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Updated June 17, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
Rebel Car Bomb Kills 60 Syrian Soldiers
  Congressional Hawks Press Obama on Syria No-Fly Zone
  Al-Qaeda-Backed Rebels Blow Up Mosque in Eastern Syria
  Putin: Lets Not Arm Those Organ-Eating Syrian Rebels
  Jordan's King: We'll Emerge Victorious From Syria 'Threat'
NSA Spying Includes Contents of US Phone Calls
  NSA Targeted Russian President at London G20 Summit
  UK Intercepted Foreign Politicians' Communications at G20 Summits
  British Security Agency (GCHQ) Spying Documents Revealed
Israel Issues Warning After Iran Elections
  Celebrations as Iran's New President Rohani Promises Change
Iraq's Shi'ite South Targeted: 54 Killed, 174 Hurt
Failed Crackdowns: Istanbul Sees Biggest Riots in Years
Egypt's Invitation to Jihad Could Have Long-Term Effects
Obama’s Syria Policy Looks a Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy  by Ron Paul
Rouhani Won the Iranian Election. Get Over It  by Hillary & Flynt Leverett
Edward Snowden's Worst Fear Has Not Been Realized – Thankfully  by Glenn Greenwald
The Making of a Global Security State  by Tom Engelhardt
Privacy Isn't All We're Losing  by Peggy Noonan
The Snowden Litmus Test  by Margaret Kimberley

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Mayor of London: Don't Arm the Syria Maniacs
State Dept to Name Lawyer Cliff Sloan to Close Gitmo
3 NSA Veterans Speak Out on Whistleblower: We Told You So
State Photo-ID Databases Become Troves for Police
Ahead of G8 Summit, A-List Actors Urge Obama to Push for 'A World Without Nukes'
Obama Aide: No 'Rush to War' in Syria (as in Iraq)
Syria Condemns Egypt for Cutting Diplomatic Relations
Saudi Arabia Wants European Missiles for Syrian Rebels: Report
Rebel Brigades Check Loyalist Advances in Aleppo: Opposition
Russia and Britain Can Bridge Differences on Syria: Cameron
Putin Arrives for Syria Talks at Downing Street
Explosion Hits Military Airport Near Damascus
Five Syrians on 'Fire-Threat' Flight Seek Asylum in UK
Syria Seeks to Bolster Iran Ties After Rowhani Win: PM
Despite Being Ousted From Istanbul Park, Protesters Return to Defy Prime Minister's Authority
Turkish PM Defends His 'Duty' to End Protests
Turkish Unions Call Strike Over Crackdown
Government Targets Doctors Who Treated Injured Demonstrators
Will Gezi Protests Divide Turkish Society?
Stock Market Rises in Iran After Election of Reformist-Backed President Hasan Rowhani
US Seems Eager for Nuclear Talks With Iran's New Leader
What Does Hassan Rohani Mean for the United States?
Challenges Facing Iran's Hassan Rouhani
Moderate Iranian Leader Could Hinder Israel
Israeli Cabinet Stops Short of Defining Price Tag Attacks as Terror
Palestinian PM: Jerusalem 'Top Priority'
Iraq's Shi'ite South Targeted: 54 Killed, 174 Hurt
Allawi: Political Trust Is Almost Non-Existent
Iraqi Holy City Hit Hard by Iran Economic Woes
Middle East
4 Lebanese Shi'ites Killed in Ambush Near Syria
Bahraini Activist Freed in UAE After Two Months
Kuwait Elections: Constitutional Court Orders Fresh Poll
Honduras Party Led by Ousted Leader Zelaya Picks His Wife to Be Its Presidential Candidate
Snowden in Hong Kong
Poll: Hongkongers Don't Want Snowden Handed Over to the US
Hong Kong to Handle Snowden's Case According to Laws
Spying on Everyone
Cheney Says NSA Monitoring Could Have Prevented 9/11
China Army Newspaper Hits Out at PRISM
German Spies to Boost Net Surveillance
US Surveillance Flap Shines Light on Web 'Anonymizers'
After Profits, Defense Firm Faces Pitfalls of Cybersecurity
Roadside Blast Kill 6 Civilians, Injure 4 in Uruzgan
Afghans Poised to Take Security Lead From US, NATO
Two More Anti-Polio Workers Killed in Pakistan
'No End to Military Atrocities in Balochistan'
Pakistani City of Quetta in Shock After Double Attack
Only Two Militants Executed Quetta Attack
LeJ Claims Twin Attacks in Balochistan
Pakistan Army Prepared to Thwart Any Aggression: Kayani
North Korea
North Korea Proposes 'Senior-Level' Talks With US
US Wants 'Credible Negotiations' With North Korea
US Troops in Japan to 'Protect the Nation.' But for Sex Workers in Okinawa, They Bring Fear, Not Security
North Africa
Senior Libyan Judge Assassinated in Eastern Libya as Security Woes Deepen
Tunisia Faces Political Struggle Over Islam
New Governor Shock to Some Inside Egypt
Niger Police 'Attack' May Be Guards' Over-Reaction: Minister
In Uganda, Forlorn Square Is Symbol of Crackdown
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Says Rivals Scared of 'Sure' Defeat
G-8 Summit Security to Feature Surveillance Drones in Northern Ireland Skies for 1st Time
Thousands Rally Against Bulgaria Government
Czech PM Resigns Amid Spying and Corruption Scandal
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