike
Jordan: 35,000 Syria Refugees Have Gone Home
Iraqi Shi'ite Group Says Member Killed 'Defending Holy Sites' in Syria
Syrian War Devastates Ancient Sites
Syria Oil Industry Buckling Under Rebel Gains
4 Italian Journalists Held in Northern Syria Near Turkish Border
Kerry Visit: Israel Does Not Foresee Breakthrough
On Eve of Kerry Trip, PA Delays Plan to Take Israel to ICC
Hamas Reportedly Arrests Western Agents in Gaza
Hamas Ban on Western Garments, Hair Styles Criticized in Gaza
Israeli Cyber Activists Attack Anti-Israel Hackers
Iraq Election Rally Targeted in Attacks; 30 Killed Across Country
Tony Blair and Iraq: The Damning Evidence
Iraq Executing More People Than It Has for Almost a Decade, Says Amnesty Report
Middle East
Soldier Killed, Four Wounded as Yemen Army Fights Separatists
New Lebanon Premier Pledges to Shield Lebanon From Syria Dangers
The War at Home
Minnestota Town Says No to Drones
The ATF Wants 'Massive' Online Database to Find Out Who Your Friends Are
FBI Questions Petraeus on Affair
Army General Fired Over Alcohol, Sexual Misconduct Charges
Weekend Reviews
James Carroll's House of War: The Pentagon and the Disasterous Rise of American Power
A True-Life Thriller About America's Covert Wars
Madness in the Method: On 'Homeland'
America's Stolen Narrative From Washington and Madison, to Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes, to Barack Obama
North Korea Tension Prompts US Missile Test Delay
North Korea: Embassies Stay Despite Security Warning
North Korea Tells Russia to Evacuate Embassy
Tensions With North Korea Unsettle South Korean Economy
More South Koreans Leave North Korean Factory Park on 4th Day of Pyongyang's Entry Ban
Made in Korea: Rare Look at Jointly Run Factories
Hardline Muslims Rally in Bangladesh Amid Shutdown
Sikhs to Protest in London Over India Death Penalty
Calls for Britain to Offer Asylum to Afghan Interpreters
5 Killed in Clashes Between Muslims, Christians in Egypt Near Cairo
Egypt Court Turns Down Islamist Lawsuit Against TV Satirist
Egypt's Top Satirist Undeterred After Questioning
Egypt, Sudan Plan Joint Farming, Livestock Projects
Nude Facebook Photo Protest Exposes Rift Over Women's Rights in Tunisia
Profiles: Two Women From Each Side of Tunisia's Divide
Ambush on Nigeria Police Leaves 12 Missing
At Least 11 Killed by Islamic Extremists in Attack on Northeast Nigeria Village
National Guard Attacks Armed Police Who Had Supported Mali Coup, 1 Killed
South Sudan Restarts Oil Production
Central African Republic Council Created to Pick Interim President, Leader Says
Chile Seeking Answers in Death of Poet Neruda
Americans Still Dying
Soldier From Philpot (KY) Was Killed in Knife Attack in Afghanistan
Funeral Planned for Indianapolis (IN) Soldier Killed by Afghan Bomb
Air Force Pilot From Tampa (FL) Killed in Afghanistan Crash
Father of Two, Summerville (SC) Soldier Planned to Enter Law School This Fall
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