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Updated April 24, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
111 Killed in Iraq Protest Clashes and Attacks
  Iraq Sectarian Anger Soars After Bloody Crackdown on Protest
  Phony Bomb Detectors Still a Hit With Iraqi Security
Bombing Suspect Cites US Wars as Motivation
  Why the WMD Charge Against the Boston Bomber Is Ridiculous
Canadian 'al-Qaeda Plot' Unlikely From Iran
  Chicago Teen Faces Terror Charges Over Emailing Fake Website
Drone War 'Terrorizes' Yemenis: Expert to Senate
  Senate Drone Hearing Challenges 'Targeted Kill' Claims
  Ron Paul Fans Furious Over Rand Paul's Drone Flip-Flop
  After US Troops Leave, Armed Drones Will Patrol Afghan Skies
US Doubts Israel Claim on Syria Chemical Arms
NATO Pushes Pakistan for More Taliban Crackdowns
Envoy: Iran Would Be Partner for West if Threats Ended
Court: Pentagon Must Name School of the Americas Grads
Ricin Letter Suspect Cleared; FBI Goes Back to Searching
Fearing Riots, Israel Makes Deal With Another Hunger-Striker
Drones, Sanctions, and the Prison Industrial Complex  by Brian Terrell
How the West Missed a Chance to Make Peace With Tehran  by Peter Oborne
What if the Tsarnaevs' Motive Was Revenge for US Foreign Policy?  by Sheldon Richman
Filling the Empty Battlefield  by Tom Engelhardt
Sunni & Shi'a Terror: A Difference That Matters  by Scott McConnell
NATO's Lack of Any Serious Purpose Means It Should Retire  by Doug Bandow

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AP Twitter Feed Hacked – No Attack at White House
Canada Train Plot Suspects in Court; Will Fight Charges
CISPA in Limbo After OK'd by House; Senate Too Busy
Businessman Sold Fake Bomb Detectors to UN
German Surveillance Is Used Against Dissidents
Campaign to Ban 'Killer Robots' Launched
2 Syrian Rockets Hit Lebanon as Tensions Rise
Kerry Urges NATO to Plan for Syria Chemical Weapons, Says Allies Should Up Aid to Rebels
Lebanese Salafists Call for Jihad in Syria
Fate of Clerics Held in Syria Is Disputed
Syrian Electronic Army Says It Hacked AP Twitter Account
Focus on Syria Gives Hagel Respite From Tempering Israeli Warnings About Attacking Iran
Spanish FM: Abbas Wants to Negotiate Peace With Israel
Kerry's Boston-Marmara Comparison Blasted
Covert Probe Opened Against Lieberman Associates Suspected of Irregular Trips Abroad
Chuck Hagel Visits Israel, Gets Geography Lesson
Israel and Palestinians Reach Deal on UNESCO
Middle East
Egypt: Anger at Islamists Brings Calls for Military to Reclaim Power
Tehran Rejects Canada al-Qaeda Iran Link as 'Ridiculous'
Libya Army Officers Want Chief Dismissed
French Embassy in Libyan Capital Hit by Car Bomb
In Nigeria, Ansaru Militant Group Poses New Threat
Another Journalist Killed in Somali Capital
Rights Groups: UK Must End Army Recruitment at 16
Dutch Diplomat Sentenced to 12 Years for Spying
Boston Bombing Aftermath
Simple Boston Bomb Plot Hatched Without Foreign Help, Authorities Believe
Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will 'Have to Change' After Boston Bombing
Tamerlan Tsarnaev Bought Large Pyrotechnics Devices
The Radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev
Lawmakers Want FBI to Explain Early Russian Tip on Boston Bombing Suspect
Napolitano: Homeland Security Knew About Boston Suspect's Trip to Russia
Bob Beckel: Halt Muslim Student Visas
Rand Paul: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Should Not Be Treated as Enemy Combatant
The War at Home
More Female Servicemembers Reporting Sexual Abuse
Ricin Scare at Air Force Base a False Alarm
TSA to Delay Allowing Small Knives on Planes
Congress Has New Shelter in Case of Attack
Patience Is Running Out With Pakistan: Karzai's Office
Explosive-Packed Car Found Near Musharraf's Farmhouse
Japan Nationalists Near Disputed Isles, MPs Visit Shrine
Vietnam Clings to Single-Party Rule as Dissent Rises Sharply
4 US Soldiers Charged in March 16 Brawl in South Korea
Guatemala's Highest Court Annuls Genocide Trial for Ex-Dictator, Proceedings to Start Over
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People Vanishing from Iraq War History

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Drones and Death Lists: The New Face of Warfare

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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