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Updated June 20, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
Are US-Taliban Talks Dead Before They Start?
  Pakistan Pushed Afghan Insurgents to the Table: Experts
  Pentagon Scrapping $7 Billion Worth of Gear in Afghanistan
Syria Islamists Seize Control as Moderates Dither
  Obama: US 'Not Ready' to Attack Syria
  Pentagon Spurned Kerry Efforts to Attack Syria
  West Still Split on US Scheme to Arm Syria's Rebels
FBI Already Using Surveillance Drones Inside US
  Sign the White House Petition to Pardon Edward Snowden
  Assange Hints WikiLeaks Might Publish Next Snowden Revelations
  Iceland Holds 'Informal Talks' About Snowden Asylum
  FBI Efforts to Kill Surveillance Probes Began Years Ago
New President May Shift Iran's Global Policies
  Top UK Court Overturns Sanctions on Iranian Bank
Obama Hopes to Convince Russia on Nuke Reductions
Associated Press CEO: Sources Scared to Talk to Us
Israel DM May Legalize Another Illegal West Bank Settlement
TWA Flight 800 Crash Caused by Missile: NTSB Investigators
Fidelity to the Constitution When We Need It  by Andrew P. Napolitano
NSA Scandal Separates Liberty Lovers From Poseurs  by Steven Greenhut
Understanding the Latest Leaks Is Understanding the Rise of a New Fascism  by John Pilger
Sending Arms to Syria Is Irrational and Dangerous  by John Glaser
Iranian Voters Stump the War Party  by Scott McConnell
Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans  Michael Hastings' Last Article

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Firefox to Move Ahead With 'Do Not Track' Option
UK Top Court Says Some Families of Soldiers Killed in Iraq Can Sue Government
Irish Parliamentarians Spar Over 'War Criminal' Obama's Visit
The Tragic Tale of Guantanamo Detainee #684
Gitmo Detainee Describes 'Ordeal' of Force-Feeding
Spying on Everyone
Obama: 'Lives Have Been Saved' by NSA Programs
Google: 'We're Not in Cahoots' With NSA
Glenn Greenwald: NSA Chief 'Misleading'
Job Networking Site Linkedin Filled With Secret NSA Program Names
Despite What Obama Said, There's Nothing 'Transparent' About a Secret Court Issuing Secret Rulings
FBI Director Warns Against Dismantling Surveillance Program
'Tell Your Boss I Owe Him Another Friggin' Beer:' Hot Mic Catches NSA Boss Praising FBI Chiefs for Supportive Testimony on Surveillance Programs
Number of UK Cops Abusing Police National Computer Access on the Rise
Privacy Glasses Screw With Facial Recognition Systems
Julian Assange: Do Reporters Need Asylum?
NSA Surveillance Is an Attack on American Citizens, Says Noam Chomsky
State Dept: No Talks Scheduled With the Taliban
The Ultimate Symbol of Why Afghan Peace Talks Will Be So Difficult
Kerry Calls Karzai to Defuse Tension Over Taliban
Blast Apparently Aimed at an Afghan Politician Kills 3 in Kabul
Afghanistan's First Woman of the Skies
Pakistan: Six Soldiers Killed in Peshawar Ambush
Kashmir Border: Pakistani Girl Dies 'in India Firing'
Chinese Hackers Referencing Prism to Lure E-Mail Victims
Egypt Top Cleric: Protests Against Morsi Permitted
Opponents Protest Egyptian President Morsi's Appointments
Armed Gang Kills 48 in Raid in Nigeria
Nigeria Militants Kill School Children in Maiduguri
Before-and-After Satellite Photos From Darfur Show Entire Villages Wiped Off the Map
2 South African Deminers Killed in Mogadishu Attack
Bombs Destroy Police Station in Libya's Benghazi
The War at Home
US Men in 'X-Ray Terror Plot' Against Enemies of US and Israel
Senator Asks Holder Whether He Held Back Info on FBI Drones
Most Americans Don't Trust Newspapers and Television News
Newt Gingrich Warns EMP Attack Could End It All
The FBI Has Purposefully — And, It Says, Justifiably — Shot 150 Americans Since 1993
Pentagon Details Plans for Women in Combat Roles
US Slow to Deliver Promised Aid to Syrian Rebels
8,000 Troops From 19 Countries Join Jordan 'War Games' in Readiness for Syria Conflict
Hezbollah Fighters Battle Rebels Near Damascus
Syria Infiltrators, Jordan Military Clash, 1 Dead
Iran Says Appeals for 'Jihad' in Syria Fuel Radicalism
UN Says 45.2 Million Refugees and Displaced People
While Claiming Battle Gains Against Rebels, Syria's Assad Is Facing Currency Crisis
Britain Fails to Get EU Backing for Hezbollah Blacklisting
Ireland Leads Opposition to Blacklisting Hezbollah
Sidon Picks Up the Pieces After Clashes
Beirut Port Thriving on Syrian Demand
Israeli DM: Iran Should Be Forced to Choose Between Nukes or Survival
Former Mossad Chief: Israel Has a Unique Opportunity to Seek Different Alliances in the Mideast
Rockets Fired From Gaza Hit Israeli Coast
Google Goes All the Way to Jerusalem to Discuss Its 'Palestine' Policy
Hamas Says Its Iran Ties Worsen Over Syrian Civil War
Israeli Major Gets 13-Year Sentence for Selling Drugs
US Jewish Leaders: Netanyahu Should Disown 'Irresponsible' Statements Against Two-State Solution
Babies Behind Bars: a Palestinian Fertility Doctor Has Become an Unlikely Hero by Helping Women Conceive - Even Though Their Husbands Are in Jail
21 Iraqis Killed Ahead of Provincial Elections
Suicide Bomber Embraces and Kills Sunni Politician in Iraq
Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills 5 Ahead of Vote
Kurds Expected to Sweep Mosul Provincial Council Polls
Kurds Remain Neutral in Shi'ite-Sunni Row Over Diyala Govt
Turkish Liberals Turn Their Backs on Erdogan
In Istanbul, Protest Leader Sees His Movement Dispersed
Turkey's Gulen Movement Could Endanger PKK Peace Process
Middle East
Yemen Market Suicide Bomber Kills Two in Saada
Intelsat Suspends Satellite Services to Iranian TV Channels
UAE Charges 30 Suspects With Plotting Coup
US and Cuba Agree to Resume Migration Talks
Brazil's Leftist Governing Party, Born of Protests, Is Perplexed by Revolt
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