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Updated June 28, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
How the NSA Is Still Harvesting Your Online Data
  NSA Collected US Email Records for Over 2 Years Under Obama
  US Army Blocks Soldier Access to Guardian Website
  Is Congress Beginning to Rein in NSA Spying?
Ecuador Buckling on Snowden, Blames Assange
  Obama: Not 'Scrambling Jets' to Get Snowden
  Edward Snowden's Father: My Son Is Not a Traitor
  Ecuador Cancels US Trade Pact Over 'Blackmail'
  Officials Use the Media to Anonymously Make Case Against Snowden
Top US General Leaked Cyber-Attack Against Iran
  Khamenei: Nuclear Solution Would Be Easy if US Were Serious
US to Send Arms to Syrian Rebels Within a Month
  Suicide Bombing Kills Four in Damascus Christian Neighborhood
  UN Demands Syrians Stop Fighting in Golan
  10 GOP Reps Introduce Bill Blocking Military Aid to Syria Rebels
Marines 'Won't Leave A Single Thing' in Afghanistan
Many Small Missions, Big Ambitions for US Military in Africa
Report: Netanyahu Willing to Exit 90% of West Bank
Iraq Soccer Fans Bear Brunt of Attacks That Leave 34 Dead
The Wonderful American World of Informers and Agents Provocateurs  by Todd Gitlin & Tom Engelhardt
If This Is a New Cold War, Who's the Enemy Supposed to Be?  by Jesse Walker
Edward Snowden: In Defense of Whistleblowers  The Guardian
Big Brother, Not Snowden and Greenwald, Is the Story  by Sheldon Richman
The Next Intifada  by Paul R. Pillar
Surviving in a Nuclear Armed World: An Unexamined Assumption  by Robert Dodge

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Protesters Fight Police as Kosovo OKs Serbia Deal
CIA Report Finds Concerns With Ties to NY Police
Philippines Wants to Give US, Japan Access to Bases
Here Comes the Glenn Greenwald Hit Piece
How Does War Affect Communities? Artist Reveals People's Stories
Countries Spending the Most on the Military
Syria War Likely to Drag On, Red Cross President Says
Russia Replaces Military Personnel With Civilians at Syrian Base
Scenes of Destruction: Syrian Mosques Leveled After Months of Combat
Islamists Auction Off Cars to Buy Heat Seeking Missiles for Syrian Rebels
Russia Says Saudis Arming Syria Terrorists
A Return to Homs: 'The Atmosphere Here Is Poisoned by Fear of a Kind I Have Only Ever Seen Once Before'
Turkey Seeks to Tighten Control Over Twitter
Turkey's Erdogan Seeks to Further Curb Army Power
Netanyahu Admits IAF Carried Out Secret Operations
2 'Spying Settlers' Sentenced for 'War Room' Op
Likud Minister Shalom Warns: Peace Moves Could Split Party
McDonald's Israel Refuses to Open Branch in West Bank Settlement, Joining Boycott
In Arab Israel, a Battle Over Christian Conscription
Netanyahu, Kerry Meet in Jerusalem
Abdullah Tells Kerry Israel's Actions Undermining Peace
Iraq Soccer Fans Bear Brunt of Attacks That Leave 34 Dead, 88 Wounded
UN Council Brings Iraq Closer to End of 1990s Sanctions
Iraq Official Says Baghdad Open to US Military Aid
Sony Reports Tech Sales to Iran That May Violate Sanction
Marc Rich, the Man Who Sold Iranian Oil to Israel
Middle East
Change Not Likely After Qatar's Leadership Transition
PKK Releases 2 Kidnapped Engineers in SE Turkey
Fresh Allegations of Torture Used on United Arab Emirates Detainees
British Police Arrest 75-Year-Old Man After Homemade Bomb Explodes Outside Mosque
In Mexico, Dismay for the Border 'Surge' Proposed in US Senate Immigration Bill
The War at Home
Alleged Boston Bomber Hit With With 30-Counts Including Weapon of Mass Destruction Charge
US Immigration Deal Envisages Use of Military Surveillance at Southern Border
Spying on Everyone
NSA Inspector General Report on Email and Internet Data Collection Under Stellar Wind: Full Document
Justice Department and NSA Memos Proposing Broader Powers for NSA to Collect Data
Incoming FBI Chief Remained at Justice Department as Monitoring Went On
Access to Newspaper Website About NSA Leaks Blocked for Govt Employees
Microsoft Wants to Reveal US Data Queries
The Heroic Whistleblower
Snowden Could Request Asylum in Russia: Official
Obama Jabs Russia, China on Failure to Extradite Snowden
Venezuela President Says Would 'Almost Certainly' Shelter Snowden
Airport Stakeout: Journalists Hunting Snowden
Company Allegedly Misled Government About Security Clearance Checks
Steve Wozniak: Snowden 'is a Hero Because This Came From His Heart'
Freak Afghan Hailstorm Damaged 80 US Helicopters: Army
Safety Risks, Waste Identified in Three US-Funded Projects in Afghanistan
'Pakistan Not Part of Doha Talks'
UK War Artist Shot by Taliban Sniper
Britain: Two Afghan Detainees Drop Legal Challenge
Chinese Defense Ministry Accuses US of Hypocrisy on Spying
China Resettles Two Million Tibetans, Says Human Rights Watch
China Lifts 17-Year Ban on Dalai Lama Photos at Tibet Monastery
China and South Korea Urge North Korea to Resume Nuclear Talks
Hacker Group Anonymous Is No Match for North Korea
Tensions High in Libya as Capital Hit by Fighting
Displaced People From Tawergha Barred From Return
Libya Sacks Defense Minister After Clashes
Egyptians Brace for Weekend of Protests
1 Killed, 5 Injured in Attack on Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Egypt's Delta City
Egypt's Morsi Circles Wagons as Trouble Looms
Mali Coup Leader Apologizes for 'Mistakes'
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