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Updated June 29, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Congress Shrugs on NSA Surveillance
  Obama Defends NSA Surveillance, But Is Anyone Buying It?
  26 Senators Say Govt Using 'Secret Law' to Collect Americans' Data
  New Leak Suggests Ashcroft Confrontation Was Over NSA Program
  Yahoo Fought PRISM and Lost, FISA Court Confirms
Ecuador Buckling on Snowden, Blames Assange
  Russia Says US Put It in 'Tough Spot' Over Snowden
  Snowden's Options Appear to Narrow in Bid to Evade US Arrest
  Diplomats From Several Countries Set Up Meeting to Discuss Snowden
  Edward Snowden's Father: My Son Is Not a Traitor
Egypt Clerics Warn of Civil War as Protesters Die
  American Killed in Egypt Protests, State Dept Warns Against Travel
300 Killed in Another Bloody Week in Iraq
Jordanians Greet US Deployment With Suspicion
Judge Orders End to Unjust Habeas Corpus at Gitmo
Army Threatens Press as Sidon Fuels Lebanon Tensions
Israel and the War Party Have Panicked Over Iran's Election  by Muhammad Sahimi
Epstein on NSA: Prism & the FISA Amendments Act  by Julian Sanchez
Don't Underestimate the Extraordinary Power of Metadata  by John Naughton
The Naked Empire  by Robert C. Koehler
Turkish Spring  by Philip Giraldi
Top Ten Ways the Beltway Press Will Treat Gen. Cartwright Differently From Snowden  by Juan Cole

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Al-Qaeda Likely to Stop Using Gmail
Ecuador Offers to Fund Human-Rights Training in US
Judge Denies Jury Trial for Beale Anti-Drone Protesters
Military Faults Guards in Guantánamo Captive's Suicide by Overdose
2 Drop Out of Mexican Election Race After Killing
Hollywood Helped Hitler, Academic Claims
Iraq Shi'ites Fighting in Syria: Zebari
Syrian Rebels Capture Major Checkpoint in South
Syrian Rebels Claim Big Gains in City Where Protests Began
Chaos and Crime: the Trials of Running a Syrian Refugee Camp
Protesters Gather in Support of Militant Ahmad Al Assir
Bombs Hit Hezbollah Convoy in East Lebanon
Kerry Meets With Netanyahu for Second Time in 24 Hours
'Kerry Seeking Series of Direct Netanyahu-Abbas Meetings'
Israel and the Middle East on the Battlefield of Wikipedia
The New Iraq
A Fourth Day of Attacks on Iraq Sports Fans: 41 Killed, 57 Wounded
Twin Bombings Kill Anti-Qaeda Militiamen in Iraq
Foreign Minister Says Iraq Isn't Heading to Civil War
Maliki: Iraq Is Now Free From Chains Imposed on It as a Result of Former Regime's Foolishness
UN Report Speaks About 'Questionable Circumstances' Accompanying Executions in Iraq
Middle East
Iran Nuclear Chief: Tehran Will Press Ahead With Uranium Enrichment Program
1 Killed in Protests by Kurds Denouncing Construction of Military Post in Turkey
Georgia Detentions Spark Parliament Boycott
EU Set for Serbia Membership Talks
After Leaks, Obama Leads Damage Control Effort
While Snowden Stays in Hiding, Russian TV Builds a Pedestal for Him
Pakistan Extends Refugee Status for Over a Million Afghan Refugees That Was Set to Expire
US Watchdog Warns of Waste in Afghan Aircraft Buy
India: Dialogue to Resume After Nawaz Govt Settles Down
Afghan Deployment Was the Beginning of the End for Captain
US Lobby Hopes to Block Pakistani Rice Exports
US Trains Philippines on How to Use Drones Amid China Fears
China's West Erupts in Violence 2nd Time in 3 Days
Two Muslims Killed by Myanmar Authorities in Refugee Camp: UN
Experts Fear Worst for Kashmir After 2014
Video Appears to Show Worsening Violence in Egypt Ahead of Sunday's Protests
Out of Precaution, Marines on Ready to Go to Egypt to Protect US Embassy, Citizens
1 Killed, 70 Injured in Clashes in Alexandria Between Rival Protests
Israeli Flag Burned as Protests Sweep Egypt
Nigeria Ethnic Violence Kills 48: Army
US Approval Down in Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania
UN: Rwanda Army Officers Aiding M23 Rebels in Congo
Fearing Death, Congo 'Terminator' Fled With Help of Family
Somalia's Al-Shabab Leader Aweys 'Not Surrendering'
'Mass Grave Found in North Darfur' Following Tribal Violence
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The 'Making You Safe' Lie

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Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

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Gulf War Advocates Purged for Telling the Truth?

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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