It took Sen. Rand Paul many hours of a filibuster to get the US Justice Department to admit they can’t drone an American on American soil. But our government still insists it has the “right” to zap anyone, anywhere outside the US – in secret, without any accountability, and without regard for innocent civilians.

This isn’t making us any friends. Indeed, it is making us plenty of new enemies. It’s an immoral, cowardly policy, one that will come back to haunt us if it isn’t stopped. Yet there are very few voices raised against it. is amplifying those voices – but we can’t do it without your help.

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Updated May 16, 2013 - 10:46 PM EDT
Afghan Bomber Kills 15, Including 6 Americans
Deadly Bombings Strike Iraqi Cities, 42 Killed
Israel Threatens Syria Attacks, Warns Not to Hit Back
  Brits, French Push for UN to Label Syria's al-Nusra as al-Qaeda
  UN General Assembly Backs Regime Change in Syria
  Syrian Civilians Come Under Fire From Rebels
Military Sex Abuse Prevention Official Ran Forced Prostitution
  Each Injured US Soldier Will End Up Costing $2 Million on Average
Israel Stalls on US-Backed Arab League Peace Proposal
Homeland Security Dept. Cracks Down on Bitcoins
UK Threatens Pakistani Official for Comments on Secession
Gitmo: 30 of the 100 Hunger Strikers Now Being Tube-Fed
Who's Profitting From America's Empire of Bases?  by David Vine & Tom Engelhardt
Is This the Price of Living in a 'Free, Safe' Society?  by John Whitehead
Media Change Tune on Obama After AP Snooping  by Glenn Greenwald
Storm Clouds Gathering  by Andrew P. Napolitano
US Military 'Power Grab' Goes Into Effect  by Jed Morey
Sanctions on Iran Are Not Working  by Trita Parsi & Reza Marashi

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In Tehran, All Eyes on North Korea
by Giorgio Cafiero & Shawn VL
Obama Fires Tax Chief in IRS Scandal
E-Mails Show Jostling Over Benghazi
The IRS Wants You – to Share Everything
Twitter Activists Jailed in Bahrain for Insulting King
Pakistan Financial Markets Rally on Election Results
Woman Who Posted Petition on White House Site Says Chinese Police Demanded Its Removal
New Zealand Soldier Captured in Golan Heights
Israel Publicly Warns Assad: if You Attack Us, We Will Topple You
Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Arm Syrian Rebels
British Leader Urges Pressure on Syrian Regime and Rebels to Agree on Transition Government
UN Urges Support for Syria Opposition; Russia Opposed
Kremlin: No Russian Pledge on Syrian Missile Arms Sale
Iraq Effect: Germany Fears US Intervention in Syria
Iran Renews Call for Peaceful Syria Solution at UN Meeting
Deadly Bombings Strike Iraqi Cities, 42 Killed
Kurdish Rebels Find Safe Haven in Iraq After Turkish Truce
Turkey Makes Risky Gambit in Exxon Deal for Kurdish Iraq Oil
MP: Iraq Has the Right to Arrest PKK Fighters
Iraqi Dinar Value Rapidly Deteriorates
Civilian Killed, 5 Wounded in Northeastern Baghdad
Treasury Official: US to Rigorously Enforce Iran Gold Ban
Lawmakers Push White House to Tighten Pressure on Iran
United Nations Nuclear Talks With Iran Fail to End Deadlock
Palestinians Mark Their 1948 Displacement
Palestinians Clash With IDF Forces in Jerusalem, West Bank on Nakba Day
Israel Price Tag Attack, Mosque Vandalized
Middle East
Saudi Religious Police Boss Condemns Twitter Users
Kuwaiti Ministers Offer to Resign
Russian Agent Claims Ryan Fogle Is Not the First CIA Agent Caught This Year
Russia Hints That Spy Case Won't Disrupt US Ties
Spy Scandal in Moscow Evokes an Earlier Era
Russian Media Delight in US Spy Case as Leaders Try to Limit Fallout
Not Finding WMD
Lawmakers Outraged Over Another Military Sex Case
Pentagon Pledges Action After Sex Assault, Forced Prostitution
Obama Spokesman Accuses Republicans of Leaking Falsified Benghazi E-Mail
Saudi Man Brought Pressure Cooker Into US to Make Food – Not Bombs, Says Lawyer
White House Presses Congress to Revive Media Protection Bill
Report: US Military Too Reliant on Foreign Suppliers
Conservative Group Says IRS Approved Nonprofit Status After Applying With 'Liberal-Sounding Name'
Easy Pickings: Afghans Wrongly Taxed US Construction Projects by $1 Billion, Audit Finds
Afghan Official: Motorcycle Bomb at Market Kills 3
Afghanistan's Kochis: Nomads No More
Taiwan Rejects Manila's Apology for Shooting Death of Its Fisherman, Recalls Its Envoy
No Respite for Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims
Militants Kidnap Seven Egyptian Security Officers in Sinai
Egypt Militants Planned to Hit US, French Embassies
Protesters Close Libyan Oil Terminal, Halt Exports
Young Libyans Find Escape in Tripoli's 'Secret' Cinema
'Massive' Troop Deployment in Nigeria
Billion Pledged to Mali at Brussels Conference
9 Opposition Members Arrested in Equatorial Guinea Ahead of Legislative Election
China Angles for Arctic Power as Ice Melts
Nations Nowhere Near the North Eye Arctic Resources, Become Observers to Regional Council
Colombia's Supreme Court Convicts Ex-Lawmaker of Masterminding Massacre, Sets 30-Year Sentence
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