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Updated June 18, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
US, Taliban to Start Talks on Ending Afghan War
  Gunbattle in North Afghanistan: Army Chief Clashes With Governor
Rebel Car Bomb Kills 60 Syrian Soldiers
  Reports: Israel Behind Attack on Damascus Airport, Killing 10
  Kurds Fight for Place in Syrian Civil War
Snowden Vows Details on NSA Access to Servers
  Edward Snowden Q&A: NSA Whistleblower Answers Questions
  How Booz Allen Made the Revolving Door Redundant
  Multiple Polls Show Americans Reject NSA Domestic Spying
Turkey May Deploy Army Against Protesters
  Erdogan Escalates the Crisis
Rohani Vows to Reset Iran's Relations With World
  Rohani Promises Openness on Iran's Nuclear Policy
Top Israeli Minister: Two-State Solution 'Dead'
  Hamas' New 600-Man Force to Prevent Rocket Strikes on Israel
Suicide Bombers Kill 31 at Baghdad Mosque
Bombing at Pakistani Funeral Kills 35
Afghan Army Chief's, Governor's Forces in Battle
Nations Demand Answers for Britain's G20 Spying
US Slams European Military Spending Cuts
Reporter Who Downed McChrystal Dies in Car Crash at 33
The Biggest Fool of All  by Doug Bandow
David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Bill Keller Wish Snowden Had Just Followed Order  by Norman Solomon
Ready for More Interventions in Africa? Obama Is  by Peter Dörrie
A Reluctant Warrior Tiptoes to War  by Patrick J. Buchanan
My Fight for Justice in Guantánamo  by Shaker Aamer
The Real War on Reality  by Peter Ludlow

More Viewpoints

Obama: I'm Not Dick Cheney
US Releases List of Gitmo Prisoners 'Too Dangerous to Release' Even if Jail Closes
A Look at Who Is Still Held at Guantanamo
Deadlock in Julian Assange Saga Continues
Ecuador: Assange May Be in Embassy Five More Years
Surveillance Programs Create Chasm Among Dems
Spying on Everyone
Obama Doubles Down on NSA Defense as Poll Numbers Slip
US Shared Prism Data With Dutch Intelligence Agency
Apple Is Latest Tech Giant to Come Clean on NSA Snooping
Apple Claims It Encrypts iMessages and Facetime So That Even It Can't Decipher Them
How to Block the NSA From Your Friends List
The Heroic Whistleblower
Edward Snowden Flatly Denies Chinese Spy Claims
Beijing: Edward Snowden 'Not a Chinese Spy'
Edward Snowden: US Government Has Destroyed Any Chance of a Fair Trial
Gulf Airlines Told Not to Carry US Whistleblower
Chinese State Media Warns Against Extradition of Edward Snowden
Top Senator on Panel Puts Hold on Aid to Afghans
Afghan Police Chief Survives Suicide Attack
Taliban to Open Doha Office on Tuesday
Afghan Women Quietly Lose Political Power
US Ambassador 'Proud' He Helped Convince Canada to Stay in Afghanistan
Quetta University Shut After Attacks
Pakistan Condemns Anti-Polio Volunteers' Killings
Firing Injures 5 in Karachi
Sindh Lawyers Observe Strike Against Quetta Killing, Attack on Residency
South Korea and US on Same Page in Issuing Demands
Myanmar Monks Back Down From Law Seeking to Restrict Interfaith Marriages
G8 Summit: US Will Stand by Northern Ireland, Says Obama
Bidding for EU Talks, Serbia Swaps Envoys With Kosovo
Little Joy in Croatia as It Enters the Crisis-Stricken European Union
Central America
Mediators Who Helped Arrange El Salvador Gang Truce Will Work on Similar Deal in Honduras
The War at Home
Report: Pentagon to Open SEALs, Army Rangers to Women
Supreme Court: Pre-Miranda Silence Can Be Used as Evidence of Guilt
TSA Agent Tells Teen to 'Cover Herself'
Trying to Build a Bomb That Won't Blow Up
Bitcoin Transactions Taxable, Says GAO
US Envoy to NATO Says Syria No-Fly Zone Not on NATO Agenda
Russia Issues Warning on Syria as G8 Summit Begins
West Rebukes Putin Over Syria at G8 Summit
Obama and Putin Fail to Resolve Differences Over Syria
Saudi Arabia Supplying Missiles to Syria Rebels
Fiji Troops to Join Golan Force
Lebanese Singer-Turned Islamist Will Sell Home to Back Syrian Jihad
'Hateful' Speech in Istanbul: Erdogan Throws Fuel on Flames
Riot Police Target Pockets of Istanbul Protesters
Labor Unions Give Lift to Turkish Protest Movement With Strikes, Rallies as Police Stay Tough
Chaos at Ankara Gathering for Slain Protester
Turkish Violence Raises Questions Over EU Talks
PM Reaffirms Two-State Solution After Bennett Says It's Dead
Netanyahu: Price Tag Attacks Cannot Be Compared to Hamas Terror
Hamas Calls on Hezbollah to Pull Fighters Out of Syria
Settlers: Extend Israel Environment Laws to West Bank
Arabs: Preferential Treatment Bill 'Discriminatory'
Bombings Return to Central Iraq; 23 Killed
Shi'ite Iraq Militia Claims It Attacked Iran Group
MP: Some Polling Stations in Nineveh Province Under Insurgents' Control
Yemen Protesters Demand Gitmo Detainees Release
Eight Islamists Among 17 Governors Appointed by Morsi
Nile Dam Politics: Egypt, Ethiopian Officials Meet
Chaos Is Taking a Toll on Freedom of Press, Speech
Lockerbie Compensation: Libyan Officials Acquitted
Official: Trial of Libya's Gadhafi's Son in August
Nigeria Says 11 Killed in Islamist Sect School Attack
Niger Urged to Free Al Jazeera News Crew
Child Soldiers Detained in Mali
Mozambican Raid 'Kills Soldiers' in Dondo
Mugabe Agrees to Push Back Date of Zimbabwe Vote From End of July
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