It took Sen. Rand Paul many hours of a filibuster to get the US Justice Department to admit they can’t drone an American on American soil. But our government still insists it has the “right” to zap anyone, anywhere outside the US – in secret, without any accountability, and without regard for innocent civilians.

This isn’t making us any friends. Indeed, it is making us plenty of new enemies. It’s an immoral, cowardly policy, one that will come back to haunt us if it isn’t stopped. Yet there are very few voices raised against it. is amplifying those voices – but we can’t do it without your help.

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Updated May 15, 2013 - 11:19 PM EDT
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Wave of Bombings Kills at Least 38 in Iraq
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Homeland Security Cracks Down on Bitcoins
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Nuclear Iran Can Be Contained, Deterred: Report
  Iran Election to Be Another Face-Off for Old Allies
Russia Expels US Diplomat, Claiming CIA Ties
Int'l Criminal Court to Investigate Gaza Flotilla Killings
The Day After a Strike on Iran  by Marwan Muasher
DoJ Pursuit of AP Phone Records Is Both Extreme and Dangerous  by Glenn Greenwald
No Justification for Obama's War on First Amendment  by Kevin Gosztola
No Intervention in Syria  by Sheldon Richman
Against Connecting Terrorist 'Dots'  by Robert Dreyfuss
Death Is Preferable to Life at Obama's Gitmo  by Marjorie Cohn

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Middle East
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North Korea
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