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Updated May 7, 2013 - 10:57 PM EDT
US Doubts UN Claims That Syria Rebels Used Sarin
  Israel Downplays Significance of Attacking Syria
  Senate Foreign Relations Chief Pushes Bill to Arm Syrian Rebels
  Israeli Airstrike Brings Iran Onstage, Raising Risk of Proxy War
25 Killed in Attack on Pakistan Election Rally
  Afghan Troops Destroy Pak Border Checkpoints, Sparking Clashes
Drones Are Winning War in Yemen – for al-Qaeda
Baghdad Bombings Continue: 31 Killed
Manning Judge Orders Secret Practice Trial
Israel's Yesh Atid Blocks Peace Plan 'Referendum' Effort
Air Force Sex-Assault Chief Arrested for Sexual Battery
Libya Militias to Continue Siege of Tripoli Ministries
Further Involvement in Syria Would Be an Unmitigated Disaster  by John Glaser
Israeli Bombing of Syria and Moral Relativism  by Glenn Greenwald
New Report Blows the Lid Off America's Recent History of Torture  by Sheldon Richman
Who Are the War Criminals in Syria?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Is US Credibility Really on the Line in Syria?  by Daryl G. Press & Jennifer Lind
America Can't Afford the Real Cost of Guantánamo  by L. Michael Hager

More Viewpoints

Rep. Mike Rogers Pushed for FBI Chief
FBI: Minn. Raid Disrupts 'Localized Terror Attack'
Why Due Process Is Important for Accused Terrorists
Drone Wars Hit the States
Detainee Alleges Quran Search Led to Hunger Strike
US Diplomat: Special Ops Halted From Responding to Benghazi Attacks
Israeli Attacks on Syria
Activists: Israeli Strike Kills 42 Syrian Soldiers
Syrian Official: We Won't Respond Immediately to Israeli 'Aggression'
Syria Deploys Rocket Batteries – Aimed at Israel
Israel Says 'No Winds of War' Despite Syria Air Strikes
Lebanon Urges UN to Condemn Violation by Israel
Israel to Assad: Air Strikes Did Not Aim to Help Syria Rebels
Russia, China Express Alarm After Israel Hits Syria
US 'Not Notified Before' Israel Attacked Syria
Mortar Shells Land in Golan Heights
Syrian Rebels Deny Using Nerve Gas
Russia Says Chance of Foreign Intervention in Syria Growing
Iraqi Death Hints of Iran's Role in Syrian Crisis
Syrian Rebels Shoot Down Regime Helicopter in East
Syrian Hackers Seize the Onion's Twitter Account, Aren't Very Funny
Iran Warns Syrian Rebels After Report of Shrine Desecration
China Unveils Mideast Peace Plan Based on 1967 Lines
Israel, Turkey Reach Draft Deal on Compensation
Israel Allows Gazan Children to Visit Imprisoned Parents
IDF Allows Israeli Settlers to Renovate Abandoned Base in Gush Etzion
Iran Presidency Candidates to Step Forward, Finally
German FM: We Won't Accept Iranian Nuclear Arms
Baghdad Bombings Continue: 31 Killed
Iraqi Kurdish Lawmaker Escapes Assassination
Armed Tribesmen Kidnap 2 Egyptians in Yemen's Abyan
One Soldier Killed by Secessionist Gunmen in Southern Yemen
Thousands Protest in Moscow Against Putin
Radioactive Materials Lost in More Than 30 Incidents in UK Over Past Decade
The War at Home
US Says Russia Is Aiding Inquiry Into Boston Attacks
General's Promotion Blocked Over Her Dismissal of Sex-Assault Verdict
Lawmakers Again Push for Fort Hood Shootings to Be Labeled Terrorism
Inmates Go on Hunger Strike Over President Karzai's Decree
Poland to Reduce Afghanistan Military Presence
Senior Taliban Leader Arrested in Afghan Operation
Drone Cargo Helicopters Prove Worth in Afghanistan, Leading Way to Civilian Uses
Smashed US Cars Get Second Chance in Afghanistan
Violent Separatists Seek to Derail Pakistan Vote
First Polio Case in Waziristan Since Taliban Ban
Pre-Election Violence Rattles KP, Balochistan
North Korea
North Korea 'Removes' Missiles From East Coast Launch Site
US Intelligence on North Korea Proves Elusive
Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim Urges Protest Over Poll Defeat
Behind the Rise of Bangladesh's Hefazaat
Tanzania Church Attack: Saudis Held for 'Act of Terror'
Tuareg Leaders Announce New Group in Northern Mali
Iranians Jailed for Life in Kenya Over Terror Charges
Somalia's Fight to Harness the Power of Mogadishu Port
Nigerian Military Plane Crashes in Niger; 2 Dead
Mexico Sees Spate of Killings Over Weekend, Despite Supposed Drop in Drug-Related Violence
Peruvian Mayor Says 14 Wounded When Soldiers and Police Shoot at Minibus in Rebel Zone
Family of American Held in Venezuela Says Embassy Has Had No Access
Cuban Spy Unrepentant, but Hopes for Better Ties
'Breaking the Wall of Impunity' in Uruguay
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