It’s a replay of the run-up to the Iraq war: a dictator in a Middle Eastern country, allegations of “weapons of mass destruction,” a loud chorus of pro-war voices in both parties.

Are we about to make the same mistake twice?

We’re working 24/7 to debunk the War Party’s propaganda, of which there is plenty in the “mainstream” media. But we can’t do it without your help. Help keep us out of another Middle Eastern quagmire – make your tax-deductible contribution to today.
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Updated May 20, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
Monday Mayhem: 133 Killed, 283 Wounded in Iraq
  Gunmen Kill Iraqi Police, Sack Army Post
  Iraq Violence Continues Unabated, 44 Killed Sunday
Syria War Spills Over Into Lebanon
  Netanyahu Threatens More Attacks on Syria
  Al-Qaeda's Syrian Wing Takes Over the Assad's Oilfields
Taliban Kill 10 Police as Afghan Violence Surges
  Karzai Heads to India to Seek More Military Aid
  Pakistan Officials: Army No Threat to New Govt
Israel Demands French TV Retract 2000 Report on Child's Death
Tomas De Torquemada in the US Armed Forces  by Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
Radicalized = Weaponized = Kill at Will  by Glen Ford
5 Worst Obama Assaults on Civil Liberties Besides the AP Scandal  by Steve Rosenfeld
Afghanistan War May End By 2024 ... Maybe  by Jack A. Smith
Syria Has No Reason to Use Chemical Weapons  by Patrick Cockburn
US Defense Cuts: an Ax Is Needed, Not a Scalpel  by Doug Bandow

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VA Researcher Quits Over Suppression of Burn Pit Studies
Combat Troop Discharges for Misconduct Up Sharply
Dagestan's Bitter Shadow War, Fought by 'Many Tsarnaevs'
Islamists Riot in Tunisia After Major Rally Is Banned
Nigeria Army's Offensive to Continue 'As Long as It Takes'
North Korea Test-Fires Missiles Two Days in a Row
Netanyahu: Not True That Israel Prefers Assad to Rebels
Syrian Activists: Shelling Near Lebanon Kills 16
Hezbollah Field Commander Slain in Syria Fighting
Syrian Troops Backed by Hezbollah Try to Retake Rebel Town Near Lebanon Border
Video: Syrian 'Cannibal' Rebel Explains His Actions
Robert Fisk: 'Syrian War Could Go on for Two, Three Years'
Lapid Calls for Interim Peace Deal With Palestinians
Israel Is Largest Drone Exporter in the World
Fresh Israeli Face Plays Down Political Decline
Church of Scotland Revises Controversial Israel Report
Iran Claims It Hanged CIA, Mossad Spies
Iran's Guard Warns Against Post-Election Turmoil
In Iran, Opponents Use Age to Attack Rafsanjani Campaign
Iran Tycoon May Have to Dump Mercedes for Presidency
Iraq Violence Continues Unabated, 44 Killed Sunday
Clashes Between the Military, Gunmen North of Ramadi
Middle East
1 Killed, 4 Wounded in Fresh Clashes Between Rival Lebanese Neighborhoods
Saudi Vegetable-Seller Dies From Self-Immolation
France in Talks With US and Israel to Buy Drones
Honeybees Trained in Croatia to Find Land Mines
Pakistan Political Leaders Trade Barbs Over PTI Leader's Murder
Pakistan Army Will Be Watching Sharif's Cozying Up to India
Pakistan Repeats Vote in Karachi Despite Killing
PTI, JI Protest in London Against Altaf Hussain
Afghan Police Chief Shot Dead Outside Home
Without US Helicopters, Afghans Struggle to Save Wounded
North Korea
China Urges N. Korea to Release Chinese Fishing Boat, 16 Crew; Owner Says Ransom Demanded
UN Chief Urges North Korea to End Missile Tests
Video Posted Online Purportedly Shows 7 Egyptian Security Personnel Kidnapped in Sinai
Sinai Abduction: Egypt President Morsi Rules Out Talks
Protesting Egyptian Police Block Israel Border Crossing
Two Egyptian Journalists, Critical of Morsi, Face Trial
North Africa
Libya's Deputy Prime Minister Says Deadly Benghazi Explosion Last Week Was an Accident
Algerian Editor Accuses Government of Censorship
After Crushing Mali Islamists, France Pushes Deal With Tuaregs
Mali Leader Says Tuareg Rebels 'Ready for Talks'
Nigeria Offers Amnesty to Insurgents Who Surrender
Kenya Police Shoot Dead 'Terror Couple' Who Wounded 5 Police Officers in Grenade Attack
Kenya Wants the Amisom Troops in Somalia Expanded
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