On Tuesday the ACLU filed a lawsuit on our behalf against the Federal Bureau of Investigation, demanding the receipt of records in their possession regarding surveillance of Antiwar.com, and key editorial personnel. We know they possess such records because of documents received as a result of a third party Freedom of Information Act request, subsequently published online. A memo from FBI headquarters in Washington speculates Antiwar.com and its principals are possibly "a threat to national security" engaging in a conspiracy "on behalf of a foreign power" and recommends a more thorough investigation.

We are American citizens engaged in a peaceful, constitutionally protected activity: it's what they used to call journalism. We have the right to organize and to publicize our views, and we are demanding the FBI admit what it has done, and promise to cease and desist.

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Updated May 23, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama’s Dodges Hard Truths in Major Speech
Obama Admits Drones Killed 4 Americans
Gen.: Israel Ready to Attack Syria if Assad Falls
  US Willing to Keep Assad to Avoid Regional War
  Kerry: US, Allies, Ready to Step Up Aid Syria Rebels
  Poll Shows Overwhelming Opposition to US Attacking Syria
2 Men Hack Soldier to Death in UK 'Terror' Attack
  Britain Investigating Possible Nigerian Link in London Attack
Karzai Gives India 'Wish List' of Military Gear
Tsarnaev Friend Killed by FBI Admits to Triple Murder
Ten Dead in Sectarian Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli
What Is the US Really Doing in Syria?  by Stephen Walt
Sanctions Are No Medicine for the US-Iran Standoff  by Sara Afzal
DOJ Overreaching on Leaks Threatens Press Freedom  by Gabe Rottman
Tyranny Around the Corner  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Delivering Serbs to the Wolves  by Doug Bandow
Only Nixon Harmed a Free Press More Than Obama  by James Goodale

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One Drone Victim's Trail From Raleigh to Pakistan
Holder, Clapper Subpoenaed in No-Fly List Case
Army: Soldier Secretly Taped Female Cadets
Pentagon Wants $450m for Guantanamo Prison
Judge Apologizes for Lack of Transparency in James Rosen Leak Probe
Young Lebanese Fighters Leaving Syria for Battle Closer to Home
Russia Says Assad's Foes Lack Commitment to Peace Talks
Kerry Downplays Syria Government's Gains
Syrian Rebels, US Disagree on Peace Talks
Turkish Defense Ministry Denies Used Army Uniforms Given to Syrian Rebels
Risky Military Options for US in Syria
IAF Chief: S-300 En Route to Assad
31 Killed in Iraq, Including 12 Slaughtered in a Baghdad Brothel
Missing Iraq War Veteran Found Dead
Iraqi PM Orders Reshuffle of Top Security Officers
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Slams PM for Violating Constitution
Canada Warns of Possible Iraq 'Civil War'
Opposition MP: Iraq MP Declared 'Explosive Devices' War Against Sunnis
Ahmadinejad Protests Aide's Disqualification From Iran Election
Profiles: Iran Election Candidates
UN: Glencore, Trafigura Deals With Iran May Have Skirted Sanctions
Prosecutor Seeks Life Sentences for Generals Over Coup
NATO Closes Air Command Headquarters in Turkey
Middle East
Jordanian FM Hopeful Kerry Will Relaunch Talks
Germany and Britain Push to List Hezbollah as a Terror Group
Witness Undermines Case Against Russian Protest Leader
Pussy Riot Member Alyokhina Announces Hunger Strike
US Tracked Foreigners Leaving for Canada
Colombia Says 10 Soldiers Killed in Attack by Rebels Who Hold Canadian Mining Executive
US Embassy: Settlement Outpost Legalizing Undermines Peace
Palestinians Have Little Faith in Kerry Effort
Kerry: Assad's Achievements in Recent Days Only Temporary
Sarkozy: if Attacked, Israel Will Not Be Alone
Israeli Court Considers Landmark Property Law Cases
Israeli Blogger Faces Arrest for Urging Citizens to Create 'Chaos' Against Government
British Guilty of Disguised Anti-Semitism, Says Israeli Minister
50 Insurgents Including Three Taliban Leaders Killed in Helmand Clashes
Suicide Bomb Kills Anti-Taliban Elder
India, Uzbekistan Oppose Outside Interference in Afghanistan
Pakistan: 49 Independent MPs-Elect Join Nawaz-League
Pakistani Province to Push Resolution Against US Drone Strikes
Chinese Premier Vows Stronger Ties With Pakistan
North Korea
One Man's Escape From Camp 14 and North Korea
North Africa
US Benghazi Probe Focused on More Than Five Suspects
Egyptian Soldiers Kidnapped in Sinai Released After Talks
Britain 'Should Apologize for Colonial Injustices' Says Kenyan Commission
DR Congo: Goma Hit by Mortar
Mali: Benchmarks Needed to Hold Elections in July
Mugabe Signs Constitution Into Law, Paving Way for Zimbabwe Vote
France Beefs Up Africa, Middle East Embassy Security
Ukraine PM Bars Reporters From Government Meetings After Silent Protest
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