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Updated July 16, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
The Crux of the NSA Story: 'Collect It All'
  NSA Leaks Open Way for Challenges to Programs' Constitutionality
  Greenwald: Snowden Docs Contain NSA 'Blueprint'
  Rep. Amash Will Try to Derail NSA Surveillance by Targeting Funds
  Snowden Submits Official Request for Temporary Asylum in Russia
US Envoy Spurned by Both Sides on Egypt Visit
  Israel Authorizes Egypt's Escalation in Sinai
  'Liberals' Still on Coup Bandwagon, Slam 'Filthy' Protest Leaders
Syrian Rebel Infighting: Where Does War Stand?
  Tentative Support in US Congress for Arming Syria's Rebels
  Obama Lawyers Said Arming Syrian Rebels Would Be Illegal
  Rebel Car Bomb Kills 13 North of Damascus
  Report: Israel Used Turkish Base to Attack Syria
  Officials: Israel Puzzled by US Decision to Confirm Syria Attack
Israel Resumes Threats on Iran as Experts Urge Patience
Now Legal, US Propaganda Swears It’s 'Fair and Accurate'
Israeli Army Chief of Staff: IDF in 20 Billion Deficit
Obama Toasts Bush: 'Kinder, Gentler Nation Because of You'
French FM in Mexico: US No Longer Dictates World Events
James Comey's Troubling Answers on Surveillance and Transparency  by George Zornick
Secrets Exposed: How the NSA Rubber-Stamps Warrentless Spying  by Christopher Brauchli
60 Years After the Korean War, the US Must End Its Cold War Alliance With South Korea  by Doug Bandow
The Crux of the NSA Story in One Phrase: 'Collect It All'  by Glenn Greenwald
Snowden Backlash: US Media Get Personal  by Marc Pitzke
In Egypt, Neither a Coup nor a Revolution  by Leon Hadar

More Viewpoints

Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Bradley Manning Case: Lawyers Battle Over Most Serious Charge
Koreas Fail to Reach Deal on Kaesong After Fresh Talks
FARC Negotiator: Colombian Conflict 'Nearing an End'
How to Use Sex Like a Russian Spy
Spy-Spotter: Joke About Scary Visit Came True
Military Suicide Problem Hits Home at MacDill AFB
American Diplomat: US Not Backing a Side in Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood's Fall Divides Islamists in Egypt
Egypt Militants Kill Three in Sinai Bus Attack
Egyptian Families Put Lives on Hold at Vigil for Ousted Leader
US Steps Up Public Diplomacy in Egypt Crisis
US Calls on Egypt to Avoid Political Arrests as Thousands of Morsi Supporters Take to Streets
Syrian Refugees in Egypt Swept Up in Turmoil
Syria Rebels Want al-Qaeda Suspect to Face Trial
Report: Israel Made Sure No Russians in Latkia – Then Attacked
David Cameron Warned Arming Syrian Rebels Could Embroil Britain in All-Out War
Arabs Ready Anti-Israel Resolution Over Nukes
Golani Mutiny: 15 Soldiers Refuse to Secure Base
Kerry to Meet With Abbas in Jordan for Peace Push
Meretz MP Proposes 'Prisoner X Bill'
Israeli Police Disperse, Detain Bedouins Protesting Eviction Plan
Defense Ministry Ordered to Examine if Israeli Arms Exporters Can Be Exposed
Iran's President-Elect Criticizes Outgoing Leader
US Ex-Officials Urge Diplomacy With New Iran President
Russia, China Block UN Condemnation of Iran Missile Tests
UN Divided on Iran Sanctions Violations
Rohani's Charm Offensive Could Ease Sunni-Shiite Tensions Across the Middle East
Ahmadinejad Keeps Iran Guessing on His Post-Presidential Plans
Rohani Calls for Close Cooperation Between Parliament and Administration
Young Iraqi Swimmers Targeted as Attacks Leave 22 Dead
Swat, Police Arrest Former Ba'ath Party Member East of Ramadi
Middle East
Bahrain Opposition Fears Protest Crackdowns
US Embassy Denies Canceling Thousands of Lebanese Visas
Leader of Mexico's Zetas Drug Cartel Captured
FM Hands Over Evidence of Argentine Spying Targets, With Their Email Passwords
Spying on Everyone
PRISM: EU Renews Efforts to Get US to Recognize Citizens' Right to Privacy
Greenwald: Snowden Is 'The Classically Responsible Whistleblower'
New Evidence Suggests Muslim Convicted of Terrorism Charges Was Falsely Identified as al-Qaeda Agent
No WMD: World Reaction
Inquiry After Afghan Who Shot NATO Soldier Escapes Jail
Child Sex Abuse Rampant in Afghanistan, Documentary Shows
American Muslim Chaplain Finds New Role in Ministering to Afghan Troops
Pakistan's FM Condemns US Drone Strike in North Waziristan
Gunmen Kill 7 in Pakistan's Restive Quetta
Foreign Tourists Killed in Pakistani Kashmir to Avenge Wali-Ur Rehman's Killing
Myanmar to Free All Political Prisoners, Says Thein Sein
UK's Cameron Offers Myanmar More Military Co-Operation
Ex-Party Chief Jailed for 90 Years in Bangladesh for 'Crimes Against Humanity'
In-Fighting Kills Abbala Militia Commander in Central Darfur
Sudan President Bashir's Nigeria Visit Causes Anger
DR Congo
Suspected Rebels in Women's Clothing Invade Congo
New Fighting Erupts in Eastern Congo, Say Locals
Two Killed as Ethnic Clashes Grip Eastern Guinea Town
Worrying Surge in Piracy in Gulf of Guinea
Central African Republic Leader Says Security Improving
Canadian to Be Freed in Mauritania
Respect Mali Election Even if 'Imperfect': UN Chief
Northern Ireland
Petrol Bombs and Blast Bombs Thrown at Police in Belfast
The War at Home
Petraeus's CUNY Pay, Criticized at $200,000, Shrinks to $1
Rwandan Woman Gets 10 Years in US Prison for Lying About Genocide
Air Force Finds Funds to Let Thunderbirds Soar Again
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