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Updated May 8, 2013 - 11:04 PM EDT
Senators Discuss Revising 'Use of Force'
  Obama May Back FBI Push for Total Internet Surveillance Law
  CIA Got 'Zero Dark Thirty' Producers to Change Movie
  $37 Billion Navy Ship Can't Meet Mission: Internal US Report
  CIA Dept. Head Demoted After Controversial Pick
Obama: Moral Obligation to End Syrian Civil War
  Syrian Rebel General Admits Fighters Remain Badly Fragmented
  Syrian Rebels Kidnap Four UN Troops in Golan Heights
  Turkey Launches Military Drills Along Syria Border
  Western Officials Fret Syrian Retaliation for Israeli Attacks
US Accuses Chinese Military of Cyber-Attacks
Netanyahu Promised to Curb Settlement Growth Until June
Libya DM Resigns, Then Returns and Fires Army Chief
A Blank Check for War Without End  by Michael Shank & Matt Southworth
Terrorism and Radiation: Understanding the Real Threat to Our Cities  by Jon Basil Utley
Send Judges to Guantánamo, Then Shut It  by Bruce Ackerman & Eugene Fidell
The Perils of Intervention in Syria  by Doug Bandow
Torture: A Case of Govt Failures  by Michael S. Rozeff
Attacks Reframe the Syrian Crisis  by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

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Officials: Military Sex Assault Reports Are Up
Air Force's Sexual Assault Prevention Program Advises Victims to Submit
Montana Governor Vetoes Anti-NDAA Bill, House Fails to Override
Al-Qaeda Offshoot Threatens French Interests
France Struggles to Fight Radical Islam in Its Jails
'Humane' Force-Feeding Begins at Guantanamo Bay
Russia and US Agree to Hold Syria Conference
Palestinian Group Says Syria OKs Attacks on Israel
Web Monitor: 'Syria Has Largely Disappeared From the Internet'
Hezbollah: Israeli Strikes Sought to Help Sunni Radicals in Syria
Hezbollah Takes Risks by Fighting Rebels in Syria
Iran Warns of Regional Chaos in Post-Assad Era
In First Comments Since Alleged Strikes, Assad Says Syria Is Capable of Facing Israel
Obama on Syria: Chemical Attack Still Just 'Perceived'
Yemeni Protesters Condemn Israeli Airstrike in Syria
Turkey Criticizes Israeli Airstrikes on Syria
Turkish City Becomes Syrian 'Aleppo in Exile'
Settlement Plans 'Obnoxious,' Says Czech Foreign Minister
Settlers, Palestinians, Unite to Trash Garbage Plan
Israel Releases 19 African Women and Children 'Infiltrators' From Detention Center
Netanyahu, Visiting Former WWII Refuge of Shanghai, Says Jewish People Capable of Own Defense
Ahmadinejad Looks to Make Confidant His Successor as Iran Race Starts
Iran Elections: Presidential Candidates Start Registering
BBC Reporter: Blasts Heard Near Tehran Arms Plant
Iran Hands Over 94 Pakistani Deportees
Seventeen Iraqis Killed in Widespread Attacks
Kurdish Rebels Confirm They Will Start Retreat From Turkey to Iraq on Wednesday
Sunnis in Iraq Protest Antiterror Tactics That Hurt Innocents
Iraq-Kurd Oil Talks Break Ice, Long-Term Fix Unlikely
Irish Pardon Deserters Who Joined Britain in WWII
Ecuador Withdraws Ambassador in Peru Over Supermarket Brawl
The War at Home
Obama Vows to End Sex Assaults in Military
State Dept. Official to Testify on Benghazi Attacks
Puerto Rico Takes Over Ex-US Naval Station Land
US Soldier Who Killed Fellow Servicemen Had Wanted Army Exit: Prosecutor
US Turns Over Troubled Dam Project to Afghanistan
Tribal Elders Ask Government to Launch Military Operation in Nuristan
US Soldier Targets a Karzai Portrait, With Rocks
Son of Ji Candidate Killed, 3 Injured in Upper Dir Blast
Pakistan's Imran Khan Injured in Fall
Pakistan Warns Afghanistan to Show Restraint on Border
North Korea Issues Warning Ahead of US-South Korea Summit
North Korea Has Gained Nothing From Recent Threats, Obama Says
Six Muslims Charged Over Monk's Death in Myanmar
Dalai Lama Decries Buddhist Attacks on Muslims in Myanmar
Japan Says It Will Abide by Apologies Over War
Bangladesh Opposition Calls Strike Over Mass Killing
Egypt's Cabinet Reshuffle a Win for Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt Busts Hundreds of Smuggling Tunnels, and a Spy
Nigerian Islamist Raid in NE Town Kills 55: Military
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Attack on Military Convoy in Eastern Congo
Mali Military Gains Control of Ber in North
Somalia Asks for More Funds at London Conference
World Wildlife Fund: Seleka Rebels From Central African Republic Invade Elephant Park
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