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Updated June 8, 2013 - 11:18 PM EDT
Obama: Mass Surveillance Protects Civil Liberties
  US Spy Chief Slams 'Reprehensible' Leak of NSA Surveillance
  Top US Intel Officials Repeatedly Denied NSA Spying on Americans
  Denials in Surveillance Program Require Decoding
  NSA Surveillance Threatens US Competitiveness
What Is the NSA's Prism Program?
  Billions of Phone Calls Mined by US
  Verizon: Spy Order Prevents Us From Admitting to Spy Order
  NSA Surveillance: Brits, Canadians Have Access to Your Data Too
  How the NSA and FBI Lie With Numbers
Obama Orders Global Cyber-Attacks Target List
  Obama Global Cyber-Attacks: Full Text
Turkish PM Demands Immediate End to Protests
  As Turkey Rallies Continue, Analysts Say Erdogan 'Safe'
46th Anniversary of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty
Three Americans Killed by Afghan Soldier
US Drones Attack North Waziristan, Killing Seven
Anger at US Drone War Continues in Yemen
21 Iraqis, 12 Iranians Killed in Iraq Attacks; 71 More Hurt
IAEA: Half of Members Not Cooperating With Demands
US Quietly OKs Egypt Military Aid Despite Rights Concerns
Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein, Head of the Senate Intel Panel  by Norman Solomon
President Obama's Dragnet  The New York Times
What We Don't Know About Spying on Citizens: Scarier Than What We Know  by Bruce Schneier
How the White House Tramples Our Constitution  by Sen. Rand Paul
Paul Wolfowitz's Iran Connection  by Philip Giraldi
NSA Spying on Americans Is an Outrage  by Jay Bookman

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OAS Meeting Ends Without Policy Change on Decriminalizing Drugs
Obama Helps Nip Pot Legalization in Latin America. How About in US?
Anonymous Just Leaked a Trove of NSA Documents
Texas Actress Held Over Ricin Letter 'Gun Threat'
NY Times Quietly Changes Published Editorial to Make It Less Damning of Obama
UK, Ecuador Ministers to Discuss Assange
NSA Spying on You
Intel Director Declassifies Law to Explain Massive Surveillance
Glenn Greenwald: US Wants to Destroy Privacy Worldwide
Why Government Access to Metadata Is More Than a 'Modest Encroachment' on Privacy
Report: NSA Targets Credit Card Transactions

Despite Obama's Claim, FISA Court Rarely Much of a Check

Prism and the US Internet Giants: the Relationship, the Numbers and the Language
Americans React
Officials Shrug Off 'Routine' Surveillance
Facebook, Like Apple and Google, 'Hadn't Even Heard of Prism,' Says CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Twitterverse Not Letting Up on Verizon-NSA Uproar
Many Americans Appear Resigned to Surveillance
Conservative Activist Files Lawsuit Over NSA Surveillance
Global NSA Fallout
NSA Surveillance Threatens US Competitiveness
Israelis Bugged the US for the NSA
US Surveillance Revelations Deepen European Fears
Report: UK Government Getting US Spy Agency's Data
Prism: Ministers Challenged Over British Access to Covert US Operation
Global Netizens Worried Over US Spying
NSA Controversies Could Overshadow Obama-Xi Summit
NATO Truck Driver Killed in Chaman
Pakistan PM Unveils New Cabinet
Peshawar Police Seize 15,000 Kg Explosives
Karachi Murder: Shahzeb Khan's Killer Gets Death Sentence
Rival Koreas Agree to Meet at Border Truce Village After Trading Counterproposals
Amid Safety Fears, US Navy Jets Train on Iwo Jima
Cambodia Criminalizes Khmer Rouge Atrocity Denial
Kashmir Border: Indian Soldier Dies 'in Pakistan Firing'
Idaho Family 'Greatly Relieved' After Receiving Letter From POW in Afghanistan
Spain Boosts Its Troop Presence in Mali
Human Rights Watch Condemns Ethnic Abuses
Somalia/South Africa
Somali Rivals Clash in Central Kismayo
Somali Militants Execute 2 for Espionage: Witness
Somalis March in Cape Town Against South Africa Attacks
Nigeria: Military Lays Claim to Killing Boko Haram Kingpin
Sudan Police Use Teargas to Break Up Protest
Algeria Stalled 40 Days Into President's Absence
IMF Says Agrees to Monitor Zimbabwe, First Since 1999
US Urges Madagascar to Hold Free, Fair Elections
Putin Orders Crackdown on Islamists, Police Detain 300 People
Killing by Remote
'I Watch Him Bleed Out:' Drone Operator Who Helped Kill 1,626 Targets Reveals Trauma of Watching Them Die on a Computer Screen
Drone Operator: the Recruiter Used a 'James Bond' Reference in His Pitch
Georgia Tech Researchers Test Drones at Benning Battle Lab
The War at Home
With Troops and Techies, US Prepares for Cyber Warfare
Obama's Chief of Staff, US Senators to Travel to Guantanamo
The A-List Conspiracy: Did Hollywood Tell Obama to Take Down Internet Entrepreneur?
Appeals Court Reverses Order to Declassify Foreign Trade Documents
US Military Firms Eye Border Security Contracts
Syrian Troops, Hezbollah Fighters Capture 2 Central Villages After Fall of Qusayr
UN Says Can't Accept Russia's Offer of Golan Troops
Rebels Attack Air Base in Northern Syria
Israel Reacts Angrily to Austria's Withdrawal From Golan Heights
Israeli Military: Weapons Found in Qusayr Probably From Lebanese Occupation
UN: Half of Syria's Populace Will Need Aid
UN Launches $5.2 Billion Syria Aid Appeal
France Demands Release of Journalists Missing in Syria
Fighting Renews in North Lebanon, More Wounded
Lebanese Army Cautions Citizens to Stay Out of Syria War
Palestinian Farmers in Gaza Buffer Zone Remain Wary
UN to Aid Palestinian Victims of Settler Violence in West Bank
Embarrassing Media Leak Forces Lieberman to Declassify Knesset Defense Committee Discussions
At Least 21 Iraqis, 12 Iranians Killed in Iraq Attacks; 71 More Wounded
Iraq Looks to Foreign Investment to Boost Oil Capacity
Turkey Protests: Erdogan Rejects EU Criticism
Thousands of Turks Defy Erdogan as Protests Rumble On
In Istanbul's Taksim Square, an Achilles' Heel
Live From Istanbul, It's Unaffiliated Israeli Bloggers
A Tale of Two Passports: Turkey Unrest Underscores Complexity of Identity Politics
Presidential Hopefuls Clash on Iranian Nuclear Policy
Peruvian Court Sentences Shining Path Leader to Life in Prison
Peru Justice Minister: Fujimori Not Pardoned
Weekend Reviews
The Hidden War Fought by the Shadowy Joint Special Operations Command
Why Kennan Matters
A New Front in War on WikiLeaks
We Steal Secrets: State Agitprop
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