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Updated July 5, 2013 - 11:24 PM EDT
Venezuela's Maduro Offers Asylum to Snowden
  Bolivia Slams US 'Provocation' in Rerouting Plane
  Russia Shows Growing Impatience Over Snowden's Airport Stay
At Least 30 Killed in Protests Against Egypt Coup
  Egypt Troops Open Fire on Pro-Morsi Protesters
  Egypt's Junta Looks to Assemble an 'Interim' Govt
  US Promises to 'Review' Aid to Egypt's Junta
  Junta Arrests Brotherhood Leaders as Mass Protest Called
  Morsi Role at Syria Rally Seen as Tipping Point for Egypt Army
Israel Fears US May Suspend Egyptian Aid
  Egypt's Coup Provokes Split Reaction Among Neighbors
  Morsi's Ouster Spells Trouble for Region's Other Islamist Movements
NSA Building Massive Surveillance Capability
  EU Parliament Approves 'In-Depth' Inquiry Into US Surveillance
  France 'Runs Vast Electronic Spying Op Using NSA-Style Methods'
  European Firms May Quit US Internet Providers Over NSA Scandal
  Germany Fears NSA Stealing Industrial Secrets
State Dept Invites Iran to Bilateral Talks
Karzai Fears US-Taliban Talks Will Sideline Him
Forcing Down Bolivian President’s Plane Was an Act of Piracy  by John Pilger
The Democratic Way of Killing: The President as Judge, Jury, and Executioner  by Doug Bandow
Army's Plan to Cut 80,000 Troops Doesn't Go Nearly Far Enough  by Phillip Carter & Nora Bensahel
Kerry's Diplomacy Is a Joke, but Not a Funny One  by Scott McConnell
Egypt's Coup: A Ruinous Intervention  by Jonathan Steele
Terror v. Surveillance? Keeping Americans Safe in Two Simple Steps  by Robert Jensen

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French Minister Dresses Down US at July 4 Fete
PKK Militants Attack Turkish Military Despite Ceasefire
Homeland Security Considering Arming Border Drones With 'Non-Lethal Weapons'
New US Army Development Squeezes Okinawa Farmers – and Breaks a Promise
Spying on Everyone
EU Votes to Support Suspending US Data Sharing Agreements, Including Passenger Flight Data
Germany's Merkel Hopes for US Answers on Spying
Strong Ties Bind Spy Agencies and Silicon Valley
Big Brother Strikes Again: Now Twitter Wants to Start Tracking You on the Web
Google Faces Ultimatum on EU Privacy Policy
NATO Says Its Security Not Compromised by Alleged US Spying
British Surveillance Firm Denies Bugging Ecuador's Embassy
Ecuador Embassy Bug Unlikely to Be Work of Security Services, Say Experts
The Heroic Whistleblower
Politician: Call Snowden to Germany as Witness
Iceland Proposal Would Grant Snowden Citizenship
Bolivia Rejects 'Strange, Illegal' US Extradition Request for Snowden
Russia Criticizes Three EU Countries for Delaying Bolivian Leader's Plane
Bolivia's Morales Arrives Home After Plane Diverted on Snowden Hunch
Carl Bernstein Praises Edward Snowden
Russian Femme Fatale Proposes to Snowden on Twitter
Bomb Blasts Kill 6 Children in Afghanistan
Top Afghanistan Female Police Officer Killed
Russian-Made Chopper Faces Ironic Future in Afghanistan
McCain, Graham, in Afghanistan, Voice Worry About Delay in Talks on US Troop Presence
Suicide Bomber Kills 5 Security Men in North Waziristan
In Pakistan, Militants Target Checkpoint, Fuel Tanker
Pakistan PM Sharif Meets With Chinese President Xi
Pakistan, IMF Agree to $5.3 Billion Bailout
South and North Korea Agree to Discuss Shared Industrial Park
Hit Spy Comedy Tackles the Tragedy of Divided Korea
Somalia Accuses Kenya Over Kismayo Clashes
Despite Exit of Militants, Violence Continues to Grip Somali City
UN Seeks $1 Billion to Feed Sahel, Says Syria Distracting
Sudan: Aid Workers Hit in Cross-Fire
Libya's Largest Political Party Says Will Boycott Congress
Guerrilla Attacks Harm Mozambique Tourism
Zimbabwe Court Orders Polls to Go Ahead July 31
The War at Home
Homeland Security Considering Arming Border Drones With 'Non-Lethal Weapons'
Combat Veterans With PTSD Struggle With July 4 Holiday
Coup in Egypt
Morsi Supporters Prepare to Defend Themselves as Tide Turns in Egypt
Morsi Aides Arrested in Widening Sweep
ElBaradei Seeks to Justify Egypt Coup
ElBaradei Rejects Offer of Junta PM
Egypt's Revolution and Diplomacy: When a Coup Is a 'Military Intervention'
In His Final Days in Power, Morsi Was Abandoned by His Allies but Remained Defiant
Prominent Egyptian Liberal Says He Sought West's Support for Uprising
A Coup? or Something Else? $1.5 Billion in US Aid Is on the Line
Brotherhood Party Says Egypt State Press Refuses to Print Paper
Egypt's Street Credo: Seeking Democratic Explanations for an Interrupted Presidency
Adly Mansour Sworn in as Egypt's President
Egypt's Military Stages Fly Pasts Over Cairo
US and Egypt
Egypt's Arrests of Islamists Pose Test to US Over Military Aid
US Hopes to Use Aid as Incentive for Egypt Generals to Restore Democracy
Obama Holds Meeting on Egypt
US Marines in Spain, Italy Remain on Heightened Alert
Egypt and Her Neighbors
African Union to Meet on Egypt's Political Crisis; Could Suspend the Country's AU Membership
Morsi Has Fallen, but Hamas May Be as Big a Loser
Syria Hails Ouster of Egypt's Morsi as 'Great Achievement'
Egypt Shows Power Only Comes From Force, Somali Militants Say
Turkey Slams Morsi's Military Ouster
Israel Fears Jihadist Attacks After Morsi's Ouster
Former IDF Chief: Morsi's Fall Doesn't Pose Immediate Danger to Israel
Assad Says Only Foreign Invasion Can Topple Syrian Regime
Syria Opposition Meets to Find Leader, Show It Is Ready for Arms
Syrian Opposition Have 'Used Up All Their Tools and Failed', Says Assad
Palestinians Say Kerry Close to Restarting Talks
UN Human Rights Official Urges End to Gaza Blockade
Israelis Strip-Search Arab Journalist at US Party
Soccer Game Attacked; 19 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq's Draft Oil Plan Ambitious and Far-Fetched, Experts Claim
FIFA Imposes Home Match Ban on Iraq Again
Citigroup May Fund Iraq-Jordan Oil Pipeline, Official Says
Middle East
Iran: How 'Ayatollah Khamenei's Candidate' Lost the Election
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