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Updated May 6, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
Israeli Strikes on Syria Risk a Wider War
  Will Israel's Attacks Drive US Into Syria?
  Activists: Israeli Strike Kills 42 Syrian Soldiers
  In Attacking Syria, Israel Bets on No Retaliation
  Syria: Israeli Attack 'Declaration of War, Coordinated with Terrorists'
  Lebanon Slams Israeli Use of Its Airspace for Syria Attacks
  UN: Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons
Karzai: Afghans Will Never Recognize Pak Border
  Pakistan Election Front-Runners: Stop Backing US Terror War
First Death 'a Matter of Time' as Gitmo Strike Continues
Regime Change in Syria  by Jane Powers
America's Words of Peace and Acts of War  by David Bromwich
Obama's Unconvincing Response to the Gitmo Hunger Strike  by Andy Worthington
Obama’s Duplicitous Iran Policy  by Muhammad Sahimi
No, We Can't!  by Uri Avnery
Making Enemies in Yemen  by Akbar Ahmed & Harrison Akins

More Viewpoints

The Hidden Cost of the Drone Program
Paris: French Ballistic Missile Test Launch Fails
William Hague Considers Plea for Guantanamo Release of Shaker Aamer
Malaysia's Ruling Coalition Wins Majority
Furor Over Tamerlan Tsarnaev Funeral Plans
Israeli Attacks on Syria
McCain: Israeli Strikes Could Force Obama to Act on Syria
Israel's Perilous Calculus in Syria
Syria Threatens Israel, Says Airstrikes Near Damascus Open Door to 'all Options'
Israel Closes Northern Civilian Airspace Amid Syria Tension
UN Calls on Israel, Syria to Show Restraint
Egypt Condemns Israeli Airstrikes Against Syria
Syrian Rebels Enter Northern Air Base
Muslim Brotherhood Opens Direct Link to Rebels in Damascus
White House 'Horrified' Hearing of Syria Killings
Commander of Besieged Syria Airport Killed: Activists
Baghdad Bombed; 16 Iraqis Killed, 51 Wounded Overall
Attacks in Iraq Including Blast Near Internet Cafe Kill 9, Wound 33
US Ambassador Criticizes Iraqi Halt Issuing Media Licenses, Calls for Not Censoring the Media
Middle East
Bahrain Seeks to End US Envoy 'Interference'
Palestinian Leader, Mahmoud Abbas, Seeks Support of China
'Bikinis and Booze Are Welcome in Egypt,' Tourism Minister Says
Mexican Journalists' Sons Killed; 7 Bodies Found Near Mexico City
Obama: Idea That American Detained by Venezuela Is a Spy Is 'Ridiculous'
Curacao Politician Fatally Shot by Gunmen at Beach
Chile's Bachelet Courts Communists for Big Reforms
Libyan Parliament Bans Ex-Gadhafi Officials From Office
No Chad Rebels in Libya and No Chadian Incursion Either: Zeidan
The War at Home
US Official: We Knew Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack 'From the Get-Go'
Teenagers, Social Media, and Terrorism: a Threat Level Hard to Assess
Student Arrested in Boston Bombing Seeks Release
Motor Vehicle Crashes: a Little-Known Risk to Returning Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
Sen. Graham Shifts Support of Obama Over National Security
8 Pakistani Soldiers and Police Killed in Violence
Pakistan Troops Kill 16 Militants
TTP Vows to Sabotage Elections, Derail Democracy
Imran Vows to Make Pakistan Self-Sufficient
ISAF: Troops Casualties Will Not Affect Campaign in Afghanistan
Fighting in Northern Afghanistan Kills 1 German Special Forces Soldier, Wounds Another
4 Civilians Killed in Farah Roadside Bomb Blast
North Korea: Detained American Disguised Identity
10 Dead as Police Clash With Bangladesh Islamists
Sudan Shootout Kills at Least 20, Including a Tribal Chief and Ethiopian Peacekeeper
Sudan Military Claims Rebel Attack Repulsed
Killings Up Sudan Tensions in Abyei Region
At Least 30 Killed in Ethnic Clashes in Nigeria
Gunfight in Nigeria's Delta Oil Region Kills Eight: Sources
Bomb Hits Convoy Carrying Qatari Officials in Somalia, Eight Dead
1 Dead, 44 Injured in Blast in Tanzania Church
Central African Republic to Probe Ousted Leader
Gunmen Kidnap 12 Mine Clearance Workers in Southern Senegal
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