“A republic, if you can keep it,” said Ben Franklin when asked what kind of government the Founders had in mind. We didn’t keep it, though: their successors have turned it into an empire. The Founders also gave us a Constitution – and their successors have turned it into a meaningless piece of parchment.

Our foreign policy of perpetual war has confirmed the Founders’ worst fears: we are losing our liberties to an all-powerful government that spies on its own citizens and wreaks havoc across the globe. This isn’t what Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson envisioned, and you can be sure of one thing: they’re rolling over in their graves.

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Updated May 24, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
Obama’s Dodges Hard Truths in Major Speech
  Code Pink's Medea Benjamin Interrupts Obama Speech
  House Committee Rejects Pentagon Base Closures
  Did the Pentagon Cry Wolf Over Sequestration?
Pakistan Woes Trigger Pentagon Budget Hike
  Rickshaw Bombing Attack on Police Kills 13 in Balochistan
  Pakistan's Military, Incoming PM Agree to Stop US Drones
More Killed in Lebanon as Syria Spillover Grows
  Credibility at Stake as Syrian Rebels Debate Peace Talks
  Syria's Fighters: An Interview With Jabhat Al-Nusra
Netanyahu: Diplomacy, Sanctions Won't Stop Iran
  Israeli Military Cracks Down on American Travel to West Bank
  Gazans Dying to Enter Israel
Holder OK'd Warrant for Fox News Reporter's Private Emails
Mali Rebels Bomb French Uranium Mine in Niger, 26 Killed
Marcy Wheeler Explains Antiwar.com’s Suit Against the FBI
The Forgotten Victims of Obama's Drone War  by Mirza Shahzad Akbar
From Iraq to Syria: US Political Impotence in the Middle East  by Ramzy Baroud
An Increasingly Unchecked Surveillance State  by Murtaza Hussain
Guantánamo: The Nation's and Obama's Shame  by Lamar W. Hankins
Murder, Inc.  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Woolwich Attack: Of Course British Foreign Policy Had a Role  by Joe Glenton

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Drone Killings Draw Ire of Amnesty International
Spain Spent $680 Million on a Sub That Can't Swim
CIA to Focus More on Spying, a Difficult Shift
Army Releases April 2013 Suicide Information
Churchill and Stalin Made 'Merry' Until Early Hours
Amnesty Says Refugees Face Rising Dangers
Attack in Britain
British Police Ponder Conspiracy After Soldier Murder
Woolwich Attack: Suspects Known to Security Services
London Attackers British, of Nigerian Origin
UK Muslims Fear Backlash After Soldier's Murder
London Attack Leaves Multicultural Britain Shaken
Suspect Was Inspired by Cleric Banned From UK After Urging Followers to Behead Enemies of Islam
'There Was No Muslim Terrorism in the UK Until Iraq' – Oxford Imam
Brave Woman Tried to Reason With London Attackers
Britain's Cameron: London Attack 'Will Only Make Us Stronger'
Chinese Media: North Korea Envoy Honors China's Wish by Offering to Renew Nuclear Talks
Kashmir Clash: Indian Police Kill Suspected Militant
Zardari Likely Will Lose Pakistan's Presidency – and Immunity From Prosecution
Malaysia Activists Charged With Sedition
DR Congo
UN Combat Troops in DR Congo in 'One or Two Months'
M23 Rebels Declare Truce for UN Chief's Visit
Islamists Kill 21 in Suicide Attacks in Niger
Decommissioning Weapons in Libya Remains Difficult
New Strife in Darfur Leaves Many Seeking Refuge
Togo Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters
Stockholm Restaurant Torched as Riots Spread
Russian Court Denies Pussy Riot's Alekhina Parole
The War at Home
FBI Backs Off Account of Orlando Shooting Connected to Boston Bombing
Chechen Dad Slams FBI Over Death of Son
Yemen & Guantanamo
Obama Lifts Ban on Guantanamo Transfers to Yemen
Repatriating Detainees to Yemen Key to Closing Guantanamo
Yemen Applauds Obama's Gitmo Decision
Scowcroft Argues for Diplomacy in Syria
Syria Conflict Uproots Palestinians
Assad Foe Tells Leader to Cede Power to Officials
German Intelligence Sees Assad Forces Gaining: Report
Iraq's Demand for Hello Kitty Keeps One Aleppo Factory Open as Others Close Doors
Jerusalem 'Price Taggers' Damage Jewish, Arab Cars
Israeli Peace Negotiator: Stalemate Bad for Israel
Kerry Urges Netanyahu, Abbas to Compromise for Peace
Kerry: Israeli 'Prosperity' Prevents Sense of Urgency About Peace
Disputed Deaths in Palestinian Territories
Israeli Minister Apologizes for Accusing UK of 'Disguised Anti-Semitism'
Gen. John Allen Appointed US Security Envoy in Peace Process
Iran Election: Rafsanjani Criticizes Leaders' 'Ignorance'
Iran Denies Its Drone Violated Bahrain's Airspace
Twenty Killed in Attacks Focused on Iraq Security Personnel
Environmental Pollution by Depleted Uranium in Iraq
Iraq's Article 140: Underfunded, Unfair, and Not Working: Critics
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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