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Updated May 5, 2013 - 11:14 PM EDT
Israeli Warplanes Continue to Pound Damascus
  Declarations of War? Israel's Bombings of Syria Raises Stakes
  Israeli Strike on Syria 'Targets Missiles Bound for Hezbollah'
  Obama Says He Won't Comment on Israeli Airstrike
  Israel: Syrian Chemical Arms Safe, Hezbollah Does Not Want Them
Afghan Soldier Kills Two NATO Soldiers
  Deadly Afghan Bomb Attack Kills 5 US Service Members
  Afghan President Says CIA Payments to Continue
Secret Spy Court OKs 100% of Govt Requests
  FISA Court Shows How a 'Drone Court' Would Work
  Are All Phone Calls Recorded and Accessible to the US Govt?
Four Obama Policies That Help Keep Gitmo Open
  Have You Ever Tried to Force-Feed a Captured Human?
  Detainee Says Gitmo 'Shakedown' Sparked Hunger Strike
  Massively Expensive: Gitmo Costs Nearly $1 Million Per Detainee
Malaysia's Ruling Coalition Wins Majority
Remembering the Kent State Shootings, 43 Years Later
Who Served Their Country Better: George Bush or Kimberly Rivera?  by Amy Goodman
Why the WSJ Op-Ed Page Needs Fact-Checkers  by Stephen M. Walt
CIA Buys Trouble in Afghanistan  by Sarah Chayes
Drones for 'Regime Protection'  by Philip Giraldi
The Game of Drones  by Jeffrey St. Clair
What You Need to Know About Bradley Manning  by Philip Weiss

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Gitmo Force-Feeding Puts Pressure on Obama
Law Office Says Lawyer's Death Not Linked to Gitmo
Benghazi: Names of 'Whistleblowers' Revealed
Moscow Urges Mideast WMD-Free Zone Conference
Venezuela Lashes Out at Obama's Comment on Elections, Crisis
The War at Home
Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years
Visas Set Aside for Iraqis, Afghans in Senate Immigration Bill
No One Wants to Bury Boston Bomb Suspect
Connie Picciotto Has Kept Vigil Near the White House for 32 Years. Why, and at What Cost?
US Military
Despite Sequester, DoD Signs Contract for $59/Gallon Green Jet Fuel
Navy Plans to Buy Up to 10 Destroyers
A Psychedelic-Science Advocate Takes His Case to the Pentagon
Soldiers From India's Army Are Training at Fort Bragg
8 NATO Soldiers Die in Attacks in Afghanistan
Karzai Denies CIA Cash Buys Off Warlords
Foreign Forces in Afghanistan
Green Beret Dies at Landstuhl From Injuries Sustained in Afghan Blast
Pakistan Court Extends Musharraf's Remand
Twin Blasts Near MQM Office Kill Three, Injure Dozens in Karachi
Shooting in Karachi's Oranji Town Kills Five
Lahore: Security Guard of PTI Office Shot Dead
Eight Militants Killed in Orazkai
Grenade Blast Injures at Least Two in Karachi
Politics Is a Fishy Business: Pakistani Lawmaker Holds Political Rally at Sea
Satirical Song Blocked in Pakistan, but No Reason Is Given
Voter Turnout: a Barometer of Electoral Dynamics in 2013
Bodies of 2 US Crew Members Found at Kyrgyzstan Crash Site, One Missing
Americans Still Dying
Air Force Staff Sgt From Morehead (KY) Dies in Afghanistan Crash
Family, Friends Remember Kailua (HI) Airman Killed in Afghan Plane Crash
Virginia USAF Pilot Killed in Kandahar Crash Had Ties to Oswego (IL)
Father of Two, Texas Green Beret Dies From Wounds Suffered in Afghanistan
Obama: Israel Has to Guard Against Hezbollah Arms Transfer
Israel Silent on Reports It Bombed Syria
Hezbollah: We Won't Let Israel, US Take Over Syria
Assad Makes Appearance in Syria Capital
Activists Say Sunni Muslims Flee Syrian Coastal City After Reports of Sectarian Killings
Ancient Syrian Castles Serve Again as Fighting Positions
Secret Syrian Field Hospital Where a Boy Called Sultan Defied a Line on a Wall
Iraq PM's Group Wins Largest Bloc in Several Areas
Lawyer and College Dean Among Four Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Reveal al-Qaeda Child Recruitment Plan
Children Killed in Violence at Iraq April Protest: UN
Many Iraqis Seek to Disown al-Qaeda Family Members: Sahwa Leader
Iraqi Panel Probing Deadly Raid Needs More Financial, Political Backing, Rights Group Says
Middle East
Yemen Separatist Quits National Dialogue Over 'Plot'
Saudi Security Court Has Issued 2,145 'Terrorism' Sentences
Next Iran President Likely to Have Gentler Touch
North Africa
Troop Casualties in Tunisia Prompt Action Against Rise in Militant Groups
Debate Over Easter Greetings Roil Egypt's Sensitive Religious Tension
Nigeria Clashes Kills Dozens at Wukari Leader's Funeral
Mali: 5 Killed, Including 2 Malian Soldiers, By Suicide Bomber
PM's Youth Leader in Jail for Mugabe Slur
South Sudanese Police Detain Newspaper Editor Without Charge
Angry With Peru, Venezuela's Maduro Recalls Ambassador
Obama: Idea That American Detained by Venezuela Is a Spy Is 'Ridiculous'
Drug Violence in Western Mexican State Pushes 2 Major Companies to Relocate Facilities
Mexico's Anti-Narcotics Tsar Just One Casualty of US-Backed War on Drugs
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