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Updated June 11, 2013 - 11:14 PM EDT
Violence Soars in Istanbul as Police Crack Down
NSA Whistleblower: The Ultimate Insider Attack
  Snowden Turned Over 'Thousands' of Documents to Greenwald
  Snowden's Explosive NSA Leaks Have US in Damage Control Mode
  Hunt on for NSA Leaker as Extradition Battle Takes Shape
  Ellsberg: Snowden's NSA Leak More Important Than Pentagon Papers
US Lawmakers Call for Review of PATRIOT Act
  Mass Surveillance in US: Timeline of Loosening Laws and Practices
  America's Outsourced Spy Force, by the Numbers
US Officials Start Talks on Arming Syria's Rebels
  Syrian Rebels Claim Army Killed 100 People Fleeing Qusayr
  Foreign Fighters Play Growing Roles on Both Sides of Syria's War
  Al-Qaeda Chief Annuls Syria-Iraq Merger, Aims to Settle Dispute
Bombs and Battles Hit Northern Iraq, 94 Dead
State Dept. Memo Shows Cover-Ups, Halted Probes
Pakistan PM Revokes Secret Approval for US Drone Strikes
US Inexplicably Keeping 22 Nukes in the Netherlands
Historic Challenge to Support the Moral Actions of Edward Snowden  by Norman Solomon
What Spying Apologists Don't Tell You About 'Thwarted Plots'  by Marcy Wheeler
The Real Problem With the NSA's Indiscriminate Spying  by Steve Chapman
Civil Liberties: A GOP Civil War?  by W. James Antle III
The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning  by Chris Hedges
The Role of Foreign Policy in Security-State Surveillance  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Prosecutor Files Charges Carrying Life Sentence for Iraqi Prisoner Held at Gitmo
Could Bradley Manning Help Edward Snowden Win Political Asylum?
Lebanese Army Fears Rise of the Salafists
Ron Paul: 'Thankful' for Edward Snowden
Netanyahu Says He Will Never Accept Preconditions for Talks
Abbas Rejected Netanyahu Offer to Free 50 Pre-Oslo Prisoners for New Talks
PM: Construction in West Bank Settlements Continues
Palestinians Call for Right of Return at UNHCR
Stay Away From Golan, US Embassy in Israel Warns
EU Slams Falk's Israel Report as Biased at UNHCR Session
Ambassador to US Backs Samantha Power as 'Caring Deeply' About Israel
Unprovoked, Border Policeman Pepper-Sprays Arab Boy
Lieberman: Stop 'Pointless' Dialogue With the EU
UN Rights Envoy: Gaza's Viability at Stake
Teenager's Death Reveals Growing Anger in Syria
Syrian Opposition Group Urges Foreign Fighters to Leave
Still More Questions Than Answers on Nerve Gas in Syria
Iraqi Shi'ite Fighters' Syria Role Raises Tensions
In Turkey, Rival Soccer Fans Unite in Protest
Turkish Opposition Leader Criticizes Erdogan
Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant Experienced Generator Malfunction, Envoy Says
Iranian Diplomat Detained for 3 Months Without Lawyer: Sources
Another Bloody Monday in Iraq: 94 Killed, 289 Wounded
Kurds Who Suffered Saddam Hussein Chemical Weapons Attack Accuse French Suppliers
Middle East
US Lawmakers Urge Bahrain to Allow UN Torture Envoy
Kuwait Woman Jailed for 11 Years Over Tweets
Yemen Debates New Charter Amid Dissent

Morsi Says 'All Options Open' on Ethiopia Nile Dam

Egypt 'War' Talk Raises Ethiopia Nile Dam Stakes
William Hague: UK Agencies Uphold the Law at All Times
Islamists Jailed in UK for Plotting Attack
4 British Teenagers Arrested Over Fire at Islamic Boarding School
NSA Whistleblower
Edward Snowden Gone From Hong Kong Hotel, Whereabouts Unknown
Sen. Feinstein Calls Snowden's NSA Leaks an 'Act of Treason'
Investigators Looking at How Snowden Gained Access at NSA
Hong Kong Seen as Likely to Extradite Leaker if US Asks
White House Refuses to Comment on NSA Whistleblower Snowden
Russia May Consider US Spy Leaker's Asylum Request – Media
Icelandic Legislator: I'm Ready to Help NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Seek Asylum
Feds Spying on Everyone
Security Clearances Held by Millions of Americans
Meet the Contractors Analyzing Your Private Data
PATRIOT Act Erodes Privacy Rights, Advocates Charge
Intelligence Chief Clapper: I Gave 'Least Untruthful' Answer on US Spying
Brussels Failed to Act Against US Surveillance of EU Citizens
Booz Allen Grew Rich on Government Contracts
Glenn Greenwald Gets 'Testy' With Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski
Merkel, Obama to Discuss NSA Surveillance Program
Taliban Attacks Show Afghan Insurgents' Resilience
Taliban Lay Siege to NATO Air Base in Kabul in Early Morning Assault
In Quiet Kabul Neighborhood, Taliban Attack Began With Mugging at Mosque
Two Boys Beheaded in Afghanistan, Taliban Deny Responsibility
Polish Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
Afghan Group Accuses Police of Significant Violence Against Women
Military Operation: 35 Militants Killed in Tirah and Kurram
Deadly Attack on NATO Supply Convoy in Pakistan
Mali Government, Tuaregs Reach Ceasefire Deal 'in Principle'
South Sudan Says Sudan Troops Enter Upper Nile State
Somalia: Puntland VP Alleges Federal Govt. Is Supporting Conflict in Kismayo
FIFA Moves Key Libya-Togo World Cup Qualifier to Tripoli After Deadly Clashes in Benghazi
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