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Updated July 1, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
Germany Ready to Charge US, UK Over Spying
  Key US-EU Trade Pact Under Threat After NSA Spying Allegations
  How NSA Mass Surveillance of Americans Was Exposed – in 1975
  Former NSA, CIA Director: 'The US Does Conduct Espionage'
  Senior US Officials Provide Misinformation on Classified Programs
Snowden Asking 15 Countries for Asylum
  Snowden Stuck in Limbo at Moscow Airport
  Senators: Move to Punish Ecuador, Russia Over Snowden
Egypt Army Ultimatum: 48 Hours to Resolve Crisis
  Huge Egypt Rallies Turn Violent as Protesters Attack Brotherhood HQ
Obama Faces Congressional Backlash on Syria
  Syrian Christians: 'Why Is America at War With Us?'
4 Years Later: Sgt. Bergdahl Still Held by Taliban
  June Deadliest Month of 2013 for US Troops in Afghanistan
  Afghan-Pakistan Tensions Continue to Stall Peace Talks
  Questionable Pentagon Propaganda Efforts Continue in Afghanistan
Kerry Trip Ends in Failure, Israel to Expand Settlement
Why Innocent People Should Fear the NSA's PRISM Program  by Thomas R. Eddlem
In Syria and Africa, Obama Ignores US Laws and Human Rights Violations  by John Glaser
Spying's the Story, Not Edward Snowden  by Gene Healy
A Syria ‘No-Fly Zone’ and Just War Theory  by James Carden
Obama's War on Whistleblowers Finds Another Target  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Snowden Is Helping Terrorists (but Don't Quote Me on That)  by Peter Hart

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Anti-Obama Protests Dispersed by South Africa Police
Hero UK Soldier Slashed Himself After Horror of Iraq
Ohio Police Dept Using Fake Drug Checkpoints to Panic Drivers, Search Cars
From Flint to a Violent Death in Syria
Ecuador Flower Growers in Snowden Shock
Syrian Forces Pound Rebel-Held Areas of Homs
7 State Employees Killed in Attack Against Helicopter in Northern Syria
Taking Outsize Role in Syria, Qatar Funnels Arms to Rebels
Syria War Wreaks Havoc on Drug Industry
Syrian Official: War Causes $15 Billion in Losses
Minister: Netanyahu Against Settlement Freeze
Israel to Move Forward 900 Settlement Units After Kerry Visit
West Bank Jewish Israelis: Boycott McDonald's
Netanyahu Acting as Likud Chairman, but Resentment Against Him Crosses Camps
Voter Turnout High for Likud Governing Bodies; Netanyahu's Grip on Party Expected to Loosen
Water Is Running Out in Gaza: Humanitarian Catastrophe Looms as Territory's Only Aquifer Fails
Kids Playing Soccer Among 23 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Kurdish Parliament Extends Leader's Term for Two More Years
Middle East
Turkey Protests Over Kurdish Death Come to Taksim Square
Saudi Arabia Court Jails Seven Facebook Cyber Activists
Intermittent Clashes Break Out in North Lebanon
Yemen's Main Oil Export Pipeline Blown Up
Iran Confirms Detention of 7 Slovak Nationals
Algiers Cancels $500 Million of Iraqi, Yemen Debts
Spying on Everyone
Assange: 'No Stopping' Publication of NSA Documents
Hayden: NSA Leak Has Caused 'Significant' Damage for Obama
EU Demands Clarification Over US Spying Claims
Germany and France Demand to Know Why They Were Being Spied On
Leaks Shed Light on How NSA May Use Supercomputers, Gigantic Hard Drives
50 Taliban Militants Killed, 70 Injured in Afghanistan's Nangarhar Province
Pakistan Backing Afghan Peace Efforts
Afghan Medevac Units Struggle to Get Off the Ground
3 Security Personnel Killed in North Waziristan
Philippines Alarmed Over Militarization in South China Sea
China Agrees South China Sea Talks Amid New Row With Manila
Chinese Police Blame Religious Extremists for Violence in Region
Cameron Defends Kazakhstan Trip With Pledge to Secure UK Jobs
'Uzbeks Tortured Me,' Says British Embassy Man
Egypt Locked in Standoff After Millions Rally Against Mursi
Morsi Vows 'No Second Revolution'
Analysis: Morsi Isn't Going Anywhere Without a Fight
Nigeria: Boko Haram Kills 15, Sacks 7 Communities in Borno
Somali Forces Arrest Islamist Leader
Violent Episodes Grow in Tanzania, an African Haven
Former Dictator of Chad Arrested on Allegations of 40,000 Murders
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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