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Updated June 23, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
Snowden Heads to Asylum in Ecuador
  Espionage Act Charges Against Edward Snowden
  Snowden Spy Row Grows as US Is Accused of Hacking China
  Snowden Is Eighth Person to Be Indicted for Espionage by Obama
  Petition to Pardon Snowden Reaches Goal of 100,000 Signatures
US and Britain Team Up on Mass Surveillance
  MI5 Feared GCHQ Went 'Too Far' Over Phone and Internet Monitoring
US Gives Rebels Missile Training in Secret Camps
  US to Leave 1,000 Combat Troops Along Syria's Border
  Kerry: US, Allies, Agree to Step Up Aid to Syria Rebels
  UN Expert Says Still No Proof Who Used Syria Chemical Arms
US: Taliban Must Show Good Faith in Talks
  Father of Captive US Soldier Speaks Out on Son's Potential Release
Pakistan Militants Kill 10 Foreign Tourists
57 Killed Across Iraq as Bombers Strike in North
US Troops With Riot Training Set for Deployment to Egypt
US Steps Up Efforts to Break Guantánamo Hunger Strike
How Will Washington Respond to the Iranian People’s Aspirations?  by Muhammad Sahimi
Is the Supreme Leader Really So Supreme?  by Gary Sick
Obama Tracking Whatever You Say and Do. You're Americans?  by Nat Hentoff
Machiavelli He Isn't  by Leon Hadar
Edward Snowden and the Security State Laid Bare  by Clay Shirky
Troubling Implications of Susan Rice as National Security Adviser  by Stephen Zunes

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Military Part of Revising Asia Pivot, New Diplomat Says
Pelosi Booed for Saying NSA Leaker Snowden Violated the Law
Costs Overshadow Agenda as Obama Heads for Africa
Idaho Hometown of Captive Soldier Rallies in His Support
Couple Pleads Guilty in Los Alamos Nuclear Secrets Case
Spying on Everyone
UK System Churns Out More 'Metadata Than NSA'
For Secretive Surveillance Court, Rare Scrutiny in Wake of NSA Leaks
In WikiLeaks Probe, Feds Used a Secret Search Warrant to Get Volunteer's Gmail
Brits Hit With Hacking Scandal Involving Intercepted Voicemail, Bribed Officials
5 Fun Facts From the Latest NSA Leak
Amid NSA Spying Scandal, the Gloves Are Off for EU's Justice Chief
Lawmakers Skip NSA Briefing to Attend Paris Air Show
The Heroic Whistleblower
Edward Snowden Extradition Attempts 'Could Take Years'
Opposition to Extraditing Edward Snowden Builds in Hong Kong
Support NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, Says Julian Assange
Greenwald: Snowden Charges Show Obama's 'Vindictive Mentality' (video)
Afghan Police Kill 18 Taliban Fighters
Australian Solider Killed and Another 2 Wounded in Gunfight With Insurgents in Afghanistan
Attacks 2 Afghan Police
Cultural Sensitivity, Respect Fail to Keep One Brigade Safe From Insider Attack
What Taliban Want in Return for US Soldier Bowe Bergdahl
Twin Blasts at Karachi Central Jail Injure Six
Two People Gunned Down in Balochistan's Khuzdar
MQM Legislator, Son Gunned Down
Pakistan Deploys 25,000-Strong Force to Protect Nuclear Arsenal
Karachi: Shooting, Grenade Attacks at IG Prisons Office Injure 4
Militants Bomb Police Vehicle in Quetta
Pakistani Actress Burned in Acid Attack
Philippines Seeks Talks With Muslim Rebels Next Month
Militants Kill Two Police in Indian Kashmir
Iran-Linked Kyrgyz Bank Placed Under Government Oversight
Russian NGO Forcibly Evicted From Moscow Office
Russian Police Beat Up Top Rights Activist, Party Leader
Northern Ireland
Sinn Fein Ministers Injured During Clashes in the North
Sinn Fein Official Jumps on Belfast Police Vehicle
Weekend Reviews
Dirty Wars Uncloaks US Forces
Dissent Comes to Your Cineplex
Devastating Indictment of the Utter, Unanswerable Folly of Afghanistan
Book Provides Probing Analysis of American Attitudes in the Aftermath of 9/11
UN Human Rights Official: No Good Guys Among Syrian Rebels
Syrian Refugees Returning Home to Fight
Amman Denies CIA Training Syria Rebels in Jordan
Obama Adviser Says Political Solution Possible in Syria
Syrian Regime, Rebels Step Up Offensives
Border Clash Between Syrian Militant and Iraqi Military Leaves Two Dead
Former US Army Medic Indicted for Fighting in Syria
Syrian Art Smuggled From the Midst of Civil War to Show in London
Kerry: Russia Must Back Transition in Syria
Syrian Satirists Take Puppet Show Into War-Torn Towns to Mock Assad Regime
Turkish Police Use Water Cannon to Disperse Remembrance Gathering
Clashes in Istanbul After Erdogan Says Protests Serve Turkey's Enemies
Turkey's PM Erdogan and Opponents Hold Mass Rallies
Turkey's Crowds Return, Armed Only With Flowers
Turkey: 'Terrorists' Fired 4 Shots at Helicopter Carting Commanders
Palestinian 'Arab Idol' Victory Unleashes Rare Outburst of Joy
Hamas Executes Two Israel 'Collaborators'
Fatah Member: Haifa, Jaffa Are Palestinian
57 Killed Across Iraq as Suicide Bombers Strike in the North
11 Killed in Suicide Bombing in Iraq's Shi'ite Mosque
Albania Accepts 71 Iran Exiles From Iraq
Middle East
Qatar Expels 18 Lebanese in Hezbollah Crackdown
Iran Oil Ministry Denies Cyberattack
Saudi Arabia: Shi'ite Man Shot Dead in Qatif
Egypt Opposition Coalition Announces Plans for Week-Long Protests
Egypt Opposition Opens to Former Autocrat's Party
Egypt's Morsi Calls on Opposition for Dialogue
Egypt Commission to Look Into Election Complaints
Militants in North Nigeria Force Thousands to Flee
Mexico Pursuing Vanished Victims of Its Drug Wars
Deposed Honduran Leader's Wife Leads in Polls
Via Bomb Plot Suspect: Canada Wrong to 'Colonize' Afghanistan
Americans Still Dying
Texas Father of Three on Third Deployment Killed in Rocket Attack
Pensacola (FL) Soldier Leaves Behind Wife and Three Children
Youngstown (FL) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
New York Lt. Col. to Be Buried at West Point
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