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Updated April 20, 2013 - 11:04 PM EDT
Boston Police Source: Suspect in Custody
  3 Arrested in New Bedford in Connection to Bombing Suspect
  FBI Interviewed Dead Boston Bombing Suspect Years Ago
  Were Motives of Bombing Suspects Embedded in Chechen Heritage
  Chechen Insurgents Deny Any Link to Marathon Bombing
  Feiz Mohammad: Radical Muslim Preacher Who Inspired Bomber
  The Brothers Tsarnaev: Clues to the Motives of the Alleged Bombers
  Russia's Chechnya, Caucasus: a Breeding Ground for Terror
No Miranda Rights for Bombing Suspect
  Sen. Graham: Hold Bombing Suspect as 'Enemy Combatant'
  Rep. King: Bombing Proves Need to Spy on All Muslims
  Bombings May Complicate US-Russian Diplomacy Over Syria
Kerry: Intervene in Syria or It May Break Up
  US Pledges Another $100 Million to Syrian Rebels
13 Afghan Police Killed as Taliban Attacks Soar
  NATO Chief: Troops in Afghanistan Post-2014 Need Forces Agreement
  Hamid Karzai Seeks to Curb CIA Operations in Afghanistan
Biden: US Committed to Defense of Japan
Serbia, Kosovo Sign Pact to Normalize Ties
Tensions Grow as Gitmo Hunger Strike Continues
Spain Agrees to House US 'Strike Force' for Africa
The Untold Story of Antiwar Conservatives  by Jon Basil Utley
Government Should Stop Its Own Violence First  by Sheldon Richman
The Gitmo Hunger Strike and Civil Disobedience  by Adam Serwer
What Is the Threshold for Martial Law?  by Anthony Gregory
Big Brother Power Grab  by Andrew Leonard
'Unwelcome Home, Musharraf!'  by Eric Margolis

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Nuclear Orientalism
by Tarak Barkawi
Top Aide to UN Nuke Chief Unexpectedly Resigns, Suggesting Tensions Up Top
Venezuela Agrees to Partial Election Recount
Transcript of Secret Meeting Between Assange and Google CEO Schmidt
Sarkozy Investigated Over Alleged Libya Funding
Defense Experts Brainstorm in Abu Dhabi on IEDs, Video Games, and Donald Rumsfeld
The Brothers Tsarnaev
Professor Says Boston Bombing Suspect Sought Help 'Rediscovering' Chechen Roots
Boston Bombers Radicalized on US Soil?
A Look at Brothers Suspected in the Boston Bombing
Dead Bombing Suspect: 'I Don't Have a Single American Friend.'
Father Calls Bombing Suspect a 'True Angel.' His Uncle Says He's a 'Loser.'
Aunt of Suspected Bombers Says They're 'Angels'; Airs Conspiracy Theories
Friend: Suspect 'A Normal Pot-Head'
'I Don't Understand Them,' Suspect Said of Americans
Chechen/Kyrgyzstan Connections
Chechen President Blames American Upbringing for Suspected Boston Bombers
Why Chechens Think the Tsarnaev Brothers Were Framed
Russia's Caucasus Has Seen Decades of War, Terror
Chechnya Connections Build Picture of Brothers Tsarnaev
Boston Bombing Suspects: What the Kyrgyzstan Connection Means
9 Questions About Chechnya and Dagestan You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask
Chechnya: How a Remote Russian Republic Became Linked With Terrorism
Collateral Damage
Muslim Groups: Resist 'Scapegoating'
Sunil Tripathi: Missing Student Wrongly Identified as Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect
Missing Brown University Student's Family Dragged Into Virally Fueled False Accusation
The War at Home
Army Releases March 2013 Suicide Information
Sen. Wicker Once Hired 'Elvis' Facing Ricin Threat Charges
Family Says Accused Ricin Mailer Is Mentally Ill
Hagel Picks Navy Vet as Chief of Staff
Five Myths About the Start of the Revolutionary War
At Least 82 Hurt as Egypt Islamists, Rivals Clash in Cairo
Protesters Call for Purging Egypt's Judiciary
Concerns That Peace Between Sudan and S. Sudan Is Fleeting
Five Health Workers Allegedly Killed by Soldiers in South Sudan
Eight Killed in Gun Attack in Kenyan Town of Garissa
2 Decades After Genocide, Hutu Refugees in Uganda Fear a Forced Return to Rwanda
Kidnapped French Family of Seven Released in Cameroon
Weekend Reviews
Palestine on Screen – Why You Must See Inch'Allah
Secret Wars: The CIA's Covert Mission to Combat Terrorism
The CIA, The DOD, and Their Shifting Roles
Two Intifadas and a Flawed Theory
Catastrophe at Kabul: British in Afghanistan in the 19th Century
The Elusive 'Good War'
Film-Maker Captures Israeli Spy Chiefs' Doubts Over Covert Killing Operations
The Man Who Put Europe in Order
The Real North Korea: Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia
US Official: New Arms Deal 'Significant Advance for Israel'
Israel Seeking to Buy $2.67 Billion in Fuel From US
Palestinian Activists Seek to Derail Major Jerusalem Film
Syrian Opposition Leader Moaz Al Khatib Calls on Nusra to Renounce al-Qaeda
Russia Slams US Deployments in Jordan
Syrian Official Shot Dead in Damascus
Syrian Rebels Say Assertions of Chemical Weapons Use Unlikely to Curb Violence
10 Jordanian Police Injured at Syrian Refugee Camp
Russia Is One of Syria's Major Donors: Russian Foreign Ministry
Sixteen Killed in Iraq Attacks
Iraq Votes in Test of Stability as Violence Spikes
How Stable Is Iraq? 13 Candidates Killed Ahead of Elections
UN Rights Chief Condemns Multiple Executions in Iraq as 'Obscene'
Iraq's Kirkuk Remains in Legal Limbo
US Soldier Accused in Iraq Killings Reaches Deal: Lawyer
Iraq Forces Come Up Empty in Search for Saddam-Era VP
Allawi Calls for Participation in the Election Regardless of Hard Circumstances, Exclusion Environments
Middle East
Muzzle on Dissent in Gulf Faces Backlash in Kuwait
Bahrain Protest Rally Draws Thousands Ahead of F1 Grand Prix
Iran Agrees to Export Gas to Switzerland
Study Finds Sharp Rise in Attacks by Afghan Taliban
Audit Criticizes USAID on Power Project in Afghanistan
Most MRAPs Won't Be Coming Home From Afghanistan
Afghan Women Escape Marriage Through Suicide
Young Afghans Determined to Rebuild War-Torn Country
NATO Asking Moscow to Share Experience of Withdrawal of Forces From Afghanistan: Newspaper
Musharraf Arrested, Moved to Police 'Guest House'
Musharraf Submits Plea to Set Up Full Bench in Treason Case
Senate Demands Treason Case Against Musharraf
MQM Will Not Boycott Elections, Announces Sattar
EU to Lift Sanctions Against Myanmar Permanently
Russia Says US Talks Produced No Progress on Missiles
Security Forces Blow Up Suspicious Letter Sent to German President Joachim Gauck
Judge Rejects Annulment of Ex-Dictator's Guatemala Trial
La Nahuaterique: Central American Village in Limbo
Mexico's Chapter of Press Freedom Group Threatened With Anonymous Letter
Will Paraguay's Presidential Election Be a 'Return to the Past'?
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