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Updated July 6, 2013 - 11:30 PM EDT
Three Nations Offer Asylum to Edward Snowden
  Snowden Is a Whistleblower, Not a Spy – but Do Our Leaders Care?
  Bolivia May Close US Embassy Over Plane Rerouting
At Least 30 Killed in Protests Against Egypt Coup
  ElBaradei Named PM of Egypt's Interim Government
  Egypt's Army Continues Round-Up of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders
  US Touts Egypt 'Democracy' After Coup
  African Union Suspends Egypt Over Coup
Egypt's Coup Serves as Anti-Democracy Lesson
  For Islamists, Dire Lessons on Politics and Power
  Egypt Coup a Major Setback for Syria's Rebels
  Gulf Drive Against Hezbollah May Hit Ordinary Shi'ites
  Iraq Sunni Protest Leader Calls for 'Egypt-Style' Protests
71 Killed as Islamists Battle Over Key Somali Port
  Kenyan Peacekeepers Accused of Creating Buffer State Inside Somalia
Britain Vetoes US-EU Surveillance Talks
NSA Recruitment Drive Goes Horribly Wrong
Key US Missile Interceptor Fails Third Consecutive Test
The Future of the Border: Drones With ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapons
US Egypt Policies Don't Pass the Laugh Test  by Ron Paul
The Surveillance State Isn't Coming – It's Already Here  by J.D. Tuccille
'Diamonds for Peanuts' and the Double Standard  by Marsha B. Cohen
How America Eavesdrops on Allies  by Philip Giraldi
A Salute to Edward Snowden  by Stephen M. Walt
Egypt and American Hubris  by Doug Bandow

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Defense to Take Center Stage in Manning Trial
Sarah Harrison, the Woman From WikiLeaks
2 Koreas Arrive at Border for Talk on Stalled Park
Arab Spring Leaves Region Unsettled, Two Years Later
In Okinawa, Talk of Break From Japan Turns Serious
The Heroic Whistleblower
Nicaragua Says Would Grant Snowden Asylum if Circumstances Permit
WikiLeaks: Snowden Makes 6 New Asylum Applications
Iceland Parliament Declines Snowden's Citizenship Bid
France Says 'No' to Snowden After They're Busted for Spying, Too
Spain 'Told Edward Snowden Was on Bolivia President's Plane'
US Ambassador to Austria Reportedly Responsible for False Claim Snowden Was on Bolivian Leader's Plane
Is Edward Snowden Stateless and Where Can He Go?
Seeking Snowden in Sheremetyevo
Spying on Everyone
French PM Ayrault Says Spy Program Claims 'Inexact'
Privacy Group to Petition Supreme Court to Kill NSA Spy Program
A Hypnotic Visualization of Everything Gmail Knows About You and Your Friends
Two Afghan Suicide Bombings Kill 14
US Army Soldier, Blown Up 7 Times, Still on Patrol
Canadian Military Still Investigating Afghanistan Sex Assault Claim
Chinese General Warns India Over Border Dispute
China and Russia Conduct Joint Naval Drill
China, Pakistan Sign Deal on Economic Corridor
Monks Accused of Stirring Up Anti-Islamic Violence
After Myanmar Massacre, Muslim Minority Left With No Justice, Little Protection
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka to Hold Polls in Ex-War Zone for First Time in 25 Years
North Africa
French Honorary Consul in Benghazi Survives Gun Attack
France to Turn Tunisia Debt Into Development
Mali Army Back in Tuareg Rebel Town Kidal Under Peace Pact
DR Congo's M23 Rebels: Rwandan Support 'Falling'
Mugabe Vows to Put Up Fight in Zimbabwe Polls
EU Referendum: MPs Call for Public to Have Their Say
Hungary's Orban Accuses Europe of 'Soviet-Style' Meddling
Police Charge 8 in Dublin 'New IRA'
Northern Irish Communities Hold Talks to Avert Parade Riots
Prosecutors Seek Six Years for Putin Opponent Navalny
Prince Harry Qualifies as Apache Commander
Europe Gets Tougher on Cybercriminals
Egypt Clashes After Army Fire Kills Morsi Supporters
Egypt Islamists Begin Revenge Attacks on Army
Senior Egypt Brotherhood Leaders Ordered Freed
Egypt's Top Prosecutor Submits Resignation
Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Protests as Military Arrests Leader Mohammed Badie
Video Shows Shooting of Protester in Egypt
Five Egyptian Policemen Killed by Gunmen in Sinai
Social Media Updates on Clashes in Cairo
Egypt Army Says No State of Emergency in Suez or South Sinai
Egypt Islamists Storm North Sinai Governor HQ
Sinai Terrorists Claim to Have Fired Eilat Rockets
Egypt and the World
UN Rights Official Questions Detention of Islamist Leaders in Egypt
Egypt Crisis Finds Washington Ambivalent and Aloof
What Does AU Suspension Mean for Egypt?
BBC Journalist Jeremy Bowen Shot and Wounded in Egypt
Sudan's Turabi Denounces Mursi's Ousting
Syrian Opposition Suffers Setbacks on Ground, in Egypt
Egypt's Shadow Hangs Over Syrian Opposition
Syrian Army Assaults Rebel Held Areas of Homs
Video: Violence and Airstrikes Near Mosque in Homs
2 Germans Who Were Missing in Syria Head Home; Authorities Trying to Locate 3rd German
Syrian Crop Risks Threaten to Worsen Food Shortages: UN
Lebanese Official Warns That Israel Could Siphon Offshore Oil
Lebanon's Palestinian Camps on the Edge
Britain Wants EU Ministers to Break Hezbollah Deadlock
33 Killed as Suicide Bombers Strike Baghdad, Samarra
Kurdish Opposition Bloc Calls Baghdad to Interfere in Decision of Extending Barzani's Term
Middle East
Ocalan: Continued Imprisonment Hampers Peace Process
Palestinian President: Jews Should Hear Arab View
What Will Iran's New President Do? His Memoir Offers Some Clues
Peru Police Fire Tear Gas on Protesting Students, Civil Servants
Mexico Violence: Children Killed in Guerrero Shooting
Venezuela Names Admiral to Be First Female Defense Minister
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