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Updated May 9, 2013 - 11:10 PM EDT
Syria Rebels Reject US-Russia Dialogue Calls
  US Asked Moderate Syrian Rebels to Fight Al-Nusra
  Former Syrian Rebel Chief: Islamists Should Be Included
  UN Abandons Golan Post After Kidnappings
  US to Announce Another $100 Million in Syria Aid
Afghan Police Attack Protesters, Killing Ten
  NATO to Probe 'Misconduct' Allegations in Recent Afghan Raid
  Putin: Afghanistan Fueling Regional Instability
Tsarnaevs Not Yet Linked to Foreign Terror Groups
  Boston Bombing Inquiry Looks Closely at Russia Trip
  Decades of Distrust Restrain Cooperation Between FBI and Russia's FSB
DoJ: We Don't Need Warrants for E-Mail, Facebook Chats
Iraq: Kurds Bear Brunt of Attacks That Leave 46 Dead
AF Sidelines 17 Nuke Officers; Commander Cites System 'Rot'
Everything You've Been Told About Radicalization Is Wrong  by John Knefel
The US Is Fighting How Many Wars?  by Kevin Gosztola
Diplomacy Is Better Than Military Action in Syria  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Why We Should Mistrust the Government  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The US Can't Remake Syria  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Stop the Imperial Presidency  by Ralph Nader

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Gitmo Is Not an Anomaly
Lawmaker Wants Military to Promptly Alert Congress About Drone Strikes
Diplomat Says Questions Over Benghazi Led to Demotion
GOP Benghazi Probe Stokes Political Controversy
Bolivia's Challenge: Making Coca Palatable
Stephen Hawking Joins Academic Boycott of Israel
Divisions Plague Kurdish Opposition Groups in Syria
As Syria Diplomacy Gains, Kerry to Announce More Aid
Assad's Forces Capture Strategic Town in Southern Syria
Syria UN Envoy Brahimi Hails US-Russia Accord
Syrian Rebels Claim UN Troops Free to Go
Fatah: Resistance Doesn't Take Orders From Syria
Syrian Observatory: Al-Nusra Front Leader Wounded
Syria's Internet Outage Blamed on 'Cable Problem'
Hamas Breaks Up Anti-Israel Rally in Gaza
Senior Jerusalem Islamic Cleric Questioned Over Clashes
China Urges Israeli Prime Minister to Remove Obstacles to Restarting Talks With Palestinians
Hamas Looks to Root Out Israel's Spy Networks
UN Decries Rising Poverty in East Jerusalem
State Comptroller: Israel Police Don't Enforce Law Properly in Arab Communities
Kurdish Forces Bear Brunt of Attacks That Leave 46 Dead, 92 Wounded
Suicide Bombers Target Kurds in Iraq's Disputed Areas
Militants Bomb Kirkuk-Ceyhan Pipeline, Halting Oil Flow
Curfew Imposed on Mosul Reduced
Sergeant Who Killed Five Troops at Baghdad Clinic Grew Paranoid in Weeks Leading Up to Slayings
Kurdish PKK Rebels 'Begin Leaving Turkey' After Truce
An Encounter Shows Kurdish Guerrillas in No Hurry to Abandon Turkey's Mountains
Jordan Decries Israel Arrest of Palestinian Cleric
Jordan Summons Israel Envoy Over Mufti
Jordanian Parliament Calls to Expel Israeli Ambassador
Militants Kill 3 Yemeni Air Force Pilots Near Base
Yemen Signals It May Release Journalist Accused of AQAP Ties
United Arab Emirates
Iran Hostages See Renewed Focus on Their Plight
UAE Call to Ban Hypnotic Music as Illegal 'Digital Drug'
Kerry Meets Russian Rights Activists Amid Crackdown
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Forced Out
Mexico Officials Say 3 Police Working for Interpol, 1 Federal Investigator Missing in North
Lawyers: Haiti Cholera Lawsuit Threatened at UN
The War at Home
Lawmakers to TSA: Stop Wasting Money on Unused Scanners and Equipment
TSA Defends Storage Costs Targeted by Lawmakers as Wasteful Spending
Nun, 83, and Two Other Activists Guilty of Intrusion at Nuclear Complex
Lawmakers Focus on Measures to Combat Sex Assault in Military
Catholic US Soldier Says She Faced Harassment Over Muslim Name
As Pakistan Votes, the Military Watches Sternly From Its Barracks
Running Without a Bhutto: Pakistan's Ruling Party Struggles in Run Up to Election
Pakistan's Ruling PPP Seen Struggling in Election Campaign
Imran Khan 'Down but Not Out' of Pakistan Election
Pakistan Warns Afghanistan to Show Restraint After Shootouts Along Border
Taliban Ambush Leaves 5 Afghan Soldiers, 1 Police Dead in Farah
Putin Slams NATO for Turning Blind Eye to Afghanistan Drug Production
Afghan Minister Vows Punishment for Fainting Girls
China and India's Rivalry Extends to the Arctic
China and Tibet: Cameron Says UK Policy Has Not Changed
America's Coconut Grove, Lily Pad in Maldives
US Won't Set Up Permanent Military Base in Maldives
Malaysia Opposition Holds Protest at Vote Result
Contentious New Law That Bans Gadhafi-Era Officials Could Be Overridden by New Charter
Libyan PM Vows Cabinet Reshuffle, Praises Militias
DR Congo
Pakistani UN Peacekeeper Killed in Ambush
Fearing M23, Hundreds of Congolese Flee to Uganda
UN: Girls as Young as 6 Raped by Congo Troops
Dozens Kidnapped in M23 Fief in Congo: Officials
Official: Attack by Ethnic Militia Kills at Least 20 Nigeria Police Officers in Central Region
Nigerian Militant Attack Highlights Army's Weaknesses
Paramilitary Police Charged With Rape in Guinea
Malian Military Prepares for Final Push on Kidal
South Sudan Rebels Force Army From Eastern Base and Town
Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Fighters to Return From Togo
Nigerian Militant Attack Highlights Army's Weaknesses
Red Cross Visits 12 Kidnapped by Senegal Rebels
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