Yesterday the ACLU filed a lawsuit on our behalf against the Federal Bureau of Investigation, demanding the receipt of records in their possession regarding surveillance of, and key editorial personnel. We know they possess such records because of documents received as a result of a third party Freedom of Information Act request, subsequently published online. A memo from FBI headquarters in Washington speculates and its principals are possibly "a threat to national security" engaging in a conspiracy "on behalf of a foreign power" and recommends a more thorough investigation.

We are American citizens engaged in a peaceful, constitutionally protected activity: it's what they used to call journalism. We have the right to organize and to publicize our views, and we are demanding the FBI admit what it has done, and promise to cease and desist.

We need your help in publicizing this fight for our basic constitutional right to practice independent journalism. Make your tax-deductible donation to today.
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Updated May 22, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Obama Admits Drones Killed 4 Americans
  CIA to Continue Waging Drone War in Pakistan Sues FBI After Secret Surveillance
  Top CBS Reporter's Computers 'Compromised'
2 Men Hack Soldier to Death in UK 'Terror' Attack
Syria, Israel Trade Fire, Warnings Across Golan
  UN Mediator: Syrian Govt, Rebels Preparing for Peace Talks
  Austria: If EU Arms Syrian Rebels, We'll Withdraw From UN Mission
  State Dept Official Says Iranian Troops Fighting in Syria
  Rand Paul: My Fellow Senators Voted to Arm al-Qaeda
Manning Trial Will Include 'Classified' Portions
  WikiLeaks Prosecutors Accept Manning's Plea to 1 Count
Gitmo Doctor Dismisses Force-Feeding Concerns
  Detainee Lawyer: Guantanamo ‘Has No Right to Exist’
Over 400 Killed in a Week of Iraqi Violence
Tsarnaev Friend Killed by FBI Admits to Triple Murder
Afghan Body of US Torture Video Victim Found Near Base
Iran Council to Bar Rafsanjani, Mashaei From Election
Israel's Coalition Deeply Divided on Questions of Peace
Report: US Army Unable to Prevent Sexual Assaults in Korea
Featured in FBI Docs, Sues for Surveillance Records  by J.D. Tuccille
Top 10 Warning Signs of 'Liberal Imperialism'  by Stephen Walt
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Spycraft in Moscow  by Philip Giraldi
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Israeli Soldier Killed During Land Mine Clearing Near Syrian Border
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Sixty Killed, 132 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Carnage
Organizer of Anbar Protests Killed
Canadian Reported Killed in Iraq Violence
Cancer and Birth Defects in Iraq: The Nuclear Legacy
Iraq Sets Date for Postponed Anbar, Ninawa Elections
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Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Arrests Ten Iran Spy Suspects
Saudi Arabia Executes Five Yemenis in Jizan
Middle East
Egyptian Troops Mistakenly Fire on a Sinai Funeral
Saudi Arabia Arrests Ten Iran Spy Suspects
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