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Updated May 2, 2013 - 11:21 PM EDT
Obama Considers Arming Syrian Rebels
  Syrian Rebel Disarray Leads to Clashes
  Jordan Frets Rise of Syria's Islamist Rebels Across Border
  Reuters Poll: Americans Strongly Opposed to Attacking Syria
  UN Faces Ghost of Iraq in Evaluating Chemical Weapons Use in Syria
UN: Gitmo Force-Feeding Violates Int'l Law
  White House: Gitmo Yemenis Still Won't Be Released
  Tracking the Gitmo Hunger Strike
  Guantanamo Attorney Found Dead in Apparent Suicide
Iraq Violence Rose Sharply in April
  Attacks Target Central Iraq: 28 Killed, 75 Wounded
Police: 3 More Suspects Arrested in Boston Case
  Boston Suspect Month Before Attack: I Know How to Build a Bomb
  Saudi Envoy Now Denies Warning US About Tsarnaev in 2012
  Attacks in Russia's Dagestan Grab Int'l Attention After Boston
Anti-al-Qaeda Yemen Cleric Killed by US Drone
Netanyahu Nixes Land-Swap: 'It's Not About Territory'
  The Little Fan-Owned, Anti-Racist Soccer Team That Could
Boots on the Ground: First US Troops Arrive for Mali War
Yemeni Writer on the Impact of Drone-Bombing His Country
More Holes in the Fourth Amendment  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Obama Condemns Indefinite Detention (and His Own Record)  by Charles Davis
Syria and WMD Inconsistency in the Middle East  by Paul Pillar
Syria Interventionists Are Wrong  by Micah Zenko
The Pentagon as a Jobs Program  by Tad DeHaven
Remote Control: Our Drone Delusion  by Steve Coll

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Daily Beast Takes the Bait on Anti-Iran Propaganda
FBI Seeks 3 Men Connected to Benghazi Attack
Major Bitcoin Exchange Raided by Japanese Police
State Dept Won't Remove Cuba From Its List of State Sponsors of Terrorism
Budget Cuts vs. Financing a Global Navy
Many in Muslim World Want a Form of Sharia: Survey
The War at Home
FBI Lobbying US Government for 'Back Doors' Into Facebook, Google and Skype
Man Angry Over Boston Bombings Breaks Jaw of 'F*cking Muslim' Iraq War Veteran
New Boston Suspects Drove Car With 'Terrorista #1' License Plate
Student Held Over Boston Bombing Entered US Without Visa
Paula Broadwell Speaks Out
GOP Says Benghazi Whistleblowers Will 'Expose New Facts'
Vieques Ponders Future 10 Years After Navy Left
No Remains Found Near Suspected 9/11 Airplane Part
Plea Deal Gets Soldier 15 Months After He Killed Comrade in 'Inexcusable' Error
3 Policemen Shot Dead in Russia's Restive Dagestan
Bomb Kills Two Teenagers Near Mall in Russia's Dagestan
Pakistan-US Alliance Takes Hits on Campaign Trail
Pakistan Military Angered by Treatment of Musharraf: Reports
At Least Four Militants Killed in Orakzai
Taliban Kill Senior Peace Envoy in South Afghanistan
China Says No Foreign Link Found in Last Week's Xinjiang Violence That Killed 25
One Killed in Myanmar Religious Violence
South Korea to Provide $270 Million in Loans to Firms Shut Out of Factory Park in North Korea
Japan PM's Stealth Constitution Plan Raises Civil Rights Fears
Nigeria Bloodbath Cover Up: Rights Group
Ethiopia Affirms Readiness for Dialogue With Eritrea
Guinea on Brink of Chaos Over Long-Delayed Poll
Carney Won't Rule Out Arming Rebels
Gen. Odierno: Army Not Training for Syria
Assad Showing Growing Confidence Tide Turning in Syria War
Turkey Investigates Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria
Syria's Assad Makes Rare Public Appearance at Power Station
Syrian Activists Draw Their Own Red Line … in Front of the White House
Erekat: Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Must Be Based on the 1967 Borders
Israel Downgraded in Press Freedom Report
Netanyahu's Choice for Likud Director General Is Legally Forbidden to Hold Public Posts
Attacks Target Central Iraq: 28 Killed, 75 Wounded
Wave of Iraq Violence Kills 460 in April
Militants Target Iraqi Sunni Militia Near Fallujah
Iranian Diplomat Linked to Reformists Detained in Tehran
Iran's Basij Force Says It Has Come Under Cyberattack
Middle East
Istanbul March Clashes Mar May Day in Turkey
Bahrain: Amnesty Renews Call to Free Jailed Teachers' Union Chief
Bolivian President Expels USAID 'For Undermining Government'
Cuba Says US Must Shut Guantanamo
Venezuelans Hold Rival May Day Marches as Vote Dispute Drags On
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Avoid Drumbeat to Escalate in Syria

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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