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Updated May 26, 2013 - 10:53 PM EDT
Congressman Preps Bill to End War Authority
  Obama Drone Oversight Proposal Prompts Concern Over 'Kill Courts'
Syrian Rebels to Attack Hezbollah in Lebanon
  Despite Word of Split Over al-Qaeda, Nusra Still Key in Syria Fighting
Niger Attacks Are 'Shockwave' of Mali Conflict
  Niger President Says Attackers Came From Libya; Death Toll Hits 35
Iraq Forces Strike Sunni Militants Near Syria
  Iraqi Sunnis Protest for Sovereign Region
Three More Arrested in Killing of UK Soldier
French Soldier Stabbed While on Paris Patrol
Maoists Attack Convoy of India's Ruling Party, Killing 28
In Drone Speech, Obama Gets Slippery on Killing US Citizens  by Matthew Rothschild
Why Is Eric Holder Investigating Eric Holder's Surveillance of Journalists?  by Trevor Timm
A Foreign Policy of Mission Creep  by Gordon N. Bardos
Iraq: Maliki & Co.'s Path of Folly  by Wayne White
Government Will Decide What We Can Know  by Glenn Greenwald
The Greatness of Peace Activist John Bright  by Sheldon Richman

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Google Defends Listing Extremist Websites in Its Search Results
Marine Sues, Says He Was 'Detained Over Facebook Posts'
Female Suicide Bomber Injures 18 in Russian Region
Okinawa Mayor 'Sorry' for US Brothel Remarks
France Army in Key Mali Withdrawal
Kerry Makes Sub-Saharan Africa Visit
Attack in Britain
Friend of Alleged Soldier Killer Arrested at BBC
Woolwich Murder Sparks Anti-Muslim Backlash
Woolwich Terror Attack: Suspect Michael Adebowale Saw Friend 'Literally Sliced to Pieces' in 2008
France Rules Out Iran Taking Part in Syrian Peace Talks
Gunmen Face Off in Tripoli as Sectarian Battle Escalates
Hezbollah, Syrian Govt Forces Push for Advance in Qusair
Israeli Envoy Blames Syria at UN for Destabilizing Golan
Hezbollah Chief Defends Group's Involvement in Syrian War
Sleiman Cautions Hezbollah Over Role in Syria War
Kurds Flee for Iraq as Syria War Slogs On
Jordan's King Says Extremism 'Grown Fat' on Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Aid Groups Urge EU to Fulfil Commitments to Palestinians
Middle East
Attack on Pilgrims in Iraq Leaves Six Iranians Dead; 14 Iraqis Also Killed
Christians in the Arab World: A Guide
Roadside Bomb Kills 2 Yemeni Soldiers in Area Where Military Is Fighting al-Qaeda
Saudi Foreign Minister Calls Iran's Nuclear Program Danger to Region's Security
Turkey's Alcohol Law Renews Accusations of Erdogan's Islamist Agenda
Sudan Suspends Two Biggest Dailies for Critical Coverage
In Ethiopia, African Union Marks 50th Birthday as Foreign Dignitaries Join Celebrations
In Algeria, a New Generation of Leadership Waits in the Wings
Reversal of Rios Montt Verdict in Guatemala Sparks Criticism of Genocide Charge
The War at Home
Hagel: US Military Must Stamp Out 'Scourge' of Sexual Assault
Deaths at Atlanta VA Hospital Prompt Scrutiny
As Border Tightens, Some US-Mexico Neighbors Reach Across the Fence
San Diego Man Believes Navy Tests May Have Caused Mother's Pacemaker to Stop
Mosque Blast Kills 12 in Eastern Afghanistan
Law to Protect Afghan Women Faces Backlash
US Soldiers Train to Support, Advise Afghan Forces on Taking Lead in Operations
Mass Balloon Giveaway Brings Sudden Smiles in Violence-Wracked Afghan Capital
Gunmen Kill Seven Policemen in Pakistan
Four Killed in Tirah Airstrike
Three Policemen Injured in Pakistan Roadside Blast
Body Found in Pakistan Found Hanging Upside Down
Six Alleged Terrorists Remanded Including Woman in Pakistan
Major Electric Power Breakdown Feared in Pakistan
7 Filipino Marines, 5 Militants Killed in Clash
Philippine Govt Refuses to Show Coastguard Video to Taiwanese
Communist Rebels in Philippines Release 10-Year Old
Abu Sayyaf Releases Abducted Social Worker
North Korea
North Korea Sends Signals It May Be Willing to Rejoin Disamament
North Korea Overlooks Tensions After China Visit
Myanmar's Western Rakhine State Imposes 2-Child Limit for Muslims to Stem Sectarian Strife
Belfast Explosion Was a 'Viable Pipe Bomb'
Verdicts Expected for Heads of Milosevic's Secret Police
In Tito's Birthplace, 'Yugonostalgia' Gains Force as Croatia Prepares to Join EU This Summer
Americans Still Dying
Slain California Soldier Was Expecting First Child, a Daughter, in Two Weeks
Hundreds Attend Funeral for Dalton (MA) Soldier Killed by IED
Father Remembers Elk Ridge (UT) Soldier, Killed in Afghanistan
Teachers Remember Guardsman From Guam as 'A Quiet Soul'
Kansas Soldier Who Drowned in Afghanistan Leaves Behind Wife, Three Daughters
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