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Updated June 30, 2013 - 11:16 PM EDT
New NSA Slides Explain PRISM Data-Collection
  NSA Spied on European Union Offices
  Under Obama, NSA Collected Bulk Email, Internet Data of Americans
  New Guardian NSA Story Changed 3 Times, Then Removed
  Greenwald Previews the Guardian's Next NSA Document Leak
  Judges in Secret Court Upset With Their Portrayal
Biden Asked Ecuador to Deny Snowden Asylum
  Greenwald Speaks Out on Snowden
  Edward Snowden Has Not Weakened President, Says Susan Rice
  Ecuador 'Seeks Snowden Talks With Russia'
Syrians Behead Christians as CIA Ships in Arms
  Sending Missiles to Syrian Rebels, Qatar Muscles In
  Europe to Stay on Sidelines When US Ships Arms to Syria Rebels
Karzai: Taliban Attack Won't Stop Peace Process
  'We Should Have Talked to Taliban Ten Years Ago': Top British Officer
  International Forces Will Assist Afghan Military Until 2020
US Ospreys, Air Tankers Put Iran in Israel's Reach
Iraqi Sports Fans Targeted Again; 28 Killed, 51 Wounded
Secret Foreign Donor Behind American Enterprise Institute
Israel and the War Party Have Panicked Over Iran's Election  by Muhammad Sahimi
Epstein on NSA: Prism & the FISA Amendments Act  by Julian Sanchez
Don't Underestimate the Extraordinary Power of Metadata  by John Naughton
The Naked Empire  by Robert C. Koehler
Turkish Spring  by Philip Giraldi
Top Ten Ways the Beltway Press Will Treat Gen. Cartwright Differently From Snowden  by Juan Cole

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
NSA Leak Vindicates AT&T Whistleblower
Feds: Encryption Foiled Wiretaps for First Time Ever
Maliki to McCain: No Solution to the Syrian Crisis but Political
Memories of Stasi Color Germans' View of US Surveillance Programs
Missing Nuclear Material May Pose Attack Threat: IAEA
UN Peacekeepers at Israeli-Syria Border to Get Armored Vehicles, Machine Guns
Syrian Forces Launch Attack on Rebel-Held Area of Homs
Assault on Syria's Homs Prompts Opposition Plea for Help
UN Chemical Weapons Team in Turkey Over Syria Probe
3 German Aid Workers Missing in Syria for 45 Days
Lebanese Army Faces Spillover From Syria's War
Sniper Fire Kills Two in North Lebanon
Hezbollah Sanctions in Riyadh Meet
Abbas Tells Kerry Israeli Goodwill Gestures Insignificant, Says PA Official
Kerry Extends Israel Trip Amid Speculation on Talks
Jordan: Four-Sided Middle East Peace Summit Possibly to Be Announced
Israeli-Arabs Clash With Police in Wadi Ara Protest Over Home Demolition
Thousands March in Istanbul in Solidarity With Kurds
Kurdish Mourners Blast Turkish Govt
Army Officer Kidnapped in Turkey
How Would You Like Your Doner, With or Without a Gas Mask?
