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Updated June 21, 2013 - 11:21 PM EDT
US Charges Edward Snowden With Espionage
NSA Allowed to Use Data Without a Warrant
  Indefinite Surveillance: The National Defense Authorization Act of 2014
  Skype's Secret Project Chess Helped NSA Access Customers' Data
How Brits Set Out to Spy on the World Wide Web
  UK Spies Tap Fiber-Optic Cables for Access to World's Communications
FBI Chief Demands Broader Surveillance Powers
  Obama Administration to Crack Down Further on Leakers
  Chairman of Obama's Oversight Board Concerned About Surveillance
  The Numbers Game Muddies NSA Surveillance Debate
Syria Rebels Demand Heavy Arms, No-Fly Zone
  How Syria's Islamists Govern With Guile and Guns
  Support for Intervening in Syria Continues to Fall
  Iraq, Lebanon Alarmed at the Spread of Syria's Civil War
  Arms Smuggling Fuels Syrian Rebel Infighting
  In Syrian Chemical Arms Claim, Criticism About Lack of Transparency
Taliban Offers Prisoner Exchange, But Talks Stall
US: Iran Election Proves Sanctions Working
Gitmo Hearing Halted After Prosecutor Threatens Attorney
UN: Israeli Troops Systematically Torture Palestinian Kids
Heavy Fighting Between al-Shabaab Factions in Somalia
The Harrowing Impact of Deadly US Drone War in Pakistan
On Iran, Wrong but Right  by Jasmin Ramsey & Jim Lobe
Motives Aside, the NSA Should Not Spy on Us  by Sheldon Richman
Obama's Soft Totalitarianism: Europe Must Protect Itself From America  by Jakob Augstein
Let Allah Sort It Out  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Terror Con  by Robert Scheer
The Left Turns Compliant on Violating Civil Liberties  by Dana Milbank

More Viewpoints

Iceland in 'Informal Talks' About Snowden Asylum
WikiLeaks: Hastings Said He Was Being Investigated by FBI
Gitmo Official Says Medical Staff Follow 'Lawful' Order to Force-Feed Prisoners
Holder: I Didn't Lie About James Rosen
Merkel Calls Internet 'Uncharted Territory,' Earns Web's Endless Mockery
Spying on Everyone
Congress Surprised by Drone Use on US Soil? It Shouldn't Be
Web's Reach Binds NSA and Silicon Valley Leaders
Sen. Claire McCaskill: 'Guardian Has an Agenda'
Secrets Piling Up Faster Than Government Can Declassify Some
FBI Has Received Aviation Clearance for at Least Four Domestic Drone Operations
Obama to Pick Bush-Era Justice Dept. Official to Lead FBI
Contractor Responsible for Snowden Background Check Under Investigation
Taliban Talks Could Depend on Detainees
Afghanistan, Pakistan Trade Accusations at UN Over Extremist Havens
Pakistan Influence on Taliban Commanders Helped Afghan Breakthrough
IG: US Companies Stiffing Afghan Subcontractors
Chuck Hagel Jokes About Taliban After Talk
Karachi Violence Claims 15 More Lives
Survivors Shocked After Double Attack
Pakistan Army Will Stay in Waziristan
Terrorists Kill Six Soldiers in Matani
Russian Ally Kyrgyzstan Sets US Air Base Closure Deadline
North Korea Seeks New Talks on Its Nuclear Program, China Says
Extremism Rises Among Myanmar Buddhists
Facebook Broke Indonesian Terror Case
US Envoy Under Fire for Criticizing Egypt Protests
Nearing One Year In, Egypt's Leader Is Besieged by Critics
Chaos, Islamist Threat Plague Libya's Lawless Desert South
UN Humanitarian Official: Sudan Rebel Group Has Proposed Halt in Fighting to Reach Civilians
Displaced Darfuris Live in 'Terrible' Conditions: UN Expert
Somali Militants Live-Tweet Deadly Attack on UN Compound
Kosovo's First Envoy to Serbia Quits After Two Days
The War at Home
FBI Arrests Two Men Accused of Plotting to Kill Barack Obama With Nonsense Weapon
'Everything ... Went Wrong' as Two Navy Divers Died in February
Four Senators Seek to Bar Military Aid to Syrian Rebels
Arab Islamist Rebels, Kurds Clash in Northern Syria
Russia Stands by Its Contract to Sell S-300 Air Defense Missiles to Syria
Small Rebel Group Won't Fight Israel if It Invades Syria
Philippines Warns That It May Pull Peacekeepers Out of Golan
UNESCO Puts Syrian Historical Sites on Danger List
Lebanon President Urges Hezbollah to End Syria Role
US Congressmen Push Back Against EU on Failure to Blacklist Hezbollah
Palestinian PM Submits Resignation After 2 Weeks on the Job, Cites Conflict Over Authority
Israel's Netanyahu Signals Annoyance With EU Over Hezbollah
Amusement Park Case Shows Israel's Growing Racism
Iran Reformist: Give New President Rowhani Time
Iran's Post-Election Nuclear Prospects
Netanyahu: New Iran Leader a 'Change in Style, Not of Substance,'
Iran 'Seizes UAE Fishing Boats in Gulf'
Iran Picks Site for New Nuclear Research Reactor
12 Iraqis Killed in Election Day Attacks
Suicide Bomber Kills 7 at Ramadi Counting Center After Close of Iraq Polls
Iraqi Militias Make Comeback Amid Surging Sectarian Violence
Turkish Government, Protesters Seek to Draw Sting From Unrest
Protest Crackdowns Test Obama Ties With Turkish PM
Turkey Warns Germany Not to Play Politics Over EU Entry Talks
Middle East
Saudi Arabia to Deport Supporters of Hezbollah Over Group's Role in Syrian War
Russell Brand Scraps Mideast Shows Over Security
Dispute Over Falklands Intensifies
Falkland Islanders Contest Argentina Sovereignty Claim at United Nations
Britain Rejects Involvement of Pope in Falklands Dispute
A Million Brazilians Fill Streets With Protest, Violence
Nicaraguan Army Helicopter Carrying 9 Soldiers Crashes, 1 Body Found
Britain Rejects Involvement of Pope in Falklands Dispute
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