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Updated April 12, 2013 - 11:24 PM EDT
Taliban Wipes Out Top Afghan Army Unit
  Pentagon Gave Afghan Contracts to Terrorists
  Did This 25-Year-Old Foreign Service Officer Have to Die?
  State Dept Denies Cover-Up Over Diplomat Killed in Afghanistan
Pentagon: N. Korea 'Likely' Has Warhead Capability
  North Korean Anger at US War Games Nothing New
  South Korea Moves to Defuse Tensions With the North
  Americans Obsessed with North Korea, Overstate Threat
Israel to Refuse All Gestures to Palestinians
  Poll: Palestinian Support for Violence Plummets
  Israel 'On Guard' as Rebels Expand Hold Along Golan Borders
Why Obama Won’t Cut Defense Spending
  Obama Is Lying Through His Teeth About the Drone War
  Hagel: 'I Support the President's Position on Gitmo'
US: Sectarian Violence to Continue Beyond Assad's Fall
  57 Reported Killed as Syrian Troops Seize Daraa Towns
  Syria's Nusra Rebels Pledge Loyalty to al-Qaeda
US Treasury Dept: Iran in 'Far-Reaching Plot' to Sell Oil
How the CIA is Wrecking Polio Eradication in Pakistan
Gitmo Lawyer: Pentagon Mishandled Defense Emails
Three Key Lessons From the Obama Administration's Drone Lies  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Empty Words  by Dalia Hatuqa
In This Nuclear Standoff, It's the US That's the Rogue State  by Jonathan Steele
Drone World  by Robert C. Koehler
The F-Word: Plane Speaking and the Sequester  by Marsha B. Cohen
Sequestering the War on Terror  by Amy Davidson

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IRS: We Can Read Emails Without Warrant
Obama's Defense Budget Shows Drone Boom Is Over
Hiroshima Gives Disarmament Grades
Iran, North Korea Can't Nuke US, Hagel Says
Nationwide Guantanamo Protests
September 11 Defendants 'Had Emails Hacked'
Director of National Intelligence Downplays North Korea Tension
North Korea, China's Problem Child
North Korea Fury at Joint War Games Goes Back Decades
North Korea Hints It Will Soon Launch a Missile
North Korea's Leader Showing He's in Charge
North Korea Delivers New Round of War Rhetoric
G8 Ministers Condemn North Korea Nuclear Moves
Soldier Missing From Korean War Identified
Taliban Gunmen Kill Pakistani Election Candidate
Fifteen Taliban Militants Killed in Pakistan
Witness: Americans Killed in Afghan Bombing Were on Foot, Lost
Bangladesh Opposition Editor Mahmudur Rahman Arrested
North Africa
Hungarian Observer in Egypt's Sinai Released
Tunisia Recovers Money 'Stolen' by Ex-President Ben Ali
Nigeria's Boko Haram Rejects Jonathan's Amnesty Idea
Sudan Leader to Make First Visit to South Sudan
2,000 Protest in Central African Republic Capital
Canadian Accused of Ties to Al-Qaeda Militants Serving 2 Years in Mauritanian Prison
Far From Home, Malian Refugees Strive to Rebuild Their Lives
Russian NGOs Demand Explanation From Putin
Council of Europe Calls Russia's Treatment of NGOs 'Chilling'
Bosnian Activist Says UN Meeting Was Biased
Bosnian Leader Warns Serbia Against Radicalization
Britain Snubs Argentina's Fernandez Over Thatcher Funeral
German Waters Teeming With WWII Munitions
President Hollande Appoints Ambassador to Afghanistan as France's New Spymaster
Macedonia: War Crimes Convict Gets Hero's Welcome
Israeli Source: There Will Be No Gestures Towards Palestinians
Source: Israel Will Freeze Settlement Construction
Israel-Based Rights Group Accuses Prisons of Abusing Palestinian Hunger Strikers
Israeli Forces Hold Palestinian-American Teenager
Palestinian Seriously Hurt in Clashes With Settlers in West Bank
Why Israel's First Leaders Chose Not to Call the Country 'Palestine' in Arabic
Palestinians Begin Construction of World's Largest Palestinian Museum
Rights Group: 4,300 Syrians Killed in Airstrikes
Syrian Attacks on Lebanon 'Unjustified': President
Seven Killed in Northern Iraq
Sadr-Maliki Political Crisis Heats Up
Former Sahwa Commander Killed North of Tikrit
Iraq Struggles to Solve Electricity Crisis
'US Illegally Obtained and Kept Thousands of Iraq's Cultural Treasures'
Iraq National Museum Long Way From Public Opening
Iran's New Fake Inventions: Time Machine, 'Islamic Google Earth'
US Blacklists Iranian Businessman, Companies for Allegedly Helping Iran Evade Sanctions
US Hails Yemen Leader's Military Shake-Up
Yemenis Hopeful About Impact of New Military Decrees
Kurdish Rebels Prepare for Peace
US Embassy in Turkey Said to Be Bomb Plot Target
Rebel Kurd, Karayilan, Defiant in Turkish Talks
The War at Home
After Pentagon Computer Security Issues, Defense Lawyers Ordered Not to Email or Draft Docs Online
US Justice Dept. Releases Judge's Ruling on Salvadoran General
Poll: Vast Majority of New Yorkers Want More NYPD Oversight
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