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Updated June 10, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
NSA Whistleblower Goes Public
  With NSA Leaker in Hong Kong, US Looks to Blame China
  NSA Whistleblower: 'I Do Not Expect to See Home Again'
  Video: 'Send Message to Govt. That People Won't Be Intimidated'
  Will Edward Snowden Get Mass Support Bradley Manning Didn't?
Bush NSA Chief: Obama 'Expanded' Surveillance
  Credibility: Will Anyone Trust the 'PRISM Nine' Again?
  Sources: NSA Sucks in Data From 50 Companies
  Dubious 2009 Plot Cited as Evidence of Surveillance's Merit
Officials: Obama Close to Arming Syrian Rebels
  Syria Rebels Rule Out Peace Talks Unless West Gives Them Weapons
  Syrian Troops Massing for Assault on Aleppo
  Islamist Rebels Execute Teen in Front of His Parents
Israeli Settlement Construction Triples in 2013
  Israeli Deputy DM Rules Out Palestinian Statehood
Bombs and Battles Hit Northern Iraq, 70 Dead
US Drone Strike Kills Six in Northern Yemen
Libya Army Chief Resigns After 31 Killed in Benghazi Fighting
All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need, Courtesy of Bush and Obama  by Conor Friedersdorf
Why the Govt. Wants Your Metadata  by Jay Stanley & Ben Wizner
What's Delaying the WHO Report on Iraqi Birth Defects?  by Mozhgan Savabieasfahan
Government Spying: Should We Be Shocked?  by Ron Paul
Miscarriages of Justice  by Victoria Brittain & Tom Engelhardt
President Obama's Betrayal of Civil Liberties Is Complete  by Joel Mathis

More Viewpoints

Stunning NSA Leaks: Is Daniel Ellsberg Back?
Reporters Say There's a Chill in the Air
Assange: US Rule of Law Suffering 'Calamitous Collapse'
This Is Pakistan's Answer to US Drone Defiance
US Calls for Resignation of UN's Richard Falk
Syrian Rebels Open Fire on Convoy Carrying Russian Journalists
Large Car Bombs Increasing in Syria
Austria Still Open to Sending Troops Back to Golan
In Between Attacks, Netanyahu Says Israel Wants to Stay Out of Syria War
Syrian Rebels Fire on Iraqi Border Posts, One Killed
Syrian Hackers Say Attack on Haifa Facilities Was Successful
Tanks in Beirut as Syria Protest Leaves One Dead
Hezbollah Unites Clans to Raise Border Force
Seven Israeli Warplanes Violate Lebanese Airspace
Turkish Protesters Say They Fight PM's Strict Islamic Views
Ankara Protesters Clash With Turkish Police
Turkey's Leader Climbs on Bus, Lambastes Protesters
Turkish PM Calls for Pro-Government Rallies
Turkish Protesters Call for Continued Demonstrations, Erdogan Defiant
Erdogan's Mishandling of Protests Has Exposed the Myth of a Stable Turkey
Barghouti: US Not an Honest Broker, Peace Talks Deadlocked
Deputy DM: Majority of Israel's Likud Opposes Two-State Solution
PM: Israel Needs 'Digital Iron Dome' to Stop Cyber Attacks
The Return to Iqrit
Women Pray Peacefully at Key Jerusalem Jewish Site
Netanyahu Refuses to Reveal Data on Security Wiretaps Approved by PM's Office
Iran May Disqualify Centrist Candidate in Presidential Election Over Nuclear Talk
Candidate Vows to Reset Iran's Foreign Ties
Should Iran's Election Really Be Discounted?
Iran Says It Sets Up Space Monitoring Center
Ahmadinejad Visits Iran Heavy Water Reactor Site
Syrian Rebels Shoot Across Border Into Iraq; 12 Killed Across Country
Baghdad Suicide Car Bomb Kills Six
Bureaucracy Hampers Iraq Car Bombing Probes
Baghdad: Iraqi PM Visits Kurdish North, Hoping to Mend Ties
Iraqi Officials: Targeting Civilians Reveals al-Qaeda Shortcomings
Sadr Calls on Government to Curb Armed Group
10 Zaidis Dead in Yemen Police Clash
Suspected Militants Kill Policeman in Sinai
'No Nile, No Egypt,' Cairo Warns Over Ethiopia Dam
Libyan Violence Threatens to Undercut Power of Militias
Sudan's Spy Chief Warns of Wider Suspensions With South Sudan After President Orders Oil Halt
NSA Whistleblower
Booz Allen Hamilton: Edward Snowden's US Contracting Firm
Edward Snowden's Choice of Hong Kong as Haven Is a High-Stakes Gamble
Republicans Call for Snowden to Be Extradited
NSA Spying on Everyone
Spy Agency Seeks Criminal Probe Into Leaks
Whistleblower's NSA Warning: 'Just the Tip of the Iceberg'
NSA Spying Appears to Stem From 550-Word Section of PATRIOT Act
Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program
NSA: The Finder and Keeper of Countless US Secrets
'The Foundation of a Very Oppressive State'
Intel Officials Overheard Joking About How NSA Leaker Should Be 'Disappeared' After Handing Classified Documents to Press
The Politics of Spying
NSA Surveillance: Lawmakers Urge Disclosure as Obama 'Welcomes' Debate
Congress Received 13 Briefings in Past Four Years on Digital Surveillance
Intelligence Leaders Push Back Against Leakers, Media
Guardian's Greenwald, Rep. Mike Rogers Trade Blows Over Leaks Coverage
Rand Paul Planning Class Action Lawsuit Against Surveillance Programs
Marco Rubio Suggests NSA Surveillance Programs Likely Here to Stay
Global NSA Connections
UK Says Eavesdropping Is Legal, Defends US Spy Links
MPs to Quiz Americans Over UK's Role in Email Spying
What Was the Israeli Involvement in Collecting US Communications Intel for NSA?
The War at Home
The Education of Samantha Power
McCain: Rand Paul Proved Wrong by Boston Bombings
New Documentary Warns Against Obama's 'Dirty Wars'
Insurgents Attack Military Side of Afghanistan Airport, Gunfire and Explosions Heard
Afghanistan Demands British Forces Transfer Prisoners Within Weeks
Attacker in Afghanistan Hid Bomb in His Body
Afghan President to Visit Qatar, Discussing Peace
US-China Summit Ends With Accord on All but Cyber-Espionage
North and South Korea Meet, Set Stage for Higher-Level Talks This Week
Protesters Rally in Singapore Against New Online Rules
Japanese Troops Head to California Beach for Attack Training
London Police Probe Blaze at Islamic Boarding School
Canada Suspends Military Operations Near Disputed Hans Island
Audit by Venezuela Electoral Council Confirms Presidential Win for Chavez Heir Nicolas Maduro
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