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Updated July 2, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Bolivia Plane Forced to Land: Snowden Not Aboard
  Snowden's Options Dwindle After Political Asylum Rejections
  Kremlin: Snowden Has Given Up on Plan to Stay in Russia
  Correa Not Considering Snowden Asylum: Helping Him Was 'Mistake'
  Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden's Leak 'Is Basically Done'
Obama: Spying on Europeans 'Standard Practice'
  New NSA Leaks Show How US Is Bugging Its European Allies
  Diplomatic Fallout Widens Over NSA Snooping
  'No Longer in the Cold War': Merkel Infuriated by US Spying
  NSA Backlash Complicates Efforts to Enhance Surveillance Powers
Egypt Deadline Looms: Military May Seize Power
  Egypt Masses Tanks Along Gaza Border as Coup Fears Grow
  Morsi Aide: Army Can’t Oust President Without 'American Approval'
Syria Rebels Threaten to Crush Shi'ite Villages
  Golan Heights Islamist Rebels Praise Israel
  China Blames Syrian Rebels for Last Week's Violence in Xinjiang
  McCain: Arm Syria's Rebels to End Iran's Nuclear Program
55 Iraqis Killed in Funeral, Cafe, Other Attacks
Manning Prosecution Details al-Qaeda Interest in WikiLeaks
It's Time to Bring Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Home  by Jason Ditz
The Unexpected Results of Presidential Elections in Iran  by Akbar Torbat
FBI's Data Mining Needs Scrutiny, Too  by Rachel Levinson-Waldman
Failed States Are a Western Myth  by Elliot Ross
Against Foreign Entanglements  by Jon Tate
Will Rice Wreck Obama's Presidency?  by Doug Bandow

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
US Covert Actions in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia
Data Surveillance by Democracies
New Effort to End Force-Feeding at Guantanamo
Governments Warn About Nuclear Terrorism Threat
Immigration Deal Would Boost Defense Firms
Soledad O'Brien Joins Al Jazeera America
Spying on Everyone
Kerry: 'Spying on Allies Is Not Unusual'
Clapper Under Pressure Despite Apology for 'Erroneous' Statements to Congress
EU Orders Sweep of Diplomatic Missions After US Spying Reports
EU Demands Explanation Over Surveillance Claims
Germany Summons US Ambassador Over EU Spying
UN Alarm After New Edward Snowden Leak
Japan Envoys Among US 'Spy Targets'
Does the NSA Go Head-Hunting at Facebook?
The Heroic Whistleblower
Edward Snowden Submits Asylum Applications
Russia's Putin Tells Snowden to Stop US Secrets Leak
Pelosi: Snowden Deserves to Be Stuck in the Airport
Snowden: Obama Guilty of Deceit Over Extradition
Edward Snowden's Letter to the President of Ecuador
French Parties Call for Snowden Political Asylum
Green Party Head Wants Germany to Grant Snowden Asylum
George W. Bush: Snowden Damaged US; Security Programs Protect Civil Liberties
US Upbeat on Forging Security Deal With Afghanistan
Insurgents Attack Logistics Company in Afghan Capital
Watchdog: Afghan Government Collecting Millions in Fees From Contractors
Explosion Kill Afghan Security Official in Baghlan Province
Karzai Choices for Afghan Human Rights Panel Raise Questions
Pakistan Angers Afghans by Suggesting Taliban Share Power
Pakistan, India Exchange Lists of Prisoners
Two Policemen Gunned Down in Peshawar
Four Killed, One Abducted in Balochistan
China Ready to Help Out New Pakistan Government
Kazakhstan to Britain: Don't Lecture Us on Human Rights
Cameron Inks $1 Billion Deal in Kazakhstan
Kerry Praises China on North Korea Efforts, but Criticizes Its Action on Snowden
Hong Kong Marchers Demand China Uphold Democracy Pledge
Kashmir Clash: Militants and Policemen Die in Gun Battle
Egypt's Mursi Rebuffs Army Ultimatum, Sets Own Course
Egypt Ministers Resign Amid Unrest
Morsi Meets Egypt Army Chief After Ultimatum
Southern Egyptian City With Large Christian Community Takes on Islamists in Anti-Morsi Drive
Egypt's Young Activists Rouse Protests, but Leave Next Steps in Hands of Public
Full Text of Egyptian Military Ultimatum
Iraqi Forces Destroy al-Qaeda Base on Iraq-Syria Border
3,500 Tons of Weapons Already Sent to Rebels, Says Lord Ashdown
Jordan Air Force Pilot Joins Syrian Rebels
Islamists in Syria's Aleppo Ban 'Provocative Dress' for Women
Syria Neighbors Block Thousands From Fleeing: Rights Group
US Official Denounces Hezbollah's Actions in Syria
Israel's Ruling Likud Party Lurches to the Right
Israel DM Approves Move That Allows Harsher Police Action Against 'Price Tag' Attacks
Israeli Held for Pro-Settler Vandalism of West Bank Monastery
55 Iraqis Killed in Funeral, Cafe and Other Attacks
No Evidence Iraqis Were Tortured, UK Pathologist Says
Middle East
New Sanctions Imposed on Iran to Halt Gold Trading
Verdict Awaited in UAE Sedition Plot Trial
UN Takes Over Mali War, Doubts Raised Over Elections
Somalia Demands Kenyan Troops Leave Southern Port
Nigeria Government Watchdog Says Has Credible Reports of Army Abuses
Congo: Experts Say Armed Groups Prefer Gold
T-Shirt Store Starts New Fashion Trend in Libya's Benghazi
Colombian Rebel Groups Hold Rare Summit to Talk Peace, Revolution
The War at Home
Pentagon Ignores Inspector General, Orders Russian Helicopters in End-Run Around NDAA
US Army Doctor Returns Arm to Vietnamese Soldier Fifty Years After He Took It as a Souvenir
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