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Updated June 22, 2013 - 11:18 PM EDT
US Charges Edward Snowden With Espionage
  Petition to Pardon Snowden Reaches Goal of 100,000 Signatures
  Iceland-Bound Jet for Edward Snowden 'Could Take Off Tomorrow'
How Brits Set Out to Spy on the World Wide Web
  UK Spies Tap Fiber-Optic Cables to Access World's Communications
  Mysterious Privacy Board Touted by Obama Has Deep Govt Ties
  Government Could Use Metadata to Map Your Every Move
New Wave of Foreigners in Syrian Civil War
  US to Leave 1,000 Combat Troops Along Syria's Border

Rebels Brag About New Weapons, But Not From US

  Sectarian War in Syria Fueled Hamas Split
  'I Saw Rebels Execute My Boy for No More Than a Joke'
Prisoner Swap Could Save Fragile Taliban Talks
  Congress Struggles With Ending War in Afghanistan – and in Iraq?
US Military: Law Barring Aid to Rights Violators Hurts Efforts
Suicide Bomb Hits Pakistani Shi'ite Mosque, Killing 15
Gitmo Hearing Halted After Prosecutor Threatens Attorney
Story Behind the 'NATO 3' Domestic Terrorism Arrests
How Will Washington Respond to the Iranian People’s Aspirations?  by Muhammad Sahimi
Is the Supreme Leader Really So Supreme?  by Gary Sick
Obama Tracking Whatever You Say and Do. You're Americans?  by Nat Hentoff
Machiavelli He Isn't  by Leon Hadar
Edward Snowden and the Security State Laid Bare  by Clay Shirky
Troubling Implications of Susan Rice as National Security Adviser  by Stephen Zunes

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Top 9,486 Ways Jay Carney Won't Answer Your Questions (interactive)
USA Today, Maddow, and Iran Misinformation
Guantanamo Still in Limbo
Russia Raises Questions on Non-Nuclear US Weapons
Bill Clinton on NSA: Americans Need to Be on Guard for Abuses of Power
9-11 Case at Gitmo Inches Toward Trial Amid Legal Battle Over Attorney Rules
In a Turnabout, Syria Rebels Get Libyan Weapons
Thousands of Shi'ites Ready to Fight in Syria: Iraq MP
Putin Says Swift Assad Exit May Leave Political Vacuum
Deepening Ethnic Rifts Reshape Syria's Towns
Lavrov: US Actions May Derail Syria Peace Conference
Brothers Deny Kidnapping Journalists in Syria
Palestinians in Syria Are Displaced Again
Rocket Strike Near Beirut Brings Syrian Civil War Closer
As Hezbollah Fights in Syria, Life Changes in a Lebanese Border Town
Lebanese Army Seals Parliament District After Protests, Syria-Linked Tension
Guard Shoots Jew Dead at Jerusalem Wall, Assumed He Was Palestinian
Bennett Urges 'Coexistence' With Palestinians, Lapid Calls for 'Honest Divorce'
Netanyahu Won't Ask US to Exempt Israel Aid From Cuts
14 Killed Across Central and Western Iraq
As Iraq Grapples With Bombings, Arbil Booms
NY Regulator Sets Tough Bank Fine Over Iranian Transactions
Germany-Turkey Diplomatic Dispute Intensifies
In Turkey's Pious Heartland, Protests Seem World Away
Egyptian Activists Angry Over US Envoy's Comments
Egypt Islamists Warn Opponents With Huge Pro-Morsi Rally
Libya and Neighbors
Ansar Al Shariah, Expelled After Ambassador Chris Stevens' Death, Is Back in Benghazi
Mali Recovering as Jihadists Focus on Southern Libya and Niger
UN Denounces Libya Arrests, Torture
UN: Five Million People Displaced in Sudan During 2012
US Military
US Cutting Back on Hot Chow for Troops
Vets: Ranger Standards Should Be Same for Women
Spying on Everyone
How Does British Internet Surveillance Work?
Obama Has 'Candid' First Meeting With Civil Liberties Board
Bush-Era Whistleblower Claims NSA Ordered Wiretap of Barack Obama in 2004
Surveillance Contractors Gave Millions in Campaign Cash to Congressional Lawmakers
Facebook Security Officer Moves to NSA
Now the Government's Cracking Down on Privacy Tools
NSA Contractor Hired Snowden Despite Concerns About Resume Discrepancies
Taliban Consider Canceling Talks With US and Afghanistan
Italian Aid Worker Dies of Wounds From May Suicide Bombing in Kabul
Chuck Hagel Apologizes Over Taliban Joke
One Dead, 17 Injured in Karachi Firing, Blast
Afghan Diplomat Injured in Islamabad Firing
Pakistan's Quetta City Reels From Attack on Women
North Korean Diplomat Blames United States for Tensions but Calls for Peace Talks
North Korea Demands Dissolution of the UN Command in South Korea as a Requirement for Peace
North Korea UN Envoy Urges End to Economic Sanctions
China's New President Sets Up a Potential Showdown, With Himself
Home Secretary May Ban US Bloggers From UK for EDL Rally
Abu Qatada Treaty Becomes Law in UK
Spain Arrests 8 al-Qaeda Recruiters
Serbia, Kosovo PMs Meet in Push to Open EU Door
Cuba, US Try Talking, but Face Many Obstacles
Kidnapping in Colombia: The Role of Abductions in Decades-Long Conflict
Weekend Reviews
Dirty Wars Uncloaks US Forces
Dissent Comes to Your Cineplex
Devastating Indictment of the Utter, Unanswerable Folly of Afghanistan
Book Provides Probing Analysis of American Attitudes in the Aftermath of 9/11
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