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Updated June 27, 2013 - 11:19 PM EDT
Top General Leaked US Cyber-Attack Against Iran
NSA Collected US Emails for 2 Years Under Obama
  How the NSA Is Still Harvesting Your Online Data
  WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FBI
  Whistleblowers Will Continue to Leak State Secrets, Warns AP Chief
  72% Say NSA May Have Monitored Congress, Military Leaders, Judges
Ecuador Cancels US Trade Pact Over 'Blackmail'
  Obama: US Won't 'Wheel and Deal' Over Snowden
  Ecuador: Decision on Snowden Could Take Months
  WikiLeaks: Snowden Safe, Not Being Debriefed by Russians
  Snowden's Online Chats Reveal Major Change of Views

Congress Wants Details Before Funding Rebels

  US Military Chief Recommends Bolstering Lebanon, Iraq Forces
  Syria Rebels: US Arms May Be 'Too Late'
  Power Struggle Underway in Rebel-Held Syrian Town
  Fox News Poll: Voters Disapprove of Arming Syrian Rebels
Israel OKs New Settlements on Eve of Kerry Visit
  Palestinians Look to Anti-Apartheid Tactics
Iran's Rohani Pushes for Direct Talks With US
Obama, Karzai 'Support' Taliban Peace Talks
Uighurs Knife Attack on China Police Station Leaves 36 Dead
Federal Judge Throws Out Abu Ghraib Torture Lawsuit
Troops Head to Egypt's Major Cities Ahead of Protests
The Personal Side of Taking on the NSA: Emerging Smears  by Glenn Greenwald
On NSA Leaks, It's the Government Versus the People  by John Glaser
The Other Snowden Drama: Impugning the Messenger  by David Carr
The Truth Shall Keep Us Free  by Andrew P. Napolitano
NSA Snooping: The Constitution Trashed  by Dom Armentano
The US Values We Share With Israel?  by Mitchell Plitnick

More Viewpoints

Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Leahy Asks if Force-Feeding Gitmo Detainees Is Torture
With Snowden Gone, Hong Kong Focuses on US Surveillance
Anti-Muslim US Bloggers Barred From Britain
The Heroic Whistleblower
Venezuela President Says Would 'Almost Certainly' Shelter Snowden
Edward Snowden May Be Stuck in Russia
Greenwald: Snowden's Files Are Out There if 'Anything Happens' to Him
US Got Edward Snowden's Middle Name Wrong, Says Hong Kong
Snowden Can Fly 'Anywhere He Wants'
Will Snowden Join Ranks of Airport Denizens?
Ecuador President Blasts Coverage of Snowden Case
Hillary Clinton Faults China on NSA Leaker Flight
WikiLeaks: If Obama Wants No More Snowdens, He Should Stop Spying and Assassinating
Ecuador Also Sheltered a Snowden-Like Asylum-Seeker From Belarus (after Jailing Him)
The War at Home
EFF Sues NSA, DoJ Over Secret Surveillance Program
New York City 'Now Flooded With Drones'
Marines Leader: 8,000 Troops Will Go if Sequester Persists Into Next Fiscal Year
Armed Groups Clash in Libyan Capital for Second Day
Militiamen Kill 2 Soldiers in Tripoli Clash
International Effort Seeks to Counter Jihadists in Africa
UN Accuses Congo Rebels of Murdering Civilians
Al-Shabaab Abducting Children From Central Somalia
UN to Make Sure Chad Has No Child Soldiers in Mali
Nigeria to Slap Hezbollah Men With Terror Charge
Syria Blames Saudi Arabia for Conflict
Russia Reports Pullout From Small Base in Syria
Last of Austria's Troops Leave Israeli-Syrian Border
Syria Peace Meet Prospects Fade
Kuwaitis Launch Private Campaigns to Arm Syria Rebels
Syrians Add to Yemen Refugee Crisis
Susan Rice: Syria Inaction a 'Stain' on Security Council
20 Syrians Hurt in Beirut Stabbing
Palestinians Shelve UN Heritage Site Application
Netanyahu Tells Troops Northern Training Is 'Not Theoretical'
Jordanian King: Palestinians May Revolt if Peace Efforts Fail
Soccer Fans Among 23 Iraqis Killed in Ongoing Attacks
Maliki's Losses in Local Elections Reflect Failed Economic Policies
Kurdish List Wins Largest Bloc in Ninevah
Egypt's Islamist President Defends Performance in 1st Year in Speech Ahead of Protests
Report: 4 'Mossad Men' in Egypt Charged With Espionage
Bomb Targets High Court Judge in Karachi, 9 Killed
Sharif Drops Plan to Prosecute Musharraf for 1999 Pakistan Coup in Apparent Nod to Military
New UN Report Says Afghanistan Remains Top Opium Producer
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