Turkish Publisher Can z Emerges as Major Opposition Figure
Southeastern Incidents Show Kurdish Version of Gezi Protests: Turkish Official
Iraqi Sports Fans Targeted Again; 28 Killed, 51 Wounded
Gunmen Rig Sahwa Member's Corpse With Explosives
Rohani Vows to Pursue a Moderate Foreign Policy Based on Detente
Iran's Conservatives Face Identity Crisis
Iran's President-Elect: Nation Voted for Change
Iran, Russia to Hold Joint Navy Drills in Caspian Sea
US Seeks to Take Iran's Press TV Off Air in Western Afghanistan
European Union Urged to Press for Bahrain Activists' Release
Rebels Kill Policeman, Injure 14 Others in Chechnya
Serbia Gets Green Light to Negotiate Entry to European Union
The War at Home
Number of Federal Wiretaps Rose 71 Percent in 2012
Soldiers, Sexual Abuse and the Serial Killer: The US Military's Secret Sexual Assaults
Female Combat Uniform Now on Sale
NYPD Faces Court Action Over Unconstitutional Spying on Muslims
Secret No-Fly List Blamed for American's Bangkok Nightmare
Potential Witness in FBI Shooting Inquiry Ordered to Remain in Jail Until She Leaves US
Former Mexican Governor Villanueva Sentenced to 11 Years in the US
Americans Still Dying
Decorated Maine Soldier Killed by IED While on Patrol
Female Soldier From Beech Island (SC) Killed in Rocket Attack
Kennewick (WA) Soldier Killed by Mortar Had Just Renlisted
Hobe Sound (FL) Soldier Killed in Mortar Attack on 3rd Afghan Tour
California Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
The Heroic Whistleblower
Senators' Letter to US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
Snowden Petition Shows Many Paths to a White House Response
Wanda Sykes: 'I Used to Work for the NSA, Snowden Deserves to Rot in Jail'
Has Search for NSA Leaker Become a Sideshow?
Foreigners Plotting to Impose Feudalism in Afghanistan: Karzai
British PM Backs Taliban Peace Talks on Afghan Visit
Britain Will Have to Support Afghan National Army 'Long After' 2014
Seven Pakistani Taliban Killed in Afghanistan
Two Civilians Killed in Farah Suicide Attack
3 Dead, 32 Injured in the Wake of Takhar Demonstrations
Shadow of Soldier's Death Lingers as Britain Toasts Troops
US Watchdog Raps Pentagon for Buying Aircraft for Afghan Unit
Provincial Government Eyes Troop Withdrawal From Swat
75 'Terrorists' Killed in 34-Day Kurram Operation
PPP Accuses Rangers of Extra-Judicial Killings in Lyari
Mumbai Terror Trial: New Judge Takes Over in Pakistan
Bomb Attack on Police Van in Swabi Injures Three Cops
5 Bodies Recovered in Quetta
Imran Farooq Murder: British Police Await Access to Suspects in Pakistan
Seoul, Beijing Agree on Denuclearized Korean Peninsula
Is North Korea Ready to Talk? Moscow Meeting May Be First Step
North Korea Likely to Get Cold Shoulder at Asia Forum
Philippine Official: US Troops May Soon Return to Clark, Subic
Violence in Restive Chinese Region Prompts Crackdown
Eight Thai Soldiers Killed in Blast: Army
Renewed Nepali Trade Route Draws Regional Ire
Barrels Found on Okinawa Did Not Contain Agent Orange, Dow Chemical Says
Egyptian Group Accuses US of Backing Morsi on Eve of Nationwide Protest Rallies
Obama Tells Egyptians to Talk, Not Fight
Obama Says US Concerned About Egypt Protests, Working to Protect US Embassy, Consulates
Fears of a Civil War Growing as Egyptians Prepare for Day of Reckoning Over Mohamed Morsi
Egypt Group: 22 Million Signatures Against Morsi
Activists Stage Sit-In at Morsi's Residence in Sharqiya
Egypt Protest Blast Was Explosive Device: Sources
Egyptian Police Officer Shot Dead in Sinai
5 Missiles Seized in Egypt's North Sinai, Security Officer Killed
China to Send Combat Troops to Mali
Obama: US 'Not Threatened' by China's Surge in Africa
Why Is Obama Ending Africa Trip in Tanzania?
Anti-Obama Protesters Gather Near Nelson Mandela's Hospital in South Africa
Five Dead in Somali Port City as Leadership Dispute Rages
3 Dead, 25 Hurt After Central African Republic Protest Prompted by Student's Death
Nigerian Commission: Credible Reports Troops Kill, Torture, Rape Civilians in Islamic Uprising
South Sudan's Vice President to Visit Khartoum on Sunday
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